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Saveur: Soups & Stews

by The Editors of Saveur

From the editors of America's favorite culinary magazine, SAVEUR: Essential Soups & Stews features more than 80 recipes from the magazine's archives and editors paired with enticing full-color photography, sidebars,...

Italian Sketches

by Deirdre Pirro

The icons of contemporary culture finally find a forum in Italian Sketches: the faces of modern Italy, a book that dares to investigate the whos and whys behind one of the world’s most-loved countries. Drawn...

A Modern Cinderella

by Louisa May Alcott

Among green New England hills stood an ancient house, many-gabled, mossy-roofed, and quaintly built, but picturesque and pleasant to the eye; for a brook ran babbling through the orchard that encompassed it...

Demonology, Ghosts and Apparitions

by James Thacher

A belief in the entity of witchcraft and sorcery may boast of a high degree of antiquity. In both the Old and New Testament, we observe numerous tragical events, bearing the semblance of diabolical agency. A...

From the war in Syria and Terrorism in Paris: Combatting Terrorism IS-A different look

by Mr. Peter Han

France, Russia and the U.S. moved beyond talk of cooperation and into the far more difficult realm of action, as the “grand and single coalition” French President François Hollande called for to combat...

From the war in Syria and Terrorism in Paris: Combatting Terrorism IS - A different look

by Mr.peter Han

Speaking after the British meeting with Mr Putin, Downing Street said it had been a “constructive, measured discussion”. In a press conference afterwards Mr Cameron said that the refusal of the UK and the...

Dominated By Her Stallion

by Emanuelle Lovecraft

When the innocent, curvy Sarah Richardson booked a getaway to billionaire Rusty Windrunner’s ranch to escape her dreary life in New York City and her domineering mother, she had no idea what she was getting...

The wider benefits of investment in cultural heritage

by Collectif

Dozens of investments have been made in cultural monuments and historic environments in the countries of South-East Europe over the last decade in accordance with the principles of the European Union and Council...

Love Down Under: 3 Contemporary Romances

by Iris Leach

It's a g'day, mate when three sexy heroes down under tangle with women tough enough to match their fire. You'll fall in love, too, with these smoldering romances, Aussie-style:

  • Looking for Prince Charming: Glory...

From One Night to Forever

by Synithia Williams

Trucker Aaron Henderson always loved his life of freedom on the open road, but a business opportunity from a friend finds him settling down in Resilient, Tennessee. On his first night there, he meets a singing...

Many Dimensions

by Charles Williams

Charles Walter Stansby Williams è stato uno scrittore e poeta inglese. Era un membro storico del noto circolo letterario degli Inklings, di cui fecero parte altri noti scrittori anglosassoni come l'amico C.S....

All Hallows' Eve

by Charles Williams

Charles Walter Stansby Williams (Londra, 20 settembre 1886 – Oxford, 15 maggio 1945) è stato uno scrittore e poeta inglese. Era un membro storico del noto circolo letterario degli Inklings, di cui fecero...

Learn Italian: Italian Insults - Bad words - Sex-related terms

by Linda Wentworth

Have you ever wondered how to swear in Italian? Which word could come handy to insult somebody who's getting on your nerves? In this ebook, you will find three different types of bad words in Italian: rage expressions,...

Serpent Rouge the secret behind the code - A new version of the Avant-Propos

by Milena Mazzarella

The sign left by Delacroix in the Church of Saint-Sulpice, a sleeping beauty waiting somewhere to be saved, a demon guarding a cursed treasure, and 64 scattered stones... For the first time, the Avant-Propos...

Key to the Science of Theology

by Parley P. Pratt

A knowledge of the Truth can alone bring the desired union, and bid discord cease. If the Scriptures be true, it is not religious opinion which will cover the earth, and universally pervade every bosom, but...

How to Write Music

by Clement A. Harris

It is reasonable to expect that a musician shall be at least an accurate and legible writer as well as a reader of the language of his Art. The immense increase in the amount of music published, and its cheapness,...

Life in the Medieval University

by Robert S. Rait

An account of life in the medieval University might well take the form of a commentary upon the classical description of a medieval English student. His dress, the character of his studies and the nature of...

Alphonse Mucha: 240 Plates

by Maria Peitcheva

This Art Book with Foreword by Maria Peitcheva contains 240 selected color plates of drawings and paintings from Alphonse Mucha. Alphonse Maria Mucha was a Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist, known...

John Constable: 226 Plates

by Maria Peitcheva

This Art Book with Foreword by Maria Peitcheva contains 226 selected color plates of drawings and paintings from John Constable. John Constable was English painter, ranked with Turner as one of the greatest...

Sour Candy

by Kealan Patrick Burke

"Four months to the day he first encountered the boy at Walmart, the last of Phil Pendleton's teeth fell out." At first glance, Phil Pendleton and his son Adam are just an ordinary father and son, no different...