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Print Technology in Scotland and America, 1740-1800

by Louis Kirk McAuley

This book investigates the mediation of popular-political culture in Scotland and America, from the transatlantic religious revivals known as the Great Awakening to the U.S. presidential election of 1800. By...

The Hotel Life

by Javier Montes, Ollie Brock & Lorna Scott Fox

A journalist employed to review hotels for a newspaper finds himself unexpectedly playing the voyeur. One day during a check-in, he is given the wrong key and, on entering the room, he finds himself spying on...

America's Boy

by Wade Rouse

Growing up "different" in the rural Ozarks - a place that made the fellas from Deliverance look like the Jonas Brothers - wasn't easy for a little boy like Wade Rouse, a Winnie-the-Pooh children's clothing model...

10 Smart Things Gay Men Can Do to Improve Their Lives

by Joe Kort

Would the small gay boy you once were look up to the gay man you have become? This is the question that Dr. Joe Kort explores as he guides readers through the complex journey of becoming a gay man. Dr. Kort...

10 Smart Things Gay Men Can Do to Find Real Love

by Joe Kort

Would the small gay boy you once were look up to the gay man you have become in your relationships? This is the question Joe Kort will help you answer in this book based on his widely successful first book,...

Historical Dictionary of Guinea

by Mohamed Saliou Camara, Thomas O'Toole & Janice E. Baker

This fifth edition of Historical Dictionary of Guinea covers the full scope of Guinea’s history. This is done through a chronology, an introductory essay, appendixes, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary...

Graduate Programs in the Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences 2014 (Grad 2)

by Peterson's

Peterson's Graduate Programs in the Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences 2014 contains comprehensive profiles of more than 11,000 graduate programs in disciplines such as, applied arts & design, area & cultural...

The road and the backpack

by Paolo Ghidini

A journey of wisdom lost and found An ordinary 26 years old decided to quit his job and endure a two years round-the-world-trip. On the road he found friends, love, amazing sights and changed his way to look...

Muay Thai Boran

by Marco De Cesaris

For the first time after years of study and researches, it is possible to present to the western public a deep analysis of the most advanced and lethal fighting strategies of the Siamese tradition (Muay Thai):...

Daily Keys to Success: Essentials for a Thriving Career and Life

by Randy Kay

The book that covers everything you need to know about being successful - day-by-day...whether you're trying to further your career or wanting to improve your life.

Essential Vietnamese: Speak Vietnamese with Confidence! (Vietnamese Phrasebook)

by Phan Van Giuong & Hanh Tran

This portable, user–friendly Vietnamese language guide and phrasebook is the cheapest and easiest way to learn Vietnamese before and during your trip.

If you only want to purchase one Vietnamese language book—...

Living a Big War in a Small Place: Spartanburg, South Carolina, during the Confederacy

by Philip N. Racine

An exposé of the scarcity, high prices, uncertainty, and fear in rural Civil War towns

Aliss at the Fire (Norwegian Literature Series)

by Jon Fosse & Damion Searls

A visionary masterpiece from “the new Ibsen.” In her old house by the fjord, Signe lies on a bench and sees a vision of herself as she was more than twenty years earlier: standing by the window waiting for...

'Tis the Season to Get Lucky

by Heidi Rice

'Tis the Season to Get Lucky (Entangled Indulgence) by Heidi Rice

Unlucky-in-love PR manager Kate Braithwaite doesn’t think her Christmas could get any suckier. Until a trip into work on Christmas Day leaves...

Exodus Politics: Civil Rights and Leadership in African American Literature and Culture

by Robert J. Patterson

Using the term "exodus politics" to theorize the valorization of black male leadership in the movement for civil rights, Robert J. Patterson explores the ways in which the political strategies and ideologies...

Never Judge a Book by its Cover: The Autobiography

by Lisa Riley

Lisa Riley won the hearts of the nation as she danced for her life, now it's time to read her life...

NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER is the inspirational and moving story of how a fairytale came true. From...

Graffiti My Soul

by Niven Govinden

This is Surrey, where nothing bad ever happens. Except somehow, 15-year-old Veerapen, half-Tamil, half-Jew and the fastest runner in the school, has just helped bury Moon Suzuki, the girl he loved. His dad has...

The Song of King Gesar

by Alai

In this extraordinary retelling by award-winning ethnic Tibetan writer Alai, The Song of King Gesar is brilliantly brought to life. It is one of the world's great epics, as significant for Tibetans as the Odyssey...

Something for the Weekend: The Collected Columns of Sir Terry Wogan

by Terry Wogan

'It's my feeling that whatever's bothering you, you ought to be able to say it in less than 500 words. The rest is window-dressing ... Probably explains why I didn't write WAR AND PEACE...'

Sir Terry Wogan has...

Uncle Abner: Master of Mysteries

by Melville Davisson Post

Uncle Abner, the most famous literary character created by Melville Davisson Post, is a righteous amateur detective, a keen observer of human actions with profound knowledge and love for Bible. On his journeys...