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The Alkaloids

by Hans-Joachim Knolker

This series is world-renowned as the leading compilation of current reviews of this vast field. Internationally acclaimed for more than 40 years, The Alkaloids, founded by the late Professor R.H.F. Manske, continues...

What Do Druids Believe?

by Philip Carr-Gomm

Above all else, Druidry means following a spiritual path rooted in the green Earth' John Michael Greer

Desert Divers

by Sven Lindqvist & Joan Tate

In the first half of the twentieth centruy, European writers plunged into the stony, baking expanse of the Sahara, drawn by their own strange dreams. What did they hope to find? And what was really there?In...

How To Read Darwin

by Mark Ridley

'There is grandeur in thsi view of life' Charles DarwinCharles Darwin's permanent legacy are his broad, abstract theories of evolution and natural selection, theories which he tested against an astonishing array...

Advances in Clinical Chemistry

by Gregory Makowski

Volume 63 in the internationally acclaimed Advances in Clinical Chemistry contains chapters authored by world renowned clinical laboratory scientists, physicians and research scientists. The serial provides...

Stocks Under Rocks: How to Uncover Overlooked, Profitable Market Opportunities

by Peter F. Ricchiuti

Find great stocks "in your own backyard": master do-it-yourself research techniques for uncovering today’s best small-cap equity opportunities! Peter Ricchiuti reveals the secrets of Tulane University’s...

A Comprehensive Guide to Mergers & Acquisitions: Managing the Critical Success Factors Across Every Stage of the M&A Process

by Yaakov Weber, Shlomo Tarba & Christina Oberg

Leverage today's most complete and practical framework for driving superior business value from mergers and acquisitions -- both domestic and international. A Comprehensive Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions...

The Hunger Gays

by Nathan Alexander

Inspired by The Hunger Games series, Nathan Alexander's Hunger Gays follows the story of young Aspen Summers who has grown up in a world where young men are rounded up by the government and forced to participate...

Bioenergy Research: Advances and Applications

by Vijai G. Gupta, Maria Tuohy & Christian P Kubicek

Bioenergy Research: Advances and Applications brings biology and engineering together to address the challenges of future energy needs. The book consolidates the most recent research on current technologies,...

Modeling Methodology for Physiology and Medicine

by Ewart Carson & Claudio Cobelli

Modelling Methodology for Physiology and Medicine, Second Edition, offers a unique approach and an unprecedented range of coverage of the state-of-the-art, advanced modeling methodology that is widely applicable...

Hacking with Kali: Practical Penetration Testing Techniques

by James Broad & Andrew Bindner

Hacking with Kali introduces you the most current distribution of the de facto standard tool for Linux pen testing. Starting with use of the Kali live CD and progressing through installation on hard drives,...

Managing Conflicts: A Practical Resource for Resolution and Reconciliation

by Dr. Ken Birch

This book is a practical resource to help leaders manage, resolve cnflicts and reconcile the parties involved. Essential skills to accomplish this goal are embedded in discussion of major concepts and descriptions...

Girls Rule, Boys Drool: Three short stories of Sapphic sexiness

by Lucy Felthouse

Three lesbian erotic short stories from popular writer Lucy Felthouse. Girls Rule, Boys Drool Boyish dyke Toni is working at the local golf club, serving champagne to arrogant, privileged folk when she spots...

The Business of Golf-Why? How? What?: How to Create Value for Golfers and Generate Net Income for the Golf Course

by James J. Keegan

The Business of Golf-Why? How? What? is a sequel to the award-winning book The Business of Golf-What Are You Thinking? that was published in 2010 and 2012. The Business of Golf-What Are You Thinking? was written...

Shrinking the News: Headline Stories on the Couch

by Coline Covington

Shrinking the News brings together Coline Covington's wide range of articles from her regular column in the online newspaper, The Week. The articles cover current events from October 2008 until December 2010,...

Paleo for Beginners: The Guide to Getting Started

by Sonoma Press

Recent scientific studies have proven the superior health benefits of a Paleo Diet. Based on the idea that the diet of our early ancestors is the ideal diet for optimum health, Paleo cuts out unhealthy modern...

The Juicing Diet: Drink Your Way to Weight Loss, Cleansing, Health, and Beauty

by Sonoma Press

Shed pounds and improve your health with the DASH diet, ranked #1 in "Best Diets Overall" by U.S. News & World Report. The DASH diet is the last diet you will ever need to go on. The DASH diet is a scientifically...

The DASH Diet for Beginners: The Guide to Getting Started

by Sonoma Press

Shed pounds and improve your health with the DASH diet, ranked #1 in "Best Diets Overall" by U.S. News & World Report. The DASH diet is the last diet you will ever need to go on. The DASH diet is a scientifically...

The Matrimonial Trap: Eighteenth-Century Women Writers Redefine Marriage

by Laura E. Thomason

The Matrimonial Trap examines the ways in which six women writers of the long eighteenth century used public and private writing to redefine marriage as an egalitarian relationship. Their writing reveals their...

Foreign Policy Analysis: Classic and Contemporary Theory

by Valerie M. Hudson

This succinct yet comprehensive introduction is the first text to gear foreign policy analysis (FPA) theory toward advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students. Cogently written, clearly organized,...