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Mental Health: A Student Nurse Account

by Jack Bennington

Mental Health: A student account, a no-holes-barred account of work on a busy dementia ward, seen through the eyes of a student nurse undertaking a 12 hour shift. Read of the highs and lows of working within...

Passages from the Search for Eternal Love

by Kelly Brown

Passages from the search for eternal love is a book of fiction about a community called Illigruum House and two women Eva and Rosa. Eva is an artist who has accepted being alone as a necessary artistic path....

Fear and Trust

by Bill Bailey

Several requests were made to condense thoughts developed more expansively in a couple of my other works, and Fear and Trust is the result. I highlight fear and trust as true polar opposites and key features...

Everything I Do

by Donna Muldoon

This Book is about my struggle throughout my life against my inbuilt characteristic to see things in black and white. It is about my struggles to make sense of a dysfunctional family and to break free from the...

Lil's Way

by Colleen Baxter Sullivan

The novel begins in Joliette prison with Dr. Miller interviewing and recording Lil's memoirs. He is there on false pretenses. He hopes to get enough evidence to have her released. She has committed the most...

I Am Forever

by Alex Baillie

I AM FOREVER is a story about a world in which everyday items, possessions, ideas and concepts begin vanishing from existence. Charles Freemore is an office worker who leads an uneventful life until the world...

Icarus Still Flies

by Nigel Pearce

This is a collection of poetry and studies which have there origins and nature in my love of writing and ideas. This devolution to writing and reading are essential to my being and, ironically, contributed to...

From Insanity to Esctasy

by Thomas McNeight

In this book I have shown how it is possible to move from insanity, even into ecstasy. I've described what insanity was for me and how I have even had ecstatic times. I've questioned what it is and tried to...

Love's Melody

by Natasha Wilde

The mental health issue related to this book is bipolar disorder. This illness includes both ends of the spectrum, which is mania at the one end and clinical depression at the other. At its worst, it is debilitating,...

Memoirs of a Bipolar Soul

by John Zurn

The book Memoirs of a Bipolar Soul is the true story of the author's unique experience as an adult with bipolar manic depression. Based on his experiences over a thirty-four year period, the book chronicles...

Keeper of Reflections: and other stories

by Durlabh Black

Collection of 32 thought provoking, poignant & beautiful tales. 'Mental Ward' deals with the descent of a woman into mental distress and ahallucinatory world while the 'Paper Boat' depicts the first confrontation...

Keeley's Poetry

by Keeley Prest

This a small collection of excellently written and expressive poetry. The subject matter may contain dark subjects such as depression, hearing voices, sadness and loneliness but the use of language and the upbeat...

Mashed Mind: Poems

by Suzanne Eley

This is a short heartfelt collection of poetry from an extremely brave woman. Her work covers topics from the personal to the universal.

Legacy of Lies

by Martine Daniel

Description Fifteen years ago, Luci's mother committed suicide, leaving behind a legacy of lies that Luci is still struggling to uncover. Now, a year after Luci was left reeling by the twin revelations that...

Histoires D'eux: Story About Them

by Laura Hargrove Schneilin

Les Histoires d'eux sont un recueil constitué de deux séries de poèmes enchevêtrés, histoires érotico-amoureuses de la fin du 20e siècle. Ces poésies peuvent être mordantes, intenses, passionnées ou...

Me? Depressed?: A Thirty-Something Woman's Story of Depression From Disbelief to Discovery

by Beth-Sarah Panton Wright

"Me? Depressed?", is an evocative, spiritual and honest chronicling of clinical depression, written from the perspective of a thirty-something, well-educated, Christian, professional, Jamaican woman, mother...

Manic Deflections: 50 More Life Poems

by John Welsh

These 50 more life poems follow on from the style of the first complilation Manic Reflections 50 Life Poems As well as new material which has come along with the confidence I have gained there are poems I wrote...


by Paul D. Wilson

"Colonies" follows the story of three ants; Ara, Squadro and Rane, as they make their way from the desecrated colony at Hotel Ethos, Calvi, Corsica and head out to broaden their horizons and possibly make a...

Like Shattered Glass

by Colleen Lewis

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID, formerly Multiple Personality Disorder or MPD) is the separation of self which sometimes occurs following extreme child abuse trauma. These selves are referred to as alters....

How We Survived Our Difficult Child and Learned to Thrive

by Freda Malian

This is the true story of Ben, who has an undiagnosed disorder, which manifests itself in unpredictable behaviour. It is told by Freda Malian, a practising psychotherapist for over 30 years, with the help of...