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Empowering Migrant Women: Why Agency and Rights are not Enough

by Leah Briones

Based on insights from Filipina experiences of domestic work in Paris and Hong Kong, this volume breaks through the polarized thinking and migration-centric policy action on the protection of migrant women domestic...

Russian Civil-Military Relations

by Robert Brannon

Deriving in part from its Soviet past, Russia's military doctrine represents more than just a road map of how to fight the nation's wars; it also specifies threats to national interests, in this case the United...

Environmental Skepticism: Ecology, Power and Public Life

by Peter J. Jacques

'Environmental skepticism' describes the viewpoint that major environmental problems are either unreal or unimportant. This is the first book to analyze the importance of the anti-environmental counter-movement...

Transatlantic Environment and Energy Politics: Comparative and International Perspectives

by Miranda A. Schreurs & Henrik Selin

Using a wide range of case studies that embrace climate change, product standards, chemical regulations, renewable energy policies, food safety and genetically-modified organisms, this fascinating volume examines...

US Foreign Policy in the Middle East: From Crises to Change

by Yakub Halabi

US foreign policy in the Middle East has for the most part been shaped by the eruption of major crises. Yakub Halabi analyzes the way ideas and conceptions have guided US foreign policy in the Middle East, the...

Building Strong Nations: Improving Governability and Public Management

by Eran Vigoda-Gadot

Building Strong Nations enriches the discussion about moving modern nations forward despite major problems such as the clash of ideologies, the overburdening of and expectations from public administration, and...

Humanitarian Intervention and Conflict Resolution in West Africa: From ECOMOG to ECOMIL

by John M. Kabia

Taking the empirical case of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), this volume locates the peacekeeping operations of ECOWAS within an expanded post-Cold War conceptualization of humanitarian...

European Security Culture: Language, Theory, Policy

by Monica Gariup

Grounded on tenets of cultural realism and social constructivism, Monica Gariup develops a theoretical framework to enhance our understanding of security culture at the European Union level and the implications...

Old Europe, New Security: Evolution for a Complex World

by Janet Adamski & Mary Troy Johnson

Many of the US criticisms of Western European reluctance to engage in the 2004 war in Iraq stem from a perception that these governments are 'weak on defence'. This volume argues for a different explanation...

Clash or Cooperation of Civilizations?: Overlapping Integration and Identities

by Wolfgang Zank

This comprehensive volume focuses on overlapping identities and integration processes in the Mediterranean basin and queries to what extent these various identities and integration processes are compatible or...

Identity and Foreign Policy: Baltic-Russian Relations and European Integration

by Eiki Berg & Piret Ehin

Built on the constructivist perspective in international relations, this volume provides a coherent and illuminating account of the dynamics of Baltic-Russian relations after NATO and EU enlargement. Combining...

Authoritarian Backlash: Russian Resistance to Democratization in the Former Soviet Union

by Thomas Ambrosio

Authoritarian Russia has adopted five strategies to preserve the Kremlin's political power: insulate, bolster, subvert, redefine and coordinate. Presenting detailed case studies of each strategy, this book makes...

In Search of Structural Power: EU Aid Policy as a Global Political Instrument

by Patrick Holden

Offering a clear and logical analysis of the panoply of European Union aid policies and a theoretically informed evaluation of their operation, this historically grounded book concentrates on EU aid to key world...

The Ashgate Research Companion to the Politics of Democratization in Europe: Concepts and Histories

by Kari Palonen & Tuija Pulkkinen

'Democratization' is a concept often used in academic book titles, yet not many of them deal with the initial breakthrough of democratization. This research companion applies a comparative approach to analyzing...

Strategic US Foreign Assistance: The Battle Between Human Rights and National Security

by Rhonda L. Callaway & Elizabeth G. Matthews

Addressing several key themes and questions revolving around the complex nature of US foreign policy and human rights, this insightful book examines US foreign policy and human rights, as well as the evolution...

Promoting Conflict or Peace through Identity

by Nikki R. Slocum-Bradley

Developing a solid basis for future research and training, this illuminating volume facilitates peace and mutual understanding between people by addressing a root cause of social conflicts: identity constructions....

Globalization - The Juggernaut of the 21st Century

by Jan-Erik Lane

While some people debate whether globalization really exists, it proceeds apace, affecting all societies. This interesting and erudite book adopts a distinctive approach to the multiple dimensions of the globalization...

Targeting Terrorists: A License to Kill?

by Avery Plaw

Targeting Terrorists: A License to Kill? examines the political history and ethics of targeted killing. Avery Plaw's analysis addresses the questions of moral, political and legal justification in the context...

Bloody Nations: Moral Dilemmas for Nations, States and International Relations

by Cherry Bradshaw

Placing the phenomenon of nationalism squarely within the continuing Enlightenment project, Cherry Bradshaw brings together political theory, history, anthropology and international relations in order to investigate...

Defunct Federalisms: Critical Perspectives on Federal Failure

by Emilian Kavalski & Magdalena Zolkos

This comparative volume looks at the track record of several defunct federalisms to identify options that have been overlooked and decisions that precipitated the collapse. Bringing together insights from the...