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by Frederic Raphael

First published in 1965, this is a tale of the face that has launched a thousand billboards. Diana Scott is "The Happiness Girl" in ads plastered all over the country, and she's hunting happiness in more ways...

The Bellamy Saga

by John Pearson

The intimate and detailed portrait of the celebrated Bellamy family of Upstairs, Downstairs.

No family in the past century - excepting perhaps the Forsytes - has been so dramatically exposed to public stare as...

Thirteen Such Years

by Alec Waugh

In the manner and method of Hot Countries and Most Women, in which personal narrative and opinion are woven together with fiction, Mr. Waugh travels through a period and brilliantly pictures the post-war times...

The Zigzag Effect

by Lili Wilkinson

Backstage mischief. Secret kisses. Mysterious mishaps. Is Sage's holiday job a little too interesting? This is highly entertaining, original, pacy rom-crime for teenagers who like their fiction fast, funny and...

The Zigzag Effect

by Lili Wilkinson

Backstage mischief. Secret kisses. Mysterious mishaps. Is Sage's holiday job a little too interesting? This is highly entertaining, original, pacy rom-crime for teenagers who like their fiction fast, funny and...

Bible Facts for Fun! Old Testament

by Michaels Wyatt

One of the most integral parts of the Christian faith is the Bible (or as it sometimes called, the Good Book). Often, it's a sign of devotion when someone has a fair amount of knowledge of the characters and...

Piano Music for Little Fingers: Book 1

by Ann Patrick Green

Book 1 takes up where the Primer left off. It introduces eighth notes, 3/4 time, the keys of C and G, and the concepts of left-hand melody and right-hand chords.

Piano Music for Little Fingers: Primer

by Ann Patrick Green

Introductory volume of a three-book set designed to guide children from basic techniques and theory to a mastery of easy classics. Ten lessons, illustrated with Family Circus cartoons, for ages 4–9.

Piano Music for Little Fingers: Book 2

by Ann Patrick Green

The third volume in this series contains more advanced songs in the key of G and introduces the key of F, extended hand positions, the IV chord, dotted rhythms, dynamics, and more.

After the Dream

by Stan Mason

Diana is married to a high-ranking Civil Servant who is a workaholic and he neglects her badly. Diana takes part in an experiment after receiving hospital treatment on her holiday. In due course, she notices...

Smart Textiles for Protection

by R Chapman

Smart textiles are materials and structures that sense and react to environmental conditions or stimuli, and their integration into protective clothing has led to the development of products with greatly enhanced...

Law Firm Librarianship: Issues, Practice and Directions

by John Azzolini

The legal information environment is deep, wide, and dynamic with many participants, including courts, parliaments, legislatures, and administrative bodies. None exemplifies the agile, knowledge-engaging legal...

One Golden Summer: The Telegraph at the London Games

by TelegraphMediaGroup

Exclusive to this ebook-only edition, relive the incredible summer of the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games with this inspirational series of articles from the Telegraph, available as a collection for...

The Spanish Acquisition

by Nora Snowdon

When a multibillionaire business mogul from Barcelona meets a struggling art student from New York in the Dominican Republic, sparks fly. But can they overcome their differences and an odd case of mistaken identity?...

Quilt Essentials - 9 Classic Quilt Blocks

by Lynne Edwards

A collection of classic sampler quilt block patterns from quilting expert, Lynne Edwards. Features step instructions for creating 9 classic quilting blocks which can be quilted as you go. Includes techniques...

Quilt Essentials - Japanese Style

by Susan Briscoe

A collection of Japanese style quilting projects by Susan Briscoe which really captures the essence of Japanese quilting style. Includes step instructions for creating Japanese style quilting projects including...

Quilt Essentials - 11 Quick & Easy Quilting Patterns

by Various Contributors

A collection of quick and easy quilting projects including designs by authors such as Lin Clemens (The Quilter's Bible), Marion Elliot and Tacha Bruecher from Fat Quarterly. The projects include home decoration...

The Roskelley Collection: Stories Off the Wall, Nanda Devi, and Last Days

by John Roskelley

* Includes 30 color and 45 black-and-white photographs

* Part of The Mountaineers Books "Legends and Lore" series for climbers, armchair mountaineers, and readers of classic adventure literature

* Individual...

Joy Sparton and Her Problem Twin

by Ruth I. Johnson

This warm-hearted, humorous series relates the growing pains and problems that confront two PKs (preacher's kids), Joy Sparton and her twin brother Roy. Each delightful account is written in the first person,...

Come on Over Cookbook: A delightful collection of simple recipes and clever ideas for casual gatherings with family & frien

by Gooseberry Patch

Make simple meals special and special meals simple...that's what Come on Over is all about! It's filled with recipes and tips for easy, come-as-you-are dining from morning 'til nighttime. Try cooking up some...