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Fiction Squad #6 (of 6)

by Paul Jenkins & Ramon Bachs

As the fabric of reality tears apart, Frankie and Simon must confront the man responsible as his master plan for dominance threatens storytelling itself. Unfortunately, with an army of characters from every...

The Amazing World of Gumball #8

by Frank Gibson & Tyson Hesse

Anais is tired of her brothers always getting in trouble and has finally devised a plan so that she can have a quiet weekend with no issues. She definitely underestimated Gumball's abilty to make every day...special....

Day Men #6

by Michael Alan Nelson & Matt Gagnon

Kellen's gambit is over: the Virgos' last-ditch attempt to find proof of the Scourge has failed, and Azalea will be subject to Justice by Day. But before that ultimate battle between Day Men occurs, David must...

Cluster #2

by Ed Brisson & Damian Couceiro

Samara and the other prisoners who managed to survive the Pagurani attack on the T-Towers are stranded on the battlefield, but they'll need to find a way to trust one another before they can hope to find a transport...

The Woods #11

by James Tynion IV & Michael Dialynas

Sanami and the Hunters finally reach the school and see the complete state of chaos that has been spawning since their arrival to the planet. Back at New London, Adrian has finally made his arrival. With the...

Robocop #9

by Joshua Williamson & Dennis Culver

Killian is a murderous criminal in the eyes of the law but he has gained status among the people of Detroit as their brave new savior. Now they set their sights on RoboCop! Featuring the debut of co-writer Dennis...

Adventure Time Vol. 6

by Ryan North & Jim Rugg

The Candy Kingdom is a ghost town! Finn and Jake finally get to have the ultimate out-of-body experience-LITERALLY. It's a new day in Ooo when its greatest heroes find themselves wandering the Earth as bewildered...

Halogen #1 (of 4)

by Josh Tierney & Afu Chan

WHY WE LOVE IT: We've published four books thus far in Josh Tierney's Spera series because we simply love his characters and storytelling. Now, he teams up with fellow webcomic creators Afu Chan (Spera) and...

Feathers #3 (of 6)

by Jorge Corona

Betrayal comes from all sides as Poe's new friendship with Bianca creates chaos in the Maze, and the pair discover they may have even fewer allies than they thought in their race to the heart of the City.

Garfield #35 (9 Lives Part Three)

by Scott Nickel & Brittney Williams

The trip through Garfield's 9 Lives continues, as Brittney Williams illustrates a tale of Garfield's adventures as a Golden-Age Superhero in "Super Cat," while Andy Hirsch brings us the story of Garfield's days...

Dream Baby Guide: Sleep: The essential guide to sleep management in babies

by Sheyne Rowley

Australia's 'Baby Whisperer' provides all the information parents and carers need to help their baby sleep well.

Dangerous Games: Australia at the 1936 Nazi Olympics

by Larry Writer

A team of 33 Australian athletes competed in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. Poorly prepared and with limited support, they bravely faced formidable competition. Larry Writer recreates their experience so...

The Best Gallipoli Yarns and Forgotten Stories

by Jim Haynes

A unique collection of poignant, horrorific, sad, and sometimes dryly humorous, stories and yarns from bloody battlefield of Gallipoli.

Forensic Psychology

by David A. Crighton & Graham J. Towl

Updated to reflect recent changes in the field, the 2nd Edition of Forensic Psychology presents a comprehensive overview of forensic psychology and its applications in the civil and criminal justice systems...


by Daniel Priestley

Don't fight for customers, let them fight over you!

Have you ever queued for a restaurant? Pre-ordered something months in advance? Fought for tickets that sell out in a day? Had a hairdresser with a six-month...

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

by Lane D. Pederson

A definitive new text for understanding and applying Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

  • Offers evidence-based yet flexible approaches to integrating DBT into practice
  • Goes beyond adherence to standard DBT...

New UK GAAP 2015

by Ernst & Young LLP & Ernst & Young

New UK GAAP 2015 provides a comprehensive guide to interpreting and implementing the new UK accounting standards, particularly:

  • FRS 100 – Application of Financial Reporting Requirements;
  • FRS 101 – Reduced...

The Other "F" Word

by John Danner & Mark Coopersmith

Leverage the power of failure in your organization

Nobody wants to fail, but failure is a fact of life. Most of us treat it as a regrettable, even shameful, event best overlooked. In truth, failure can be a...

The Nose - Revision and Reconstruction: A Manual and Casebook

by Hans Behrbohm, Jacqueline Eichhorn-Sens & Joachim Ulrich Quetz

This practical, how-to casebook provides expert guidelines and step-by-step instructions on managing the many complications that can come up in revision rhinoplasty and reconstructive surgery of the nose. The...

Mobile Learning

by Scott McQuiggan, Jamie McQuiggan, Jennifer Sabourin & Lucy Kosturko

Explore the game-changing technology that allows mobile learning to effectively reach K-12 students

Mobile Learning: A Handbook for Developers, Educators and Learners provides research-based foundations for...