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Islam and the West: Wars of the Gods. The Geopolitics of Faith

by Ardavan Amir-Aslani

Iran and all Muslim countries are in the news. This book offers insights into issues facing America today.

Focused Observations: How to Observe Young Children for Assessment and Curriculum Planning

by Gaye Gronlund & Marlyn James

Observe and document children’s development in systematic, purposeful ways that provide complete pictures of their progress and supports curriculum planning.

Not a Choice, Not a Job: Exposing the Myths about Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade

by Janice G. Raymond

A generation ago, most people did not know how ubiquitous and grave human trafficking was. Now many people agree that the $35.7 billion business is an appalling violation of human rights. But when confronted...

The Resurrection of Mary Mabel McTavish

by Allan Stratton

In Dirty Thirties London, Ontario, Mary Mabel McTavish resurrects a dead boy, becomes famous as "The Miracle Maid," and gets involved with William Randolph Hearst and the movie business in Hollywood. 

Kill for Peace: American Artists Against the Vietnam War

by Matthew Israel

The Vietnam War (1964-1975) divided American society like no other war of the twentieth century, and some of the most memorable American art and art-related activism of the last fifty years protested U.S. involvement....

SMART ESSENTIALS FOR BUYING A HOME: How To Get The Best Price And The Lowest Payment

by Amy J. Hausman & Dan Gooder Richard

SMART ESSENTIALS FOR BUYING A HOME shares everything you must know in under 100 pages. Simply: SMART ESSENTIALS makes you money buying for the best price and lowest payment, saves you time buying the right home...

SMART ESSENTIALS FOR SELLING YOUR HOME: How To Get The Highest Price In The Shortest Time

by Deborah Rhoney & Dan Gooder Richard

SMART ESSENTIALS FOR SELLING YOUR HOME cuts to the chase in under 100 pages, eliminating the fluff. Simply put: SMART ESSENTIALS shows you how to make money by getting the best price for your home, save time...

Excel VBA 24-Hour Trainer

by Tom Urtis

Increase your productivity and save time and effort with Excel VBA

This unique book-and-DVD package prepares you to get more out of Excel by using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to automate your routine...

Autophagy: Cancer, Other Pathologies, Inflammation, Immunity, Infection, and Aging: Volume 1 - Molecular Mechanisms

by M. A. Hayat

Understanding the importance and necessity of the role of autophagy in health and disease is vital for the studies of cancer, aging, neurodegeneration, immunology, and infectious diseases. Comprehensive and...

The Monk and the Skeptic: Dialogues on Sex, Faith, and Religion

by Frank Browning

Through his provocative and influential work, most notably The Culture of Desire and A Queer Geography, Frank Browning has proven himself to be an erudite and intellectual writer with deep insights into the...

Charles Dickens' a Christmas Carol: Improving Standards in English Through Drama at Key Stage 3 and Gcse

by Paul Bunyan & Ruth Moore

A school's edition of John Mortimer's stage adaptation of Dickens' classic tale, featuring extensive�classroom activities created by leading national experts�of Drama within English. Perfect for KS3 and...

Lady Chatterley's Lover: (Unexpurgated edition)

by D. H. Lawrence

In Lady Chatterley's Lover, Lawrence argues for individual regeneration, which can be found only through the relationship between man and woman (and, he asserts sometimes, man and man). Love and personal relationships...

Essential Facts On the Go: Internal Medicine

by Lauren Stern & Vijay Lapsia

A true must-have for every resident and medical student, Essential Facts on the Go: Internal Medicine is filled with clinical pearls, decision trees, and essential facts and data that speed diagnosis and treatment....

Interior Castle

by St. Teresa ofh Avila

Here is the definitive edition of St. Teresa of Avila's Interior Castle: translated by E. Allison Peers. This mystic book is as inspirational and enlightening today as it was when it was first written. St. Teresa...

John: A Double-Edged Bible Study

by The Navigators

Why is John 3:16 so important? The 13 sessions of this Bible study of the Gospel of John examine this firsthand, personal account of Jesus’ life. If using in a group, personal study is needed between meetings...

Romans: A Double-Edged Bible Study

by The Navigators

In the 11 sessions of this verse-by-verse study of the book of Romans, you will learn how you can be transformed from a sinner on course to getting what you deserve to the saint who reflects Christ’s very...

Mark: A Double-Edged Bible Study

by The Navigators

The 12 sessions of this Bible study examine the intensity of Mark’s straightforward writing and his enthusiasm for Christ’s gospel that bring us a powerful message of salvation, inspiration, and encouragement....

James: A Double-Edged Bible Study

by The Navigators

By faith we are reborn into the family of God. But God wants more than justified infants: He wants mature daughters and sons. The 12 sessions of this Bible study examine James’s exhortation to Christians of...

Ruth and Esther: A Double-Edged Bible Study

by The Navigators

The 10 sessions of this Bible study on the books of Esther and Ruth bring home the truth that God has a plan for everyone. If using in a group, personal study is needed between meetings (30-45 minutes each week,...

Ephesians: A Double-Edged Bible Study

by The Navigators

This 12-session Bible study explores how Paul instructed the people of Ephesus to practice the skills of a God-fashioned life. Apply his words from the book of Ephesians to your own life. If using in a group,...