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The Last Hero


Last of the Tough Guys

Wade Brillings: U.S. Navy. Hero with a capital H. Extremely practical. Wade found women a pleasant, occasional distraction. Until he met—

Cassandra Lloyd: Beautiful but completely impractical....

Not This Guy!

by Glenda Sanders

Nice Guys Finish Last!

Mike Calder was fed up with women—that is, women who took him to the cleaners and then ran away with their ex-husbands. Vowing never to be left at the altar again, he made up a list of...

Three Grooms and a Wedding

by JoAnn Ross

She Was Marrying the Wrong Groom

Blythe Fielding realized she was making a terrible mistake marrying Alan Sturgess. Since her aborted walk down the aisle—because of an earthquake; was fate trying to tell her...

For Richer or Poorer

by JoAnn Ross

Once Married, Twice Shy

For Lily Van Cortland, Bachelor Arms was a new beginning for her and her unborn baby. Because of the battle with her dead husband's wealthy family—who wanted custody of her child—she...

I Won't!

by Gina Wilkins

I Do

Maddie Carmichael had always been levelheaded. But while on vacation, she'd been swept off her feet by sexy Case Brannigan. Before she knew it, she was standing at the altar, waiting. And waiting….

I Don't...

The Man from Shadow Valley

by Regan Forest

Do You Have a Secret Fantasy?

Small-town waitress Ellen Montrose has dreams—lots of them. She dreams of the Whitfield mansion and its ghost and of a very special man who knows all of her secrets. A man who loves...

Never a Bride

by JoAnn Ross

Always a Bridesmaid

Bachelor Arms resident Caitlin Carrigan liked being a bridesmaid, never a bride. She and Lily would help Blythe put on a spectacular wedding, worthy of a Hollywood star, even though Cait thought...


by Carrie Alexander

"There's a Naked Woman on Main Street!"

Things have gotten interesting since Fancy O'Brien came to town. (She's the naked woman. But don't worry—she made strategic use of some bubbles.) Now the whole town's...

In Praise of Younger Men


He Had Three Strikes Against Him From the Start!

Will Case—He's too big, far too attractive and much, much too sexy. And for the next few months, he'll be sharing a cabin with Carolina. Will is also best buddies...

Service with a Smile


Who Is Sunny Caldwell? And Why Did She Fire the Nanny?

Sunny Caldwell is a determined-to-succeed woman who owns a grocery-shopping service. She has two rules:

1. Business first. Personal life second.

2. Never get...


by Debra Carroll

Do You Have a Secret Fantasy?

Celebrity author and recluse Emma Jordan does. She's collaborating on a screenplay of her bestselling erotic thriller with talented, sexy-as-sin Sam Cooper. The last thing in the...

Mad About You


She'd Enchanted Him

Or so P.I. Kent MacIntyre was forced to conclude. Because Faye (no last name)—five foot nothing, an innocent in the big city—had charmed him into letting her into his high-security building,...

The Reluctant Hunk

by Lorna Michaels

"I Want That Man."

And Ariel wanted scientist Jeff McBride for just one thing—to do a series on hurricanes for her TV station. She knew every woman in Corpus Christi would tune in to watch the drop-dead-gorgeous...

Memory Lapse

by Kathleen O'Brien

Do You Have a Secret Fantasy?

Drew Townsend does. And in his secret fantasy Laura Nolan returns. Three years ago, she ran away, leaving her engagement ring and a useless little note. Laura had told him to get...

Undercover Baby

by Gina Wilkins

Undercover Daddy

Detective Dallas Sanders had taken part in some unusual undercover operations, but cracking the baby-smuggling ring was the toughest. Especially since it meant playing the part of an unwed, pregnant...

The Twelve Gifts of Christmas

by Rita Clay Clay Estrada

Was He Naughty or Nice?

On the first day of Christmas, Carly Michaels's true love gave to her…a headache! Pete Cade might be the hunk every woman dreams of finding under her tree. But he was also a real Scrooge....

Heart to Heart

by Elise Title

Down and Out in Pittsville

Men! Divorced TV station owner Kate Hart had had too many run-ins with Mr. Wrong. So when gorgeous, blue-eyed Brody Baker ran into her—on his gleaming black Harley!—Kate was frosty....

Playboy McCoy

by Glenda Sanders

He Was a Hunk-and-a-Half!

Playboy McCoy

Real name: Roy McCoy.

Occupation: History professor.

Course: "Sex Throughout History."

Hobbies: Hands-on research.

Status: Confirmed bachelor.

Laurel Randolph had all the "facts"...

Dangerous at Heart

by Elise Title

Down and Out in Pittsville

Life was the pits for Rachel Hart. Single and pregnant, at least she'd had the good sense not to marry the no-good father of her child! Things couldn't get worse, she assured herself....


by JoAnn Ross

She Loved His Brother…

Grief-stricken over the death of his brother, cynical, hard-nosed movie maverick Bram Fortune did the unthinkable—he sought comfort in the arms of his brother's fiancée. The morning...