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Mastering Herringbone Stitch: The Complete Guide

by Melinda Barta

A fresh and thorough approach to learning and mastering herringbone stitch!

A follow-up to Mastering Peyote Stitch, Mastering Herringbone Stitch provides a solid overview to the second-most popular beadweaving...

Life & Health Sales Essentials Series

by Esq. William H. Byrnes & Esq. Robert Bloink

The National Underwriter Sales Essentials Series combines all of the most practical, proven sales techniques advisors, agents, brokers, producers, sales managers or agency owners need to convert prospects into...

Jewel in the Glen: Gleneagles, Golf and the Ryder Cup

by Ed Hodge & Jack Nicklaus

‘I have always thought Gleneagles is one of the greatest places in the world to play golf’ – Jack Nicklaus The Ryder Cup is coming home to where it all began; the 40th staging of golf’s showpiece event...

Space Trap

by Thornton Bell & Lionel Fanthorpe

They were trying out a new drive when a cosmic accident took them incalculable light years off course. A miracle of courage and astrogation meant than there were some survivors from the inevitable crash. The...

The Girl From Tomorrow

by Karl Zeigfreid & Lionel Fanthorpe

Thursday began as an ordinary day as far as Estelle was concerned. Breakfast... Tube... Office... Lunch... And then the sane, sane, simple everyday world began to fade. One moment she was walking along the pleasant...

No Way Back

by Karl Zeigfreid & Lionel Fanthorpe

Along with progress in other spheres, criminology and remedial treatment for the socially unacceptable will undoubtedly make rapid strides in the Twenty-second and Twenty-third centuries.

Purely retributive...

Projection Infinity

by Karl Zeigfreid & Lionel Fanthorpe

Helen Powell was a punch card operator in the test office of Elcomp, the largest and most dynamically progressive computer manufacturing company in the West.

A saboteur, acting for a totalitarian regime, eluded...


by Karl Zeigfreid & Lionel Fanthorpe

Dakos was an alien humanoid who hated earth; he detested the planet; its people were anathema to him. He loathed its cities; its countryside was an abomination to him. He lived for one thing only... the destruction...

Survival Project

by John E. Muller & Lionel Fanthorpe

The world of 2165 needed co-ordinators to link the liaison officers from different broad fields. Natasha was a trained nexus officer who became curious about Building 297.

All her enquiries reached a blank wall......

Forbidden Planet

by John E. Muller & Lionel Fanthorpe

Charles Fort, the great American Rebel Philosopher, believed that every man had the right to doubt. He aimed his merciless shaft at scientists and religious leaders alike. No dearly cherished doctrine was safe...

The Ultimate Man

by John E. Muller & Lionel Fanthorpe

Ever since science began seriously investigating the potentials of electronics, man has toyed with the idea of creating robots. The dawn of the robot age has already broken. We have automatic telephone exchanges....

The Timeless Ones

by Pel Torro & Lionel Fanthorpe

Tharnos, assistant to the High Priest of the Holy Mysteries at Karnak was disturbed when strange alternation appeared in the ritual. Was it Kakos the silent High Priest who was introducing these dark ceremonies....?...

World of the Gods

by Pel Torro & Lionel Fanthorpe

Anzar was known as a crazy eccentric scientist. Nobody paid much attention to his weird pseudo -scientific experiments. When unexplained accidents started to happen around his derelict house it took a young...

Lightning World

by Trebor Thorpe & Lionel Fanthorpe

Brant was a scientist, a space scientist. He had techniques and technologies at his fingertips that would have looked like magic to the old timers of the twentieth century.

There were new sciences that hadn't...

U.F.O. 517

by Bron Fane & Lionel Fanthorpe

Innumerable explanations have been put forward for the phenomena, known popularly as U.F.O'S and Flying Saucers. Eminent psychologists explain them as purely mental phantasmagoria - symptomatic of mankind's...

Somewhere Out There

by Bron Fane & Lionel Fanthorpe

They dragged the unidentifiable body of a man out of the Thames: Routine enquiries led nowhere and the case was shelved. Superintendent Harry Lee retired and reopened the case for his own satisfaction. An orthodox...


by Bron Fane & Lionel Fanthorpe

Most of the problems were solved in the 29th century. War was a memory. Disease was almost conquered. Old age and Death were held at bay. It was a glad world. A brave new world. Humanity had grown up. And then...

Exit Humanity

by Leo Brett & Lionel Fanthorpe

The ties of home were strong. In a few years man gets attached to bricks and mortar, and scenery. In a hundred years roots are so deep that no one wants to tear them up. In a thousand years it is quite unthinkable....

Flame Goddess

by Lionel Roberts & Lionel Fanthorpe

In an age that takes wireless for granted and its beginning to tire of television, it seems incredible that parts of the globe are still unexplored.

Powerful modern steamers connect landmass with landmass, island...

The In-World

by Lionel Roberts & Lionel Fanthorpe

At first it was just another hoax, another UFO story, but the sightings went on increasing.

It couldn't be an alien, there had been so many false alarms, dramatic news-columnists had shouted 'wolf' so many times,...