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The Mystery of Miss King

by Margaret Ryan

Jonny Smith's paper round takes him along Weir Street. The paper boys

don't normally stick around for long and he soon understands


Guess who lives at number 57...

Number 57 looks suspiciously normal, but...

The Riddle of Dr Sphinx

by Margaret Ryan

Guess who lives at number 36?

Jonny Smith's paper round takes him along Weir Street. The paper boys

don't normally stick around for long and he soon understands

why... This time

Jonny has to deliver a paper to Doctor...

The Treasure of MR Tipp

by Margaret Ryan

Guess who lives at number 34 and a half...

Jonny Smith's paper round takes him along Weir Street. The paper boys

don't normally stick around for long and he soon understands

why ... What are all the strange noises...

Spooks Away

by Sue Purkiss

Spooker is back, but when he goes on a trip to a remote Scottish castle, strange happenings start to take place. Who or what can possibly be behind these odd events?

Casting the Gods Adrift

by Geraldine McCaughrean

A thriller set in ancient Egypt between 1351 and 1354 BC. Tutmose and Ibrim's father, the animal dealer, is commanded by the new pharaoh Akhenaten, to bring him animals - lots of animals - for his new capital...

Mission to Marathon

by Geoffrey Trease

A story set in Ancient Greece. When news reaches Athens that Persian

ships are about to invade Greece, Philip knows that his uncle and

grandmother are in great danger. As his brothers and father are busy


Dirty Deeds

by Damian Harvey

The Mudcrust family live in Slimepool Swamp, which is as stinky and

slimy as its name suggests, and Lowbrow Mudcrust loves it! His wife,

Flora, however, has other ideas. She would like a nice cave with a view....

The Letter to the Hebrews in Social-Scientific Perspective

by David A. deSilva

A lot of mystery surrounds the book of Hebrews, especially regarding its authorship, date, and audience. But by asking the right kind of questions, one can move beyond the impasses typical of historical investigation....

Strange Rain

by Venero Armanno

From one of Australia's hottest writers comes a brooding novel of suspense and dark secrets, retribution and rock 'n roll.A lonely road on a dark night when the rain comes sheeting down. A motel room in a small...

The Lonely Hunter

by Venero Armanno

A novel of great strength and imagination, The Lonely Hunter is a journey into evil and redemption by one of Australia's most original and passionate writers.Rich, successful Eddie Bevelacqua has it all, or...

Romeo Of The Underworld

by Venero Armanno

'Armanno writes with such intensity, his words detonate off the page...The real surprise is the unfolding humanity of the novel. Armanno writes of people with a deep and loving opera, full-blown...

My Beautiful Friend

by Venero Armanno

A dark, brooding and erotic ghost story.Can you imagine what it must be like to take the souls of others? Marcello Mansini has been dead for more than two months, his body lost in the icy depths of Lac Leman....


by Venero Armanno

Love, blood and pasta over three decades in Brisbane. She used to sell her kisses for caramels; her lips went for long licks of liquorice and her touch for tangerines and tutti frutti. She looked as Irish as...

Candle Life

by Venero Armanno

Dealing with the nature of reality and dreams, of love, identity, despair and salvation, this is a truly brilliant and startlingly original novel.An Australian novelist is living in an arts community in Paris,...

The Volcano

by Venero Armanno

Sweeping from Sicily to Australia, spanning generations and very different worlds, The Volcano is a novel of power, passion and sheer blazing brilliance from one of our most talented and original writers.A fiercely...

It's All About Change: The Greatest Challenge to Create a Golden Future for Humanity

by Osho & Osho International Foundation

Everyone, regardless of nationality, religion, or political beliefs, has a sense of the current crisis of planet Earth. The environmental movement has support around the globe, while politicians — lagging...

Black Dahlia Avenger: The True Story

by Steve Hodel

More than fifty years after what has been called "the most notorious unsolved murder of the 20th century," the case has finally been solved. On January 15, 1947, the body of beautiful 22-year-old Elizabeth Short,...

The Man in the Crowd: A Fan's Notes on Four Generations of New York Baseball

by Stanley Cohen

For Stanley Cohen, baseball is the prism through which he views the events of the last seventy years. In The Man in the Crowd, Cohen chronicles America’s changing mood and lifestyle from the years of World...

Over the Edge

by Mary Connealy

Sure, he's got excuses--maybe even valid reasons--but what's a girl to do when the man she married conveniently forgets he has a wife?

Window Gardening the Old-Fashioned Way: Tried and True Methods for Turning Any Window, Porch, or Balcony Into a Beautiful Garden

by Henry T. Williams

This vintage guide to interior decorating and gardening may have been at the height of fashion at the turn of the century, but many of its classic tips still hold true, and numerous styles and plants have come...