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Dot And Tot Of Merryland

by L. Frank Baum & William Wallace Denslow

This is the illustrated edition including all the beautiful drawings by William Wallace Denslow. The little boat in which Dot and Tot are picnicking floats away through a tunnel and into the magic Kingdom of...

You Live Once

by John D. Macdonald

Clint Sewell knew there wasn't a wife within fifty miles who didn't have reason to murder Mary Olan - because there wasn't a husband around who didn't think the grass was greener in Mary Olan's bedroom. The...

April Evil

by John D. Macdonald

The stage was set. Harry Mullin had hit town first. But he had just made the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list, and he was a little nervous about being seen. With him at the rented house where they planned to case...

A Bullet for Cinderella

by John D. Macdonald

Her veneer was big city ... But one look and you knew that Toni Raselle's instincts were straight out of the river shack she came from. I watched her as she toyed with the man, laughing, her tumbled hair like...

Contrary Pleasure

by John D. Macdonald

For years the Delevan family image reflected only the best of everything - wealth, position, influence, and the kind of expensive good looks that take generations to cultivate. No one dared suspect that their...


by John D. Macdonald

A hurricane of terrifying intensity is looming over Florida. Along a state highway, a handful of foolhardy souls trying to outrun the storm are forced to seek shelter in an abandoned house. Thrown together by...

Cancel All Our Vows

by John D. Macdonald

Fletcher Wyant and his wife Jane had been married for fifteen years. They had built the perfect marriage - two wonderful kids, a warm beautiful home, and their own private never-ending love affair.


The Neon Jungle

by John D. Macdonald

The Varaki family run the local grocery store, but tragedy hits the family hard. The sudden death of the matriarch of the clan is followed by the favourite son's death in Korea. The teenage daughter falls in...

Area of Suspicion

by John D. Macdonald

Four years ago Gevan Dean found his fiancée Niki Webb in his brother Ken's arms and fled his hometown for a peaceful life in the Florida sun. But now Ken is dead - murdered by a thief, the police say - and...

The Brass Cupcake

by John D. Macdonald

In Flower City, a sleepy resort town on Florida's Gulf Coast, wealthy Elizabeth Stegman is murdered in a jewel heist gone bad - her missing jewels insured for £750,000. It falls to hardboiled ex-cop Cliff Bartells...

Murder for the Bride

by John D. Macdonald

Dillon Bryant, a successful engineer, is off on assignment after finishing his honeymoon. But news from home comes that his new bride, Laura, a beautiful woman whom he had met only weeks before proposing marriage,...

90+ Smoothies & Juices: Delicious Blender Recipes For High Speed Ninja Blenders

by Juliana Baldec

This is a 7 In 1 box set compilation of 7 books. This compilation includes Juliana Baldec's 7 titles: Book 1 - 6: 90+ Smoothies & Juices Book 7: Smoothies Are Like You - Smoothie Food Poetry For The Smoothie...

Felt and Torch on Roofing

by Tim Richardson

A detailed guide to installing high performance felt and torch on roofs, for both DIY enthusiasts and professional roofers. From safety precautions, to the tips and tricks to keep a flat roof water-tight for...

Why Children Don't Listen

by Monika Kiel-Hinrichsen

What can you do when a child just won’t listen? How we speak to each other is at the very heart of human relationships. Children are often much better than adults at reading between the lines and deciphering...

Zero - Eddie Zero's Debut Novel

by Francis Young

Eddie Zero is not your usual hero. He is a successful professional drummer from the 90's whose four interests in life are blondes, mozart, marijuana and cricket. This, his first novel, takes us from Barbados...

Ghost Moon

by Ron Butlin

Having been thrown out onto the Edinburgh streets by her family, Maggie knows she must fight to survive. Many years later, the struggles she had to endure can be kept a secret no longer. Set mostly in post-war...


by Hans-Peter Studer & Geoffrey Douch

While many parents are happy to follow official recommendations about vaccination, others avoid any vaccination for their children. This little guide will help parents come to their own informed decision based...

Reincarnation Refuted - Evidence, Logic and Common Sense

by Stephen Blake M.Sc (Lond)

REINCARNATION REFUTED is the first definitive proof that reincarnation does not happen. Opposing the grain of New Age thinking, the approach is logical, self-contained and free of religious dogma. Published...

Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

by Sarah Myhill

We have around 3000 ‘mitochondria’ in each and every cell in our bodies. They are the powerhouses of our cells, essential for the production and management of energy at cell level. Dr Sarah Myhill, together...

Outstanding Lessons Pocketbook

by Caroline Bentley-Davies

In England 'outstanding' is the term Ofsted uses to describe the very best lessons. Teaching outstanding lessons is an aspiration all teachers share, not least because of the buzz they get from knowing that...