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Essays in Biography

by Joseph Epstein

Who is the greatest living essayist writing in English? Unquestionably Joseph Epstein. Epstein is penetrating. He is witty. He has a magic touch with words, that hard to define but immediately recognizable quality...

Love Unrehearsed: The Love Series, Book 2

by Tina Reber

The highly anticipated sequel to the New York Times bestselling novel Love Unscripted in Tina Reber’s The Love Series, Love Unrehearsed continues the story of the whirlwind romance between A-List actor Ryan...

A Polar Bear's Tale.

by Ewa O'Neill

It was a beautiful, cold morning in the Arctic. Springtime was in the air and the sun was shining brightly. Slowly, Mama Bear and her two young cubs left their den for the first time. With their eyes squinting...

Operation Hebron

by Eric Jordan

Personal adviser to President Ronald Reagan on sensitive terrorism situations, Jordan was asked by the President to accept private top-secret missions to Lebanon and elsewhere concerning American hostages after...

The Novak Legacy

by John Gray

Something given to his late father, in a POW camp in Poland in 1945, leads disgraced former government agent David Lennox into a web of intrigue that links the deaths of Rudolph Hess and Swedish Prime Minister...

Tales of the Savoy: Stories from a Glasgow Cafe

by Joe Pieri

Joe Pieri used to be one of the Glasgow's best-known restaurateurs and ran the remarkable Savoy cafe. His cafe attracted the lowlife during the day but was cleared for theatre-goers in the early evening before...

Resident Evil: Retribution - The Official Movie Novelization

by John Shirley

Resident Evil: Retribution in will be released in 3D on September 14, 2012. It is the fifth installment in the massively successful Resident Evil film series, based on the hugely popular Capcom survival horror...

Her Journey into Submission: Two Sexy Tales of Domination and Roleplay

by Brenton Darke

Two sexy short bondage stories from veteran BDSM afficionado Brenton Darke, both of which are sure to slap or tickle your fancy! Her First Time: She has gone from the shy internet profile girl to a woman actively...

Cabo Trafalgar in the Moonlight: Pen & Sail: My Life with Dudley Pope

by Kay Pope

Kay Pope goes beyond a simple description of life as wife and confidant of a famous author sailor, and captures the atmosphere and idiosyncrasies of the places they visited and lived, along with the humanity...

Walking to Greenham

by Ann Pettitt

A young mother bringing up her children in rural Wales, Ann Pettitt began a movement that changed the face of modern history

Enterprise Analytics: Optimize Performance, Process, and Decisions Through Big Data

by Thomas H. Davenport & International Institute for Analytics

The Definitive Guide to Enterprise-Level Analytics Strategy, Technology, Implementation, and Management Organizations are capturing exponentially larger amounts of data than ever, and now they have to figure...

Taste of Home Bake Sale Favorites Mini Book

by Taste of Home

Bring on the wow! With this collection of 134 favorites, you’ll make memorable bake-sale treats everyone will love!

Inside, you’ll discover...

*Special cupcakes for every season

*Crunchy, addictive snack mixes...

13 Things They Won't Tell You: 375+ Experts Confess the Insider Secrets They Keep to Themselves

by Editors of Reader's Digest & Liz Vaccariello

Every month, Reader’s Digest asks selected experts from a different profession to spill their secrets. Readers walk a mile in their shoes and see things that are enlightening, horrifying, and give them a whole...

Facing into the Wind

by Lara Clough

Nell needs to be in control; her brother Haz brings a friend to stay at their Welsh seaside cottage and neither Nell nor Haz are safe anymore as the interloper unearths a family secret.


by Jo Verity

On a Morris Dancing trip, Jack meets Non and is launched into a world of lovestruck subterfuge. At home wife Fay has a crush on a friend's son. Will their marriage survive the promise of new and exotic lovers?...


by Igor Aleksander & Helen Morton

Aristotle's convincing philosophy is likely to have shaped (even indirectly) many of our current beliefs, prejudices and attitudes to life. This includes the way in which our mind (that is, our capacity to have...

Everything in the Garden

by Jo Verity

When Anna Wren and her husband buy a rambling farmhouse with three other couples, the intention is to grow old with the support of tried and trusted friends.

Salt Blue

by Gillian Morgan

Stella lives on the Welsh coast but longs to break away from the confines of rural life in the '50s. Funded by an unexpected windfall she flies to America in search of her dreams.

Heroes of the Skies

by Michael Ashcroft

Since the dawn of aerial combat in the First World War, the heroism of the men who put their lives at risk in the air has known no bounds. There were no more heroic airmen than the fighter pilots and bomber...

Last Dance at the Wrecker's Ball

by Robert Douglas

Glasgow, 1971. The old way of life is under threat for the tight-knit community in Dalbeattie Street, Maryhill. The shadow of the wrecker's ball looms large over their homes, and they must face the choice of...