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A Comfortable Range

by Jim McDermott

McDermott describes his struggle to understand his talented, independent English setter at the same time he confronts his innermost fears for the safety of this much-loved gun dog. A Comfortable Range is a powerful,...

Surviving Ourselves: The Evolution of Community, Education, and Agriculture in the 21st Century

by Eric Herm

Surviving Ourselves is about the vital relationship between Nature and the human spirit. In our intensive agricultural systems, our many ill-conceived business and political policies, this relationship has become...

Families Shamed: The Consequences of Crime for Relatives of Serious Offenders

by Rachel Condry

This book examines the experiences of relatives of those accused or convicted of serious crimes such as murder, manslaughter, rape and sex offences. A broader literature exists on prisoners' families, but few...

Past Lives Course - Discover Past & Future Lives!

by The Abbotts

If you want to easily remember your own past lives, then this book is for you. Written by the highly experienced Past Life Hypnotherapists, The Abbotts. Follow the easy exercises and discover who you have been...

The Geeky Insults Handbook - 101 Geeky and Nerdy Insults

by Briana Blair

After writing The Creative Insults Handbook, I figured that was it. I'd written something weird, gotten out of my system and that's all there was to it. I was wrong! I wasn't intending to do another handbook,...

Sovereign Pleasures - Sovereign Pleasures # 0.5

by J.V. K.

*Caution This is for 18+ contains Man on Man Sexual encounter. A set of five short steamy stories. It takes you to the realm where pain and pleasure collide, taking you on a breath taking ride you will not forget....

Stew!: 100 splendidly simple recipes

by Genevieve Taylor

Stew! is a collection of 100 splendidly simple recipes ranging from traditional and hearty classics such as 'Beef Stew with Herby Dumplings', 'Lancashire Hotpot' and 'Coq au Vin', to one-pot meals in a bowl...

Sausage & Mash

by Fiona Beckett

This is sausages with everything: all kinds of deliciously indulgent carbs, from pasta to panini and rice to beans. Myriad mashes and a selection of great gravies set the ball rolling; but the sausage is a far...

The Ultimate Student Cookbook

by Fiona Beckett

From the author of the most groundbreaking student cookery books of recent times comes this ultimate collection. Great sales, rave reviews and the creation of a community behind the Beyond Baked Beans series...


by Mitzie Wilson

A book championing minced meat in all its forms, from frugal dishes such as Savoury Mince and Peas to the slightly more extravagant Venison Burgers. These 100 approachable recipes include all our comfort food...

Shaman of Stonewylde

by Kit Berry

The Outside World clamours at the wrought iron gates, and the evil alliance within Stonewylde threatens to destroy everything. With the new business and their relationship in tatters, Yul and Sylvie find their...

The King's Assassin

by Stephen Deas

With its engaging thief-taker hero, this YA series from the acclaimed author of The ADAMANTINE PALACE is perfect for fans of Trudi Canavan and Robin Hobb.

Berren has left his past as an apprentice thief-taker...

Tom Swan and the Head of St George Part Three: Constantinople

by Christian Cameron

1450s France. A young Englishman, Tom Swan, is kneeling in the dirt, waiting to be killed by the French who've taken him captive. He's not a professional soldier. He's really a merchant and a scholar looking...

The Perfect Distance: Ovett and Coe: The Record Breaking Rivalry

by Pat Butcher

Steve Ovett and Sebastian Coe presided over the golden era of British athletics. Between them they won three Olympic gold medals, two silvers, one bronze, and broke a total of twelve middle-distance records....

City of the Sharp-Nosed Fish: Greek Lives in Roman Egypt

by Peter Parsons

In 1897 two Oxford archaeologists began digging a mound south of Cairo. Ten years later, they had uncovered 500,000 fragments of papyri. Shipped back to Oxford, the meticulous and scholarly work of deciphering...

The State of the Universe: A Primer in Modern Cosmology

by Pedro Ferreira

It is science's last and greatest challenge: fathoming the depths of the night sky. The objective: to crack the cosmic code, to unravel the blueprint for nature's grandest conception, a machine constructed on...

Calm The Soul: A Book of Simple Wisdom and Prayer

by PoorClaresGalway

'We will never achieve true happiness if we continue to search for it outside the very source of love, which we know is God himself.'

In Calm the Soul: A Book of Simple Wisdom and Prayer , The Poor Clares,...

A Neutron Walks Into a Bar...: Random Facts About Our Universe and Everything in It?

by Science140

Fun, quirky and informative, A Neutron Walks Into A Bar... is a collection of facts, definitions, explanations, biographies and jokes guaranteed to quench a thirst for knowledge, discovery and humour that's...

The Great and the Good

by John Giles

In The Great and the Good, Ireland's leading football pundit and legend of the game John Giles will look back on more than fifty years of football, at developments in the game from the post-War period to the...

Planting Plans For Your Kitchen Garden: How to Create a Vegetable, Herb and Fruit Garden in Easy Stages

by Holly Farrell

Planting Plans for Your Kitchen Garden gives you all you need to turn your back garden into a productive paradise with modular planting plans for simple beds of vegetables, herbs, fruit and cut flowers. You...