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What They Do in the Dark: A Novel

by Amanda Coe

“A terrific debut, full of energy and colour, as propulsive as a thriller.”—Guardian In this unforgettable debut novel about the pain, joy, and occasional beauty of childhood, two girls are set on an unimaginable...

Abby Road

by Ophelia London

Touted by the tabloids as the biggest rock star of our generation, Abigail Kelly is used to being in the spotlight. But beyond the glam of Hollywood, her world is falling apart. Still reeling from the death...

Eros and Tano

by Mario Magro

Die for love. How many poems, how many romantic fantasies these words have been able to elicit. But when a cruel fate makes them real, then languid yearnings become a grotesque, delirious reality. The protagonist...

Kale Recipes: The Complete Guide to Using the Superfood Kale to Make Great Meals

by Jennifer Knight

Quick And Easy Kale Recipes The Complete Guide to Using the Superfood Kale to Make Great Meals A lot of people may wonder what the big deal is about kale as it has become quite a popular choice for many in recent...

Presidential Facts for Fun! Taylor to Cleveland

by Michaels Wyatt

In Presidential Facts for Fun! Taylor to Cleveland, you'll find a veritable library of information about numerous American presidents, all of which is presented in a fun, game-like format. The book contains...

To Live Is Christ to Die Is Gain

by Matt Chandler & Jared C. Wilson

Using Paul's radical letter to the Philippians as his road map, Matt Chandler forsakes the trendy to invite readers into authentic Christian maturity.

Better: How Jesus Satisfies the Search for Meaning

by Tim Chaddick & Craig Borlase

Most people live a life they never would have planned. Better explores the deep truths of Ecclesiastes and seeks to show that the questions of the heart find their answer in the person of Jesus.

Little Black Sheep: A Memoir

by Ashley Cleveland

In this powerful memoir, songwriter and musician Ashley Cleveland tells her story of surviving a destructive childhood and addiction as a young adult to become a Grammy Award winning artist. Along the way, she...

Chasing God: One Man's Miraculous Journey in the Heart of the City

by Roger Huang & Susanna Foth Aughtmon

Chasing God is Roger Huang's gritty, heartfelt story of obedience to God's call to follow Him into the heart of the city. That mission can inspire you! Leaving behind his abusive home in Taiwan, Roger  discovered...

When Mountains Move: A Novel

by Julie Cantrell

It is the spring of 1943. With a wedding and a cross-country move, Millie’s world is about to change forever.  If only her past could change with it. Soon after the break of day, Bump will become Millie’s...

Fun Loving You: Enjoying Your Marriage in the Midst of the Grind

by Ted Cunningham

Fun Loving You encourages you and your spouse not to take yourselves too seriously as you face life’s struggles together. Its biblical message is simple yet life-changing: Are you married? Have fun with it....

Veganissimo A to Z: A Comprehensive Guide to Identifying and Avoiding Ingredients of Animal Origin in Everyday Products

by Lars Thomsen & Reuben Proctor

veganissimo ve-gan-iss-i-mo

1. n : one who is vegan to the highest possible standard

2. adj : the most vegan

An Essential New Resource for Those Who Want to Reduce Their "Animal Footprint"

Substances obtained...

Safety Design for Space Operations

by Firooz Allahdadi, Isabelle Rongier & Paul Wilde

  • Fully endorsed by the International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS), with contributions from leading experts at NASA, the European Space Agency (EASA) and the US Federal Aviation Administration...

Project Risk Analysis: Techniques for Forecasting Funding Requirements, Costs and Timescales

by Derek Salkeld

Risk and opportunity are inherent in projects and yet, whilst many organizations invest heavily in project management methodologies and processes in the hope of ensuring delivery on time and on budget, project...

Integral Dynamics: Political Economy, Cultural Dynamics and the Future of the University

by Ronnie Lessem & with Alexander Schieffer

The theory of integral dynamics is based on the view that the development of individual leaders or entrepreneurs requires the simultaneous development of institutions and societies. It seeks a specific way forward...

Branding and Product Design: An Integrated Perspective

by Monika Hestad

Branding and design are moving closer together. Despite the strong link between famous brands and the products sold under their name, there is still a gap in understanding the relationship between product design...

Naked Project Management: The Bare Facts

by Dennis Lock

Here is an introduction to project management from one of the best and most experienced writers. Project management depends largely on common sense and a logical, systematic approach. But it is necessary also...

The Fulfilling Workplace: The Organization's Role in Achieving Individual and Organizational Health

by Ronald J. Burke & Cary L. Cooper

In earlier books in the Psychological and Behavioural Aspects of Risk Series, Cary Cooper and Ron Burke have identified the role played by human frailties and organizational toxicity in influencing individual...

Canon EOS M: From Snapshots to Great Shots

by Jeff Carlson

Now that you’ve bought the amazing Canon EOS M, you need a book that goes beyond a tour of the camera’s features to show you exactly how to use the EOS M to take great pictures. With Canon EOS M: From Snapshots...

Word 2013 on Demand

by Steve Johnson & Perspection Inc.

Need answers quickly? Word 2013 on Demand provides those answers in a visual step-by-step format. We will show you exactly what to do through lots of full color illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions....