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Urban Regeneration: Property Investment and Development

by J.N. Berry, N.G. Deddis & W.S. McGreal

This book provides an in-depth analysis of the role of property investment and development in the urban regeneration process. It relates the physical, economic, financial and environmental aspects of urban change...

Constructing Girlhood: Popular Magazines for Girls Growing Up in England, 1920-1950

by Penny Tinkler Lecturer on Gender and His

This text explores the contribution of magazines to the social construction of female adolescence during a historical period of rapid change and locates the role of magazines in the lives of contemporary girls....

The Ladies Killing Circle Anthology 4-Book Bundle: Fit to Die / Bone Dance / When Boomers Go Bad / Going Out With a Bang

by Joan Boswell, Barbara Fradkin & Sue Pike

This ebook bundle present all four of the Ladies Killing Circle's wicked collections of twisted and witty crime fiction.

Financial Intelligence, Revised Edition: A Manager's Guide to Knowing What the Numbers Really Mean

by Karen Berman & Joe Knight

Inc. magazine calls it one of “the best, clearest guides to the numbers” on the market. Readers agree, saying it’s exactly “what I need to know” and calling it a “must-read” for decision makers...

Feynman's Tips on Physics: Reflections, Advice, Insights, Practice

by Michael A. Gottlieb, Richard P. Feynman & Ralph Leighton

Feynman’s Tips on Physics is a delightful collection of Richard P. Feynman’s insights and an essential companion to his legendary Feynman Lectures on Physics.

With characteristic flair, insight, and humor,...

Fate of the Red Lotus

by R. J. Sullivan & Rodney Carlstrom

From the moment Sayuri Arai leaves Earth in her father's private shuttle to dock with Pandora Orbital Space Station, she can't shake a feeling of dread. Her father is the CEO of one of the most successful space...

The Seventh Victim

by Mary Burton

If At First You Don't Succeed

It's been seven years since the Seattle Strangler terrorized the city. His victims were all young, pretty, their lifeless bodies found wrapped in a home-sewn white dress. But there...

Gang Life in Two Cities: An Insider's Journey

by Robert J Duran

Refusing to cast gangs in solely criminal terms, Robert J. Durán, a former gang member turned scholar, recasts such groups as an adaptation to the racial oppression of colonization in the American Southwest....

Natural Beauty: Homemade Recipes for Radiant Skin & Hair

by Elizabeth Tenhouten

Combining a wealth of tips and 75 recipes for all-natural beauty aids, using nothing but pure ingredients direct from Mother Nature, with a philosophical approach to beauty as the foremost purpose of human existence,...

God and the Atom

by Victor J. Stenger

This history of atomism, from Democritus to the recent discovery of the Higgs boson, chronicles one of the most successful scientific hypotheses ever devised. Originating separately in both ancient Greece and...

100 Greatest U.S. Modern Coins

by Scott Schechter & Jeff Garrett

In this beautifully illustrated book, distinguished numismatists Scott Schechter and Jeff Garrett take you on a personal guided tour of the most significant U.S. coins of the modern era. From humble Lincoln...

Banjo Paterson: His Poetry and Prose

by Banjo Paterson & Richard Hall

A new and lively selection of poetry and prose that brings together all the old classics along with the not-so-well-known and the off-beat.

A Boat Load of Home Folk

by Thea Astley

Only the force of a hurricane could reveal the deepest currents of their ordinary lives.

The Slow Natives

Miles Franklin Award 1965

by Thea Astley

Thea Astley is in top form in this 1965 Miles Franklin Award winner.

Wanted Dead

by Kenneth Cook

The roar of Australia's violent past comes to life with a story of some of our most violent bushrangers.

Prelude to Christopher

by Eleanor Dark

A terribly beautiful book - Miles Franklin

Hear the Train Blow: The Classic Autobiography of Growing Up in the Bush

by Patsy Adam-Smith

The true story of a remarkable young girl growing up in the bush during the Great Depression.

Girl with a Monkey

by Thea Astley

Thea Astley's first novel, back in print.

Goodbye Girlie

by Patsy Adam-Smith

A much-loved Australian tells her own story.

Mystery Spinner: The Life and Death of an Extraordinary Cricketer

by Gideon Haigh

Chosen by The Times as one of the 50 Greatest Sports Books of All Time.