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Fire: The Elemental Series

by Belle Manuel

Chelsea and Chad are twin elementals; humans born with the power to control and shape the elements. They, and many other elementals, are forced to hide their powers as many non-elementals fear them, especially...

The Julius Romeros Extravaganza Part 3: The Return To Greener Pastures

by Hayley Lawson-Smith

Abigail and her family have come to the final stretch of their journey, where old, forgotten friends are met once more and their adventure becomes still more dangerous. They plan to return the septuplets to...

The Complete Book of Aquarian Magic: A Practical Guide to the Magical Arts

by Marian Green & Judika Illes

Here in one volume are two classic practical guides for modern witches:Magic for the Aquarian Age and Experiments in Aquarian Magic.

Magic for the Aquarian Age is a contemporary manual that unwraps the secret...

Saussure For Beginners

by W. Terrence Gordon & Abbe Lubell

A concise, accessible introduction to the great linguist who shaped the study of language for the 20th century, Saussure for Beginners puts the challenging ideas of Ferdinand de Saussure (1857-1913) into clear...

Trusting Yourself: Growing Your Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence, and Self-Reliance

by M. J. Ryan

Who Would I Be, What Would I Do, If I Trusted Myself . . .


In her warm and inimitable way M.J. Ryan guides us to look at our lives from a different perspective. To imagine what they would be like if we practiced...

Insight Guides: Explore Melbourne

by Insight Guides

Whether you're looking for lively café culture, golden beaches, or sporting action, you'll find it all in Melbourne. Insight Guide Explore Melbourne is part of the latest batch of this brand-new series and...

Insight Guides: Explore Dubrovnik

by Insight Guides

Insight Guides: Inspiring your next adventure The Pearl of the Adriatic doesn't disappoint, Dubrovnik offers everything from perfectly preserved fortifications, lovely squares and churches as well great seafood...

Derek Attridge in Conversation

by Derek Attridge

This volume of conversation not only provides a succinct philosophical biography that highlights the wide range of Attridge’s interests, but also foregrounds his energetic engagements with literary theory,...

Gunboat Justice Volume 3: British and American Law Courts in China and Japan (1842¿1943)

by Douglas Clark

Foreign gunboats forced China, Japan and Korea to open to the outside world in the mid-19th century. The treaties signed included rules forbidding local courts from trying foreigners; or, “extraterritoriality”....

Empty Houses: An Arizona murder mystery

by Betsy Thornton

No one knows why Carrie and Wes Cooper travelled to the isolated desert town of Dudley, Arizona. But when they are shot dead, the town authorities make a quick arrest. Have they got the right man? Incomer Kate...

Silent Running: The first Art Marvik marine thriller

by Pauline Rowson

When Art Marvik's ex-girlfriend goes missing, soon after leaving his home, his life is turned upside down. The former marine commando finds himself suspected by the police of being involved in not only her abduction,...

Pyrophobia: A thriller

by Jack Lance

Life is smooth sailing for Jason Evans, until an unknown enemy sends him a strange photograph of a graveyard, with an ominous message: 'You are dead. You think you're alive, but you don't exist.' Jason soon...

Noontime Follies: A Jake Hines police procedural set in Minnesota.

by Elizabeth Gunn

Rutherford's New Science businesses are being targeting in a string of office break-ins and threatening notes left by an environmental group. But curiosity turns to alarm when a lead scientist is found dead...

Elimination: A Dev Conrad mystery

by Ed Gorman

Political consultant Dev Conrad investigates an assassination attempt on one of his clients, congresswoman Jessica Bradshaw, but could the reason someone wants her dead run deeper than politics?

The Confessors' Club: A Dek Elstrom PI mystery set in Chicago

by Jack Fredrickson

Men are dying in Chicago. Rich men, powerful men, men who control the city. Dek Elstrom's ex-father-in-law, a major player in everything Chicago, is likely to be one of them. Dek's ex-wife persuades him to investigate,...

Love Letters in the Sand: A family saga set in 1950s' Liverpool

by June Francis

Liverpool, 1958. Nursery nurse Irene can't help falling for her friend Peggy's older brother. But nothing can come of it, for Marty is already married. Meanwhile, Peggy is desperate to marry her long-term boyfriend,...

Walking by Night: A Joe Plantagenet police procedural

by Kate Ellis

Late one evening, a drunk teenage girl reports stumbling across a body in the local ruined abbey while taking a short cut home. But when no body is found, only Detective Inspector Joe Plantagenet believes her....

Death at Dovecote Hatch: A 1930s country house murder mystery:

by Dorothy Cannell

November, 1932. When mild-mannered Kenneth Tenneson is found dead from a fall down the stairs at his home, the coroner's inquest announces a verdict of accidental death. But Florence Norris - the quietly observant...

The Case of the Dotty Dowager: A cosy mystery set in Wales

by Cathy Ace

Henry Twyst, eighteenth Duke of Chellingworth, is convinced his mother is losing her marbles. She claims to have seen a corpse on the dining-room floor, but all she has to prove it is a bloodied bobble hat....

Insight Guides: Explore Copenhagen

by Insight Guides

Insight Guides: Inspiring your next adventure With historic buildings, boutique shops, world-class cuisine, a plethora of cultural attractions, and a laid-back ambiance, Copenhagen is one of Europe's most attractive...