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Feel and Grow Rich: The 4 Elements of Success

by Daniel Marques

There are four basic elements operating in every action related to success, power and money. These elements are also the crucial ingredients within the law of attraction, behind its application and justifying...


by セス スミット


Fables of the Forest

by Daniel Marques

This book brings together a set of stories that depict some of the most meaningful lessons of modern times with simple and direct messages for children. In order to impart valuable knowledge about common and...

Evolution of Souls: The Importance of Common Values in Intercultural Relationships between Asian Women and Western Men

by Daniel Marques

Traveling in many different Asian countries and talking to several mixed couples have allowed me to understand much about the reasons behind the new rapidly increasing tendency of interracial marriages. On the...

ESQ - Extraordinary Success Quotient: Principles for an Amazing Psychological Power beyond Intelligence, Emotions and The Law of Attraction, that allows Predicting the Future

by Robin Sacredfire

Before understanding how to become more successful we need to understand how to become more intelligent, and the topic itself must be clarified and emptied of misunderstandings and misconceptions. In order to...

Elite Self-Defense: Beyond what any self-defense instructor will ever tell you

by Bryan Keyleader

The best self-defense technique you will ever learn in your life consists in avoiding danger, but before that you will need to recognize it and be ahead of the events when they occur. The author of this book...

Enter the Matrix: The 4 Stages of the Soul and 7 Levels of the Mind in the Development of a Prophetic Conscience

by Robin Sacredfire

Spiritual development occurs from within a person, and demands the awakening of a life’s conscience. This conscience starts with a duality, in which we don’t allow ourselves to stay permanently in one of...

Disney Syndrome: The effects of fairy-tales as a mind-programming tool

by Daniel Marques

Parents that allow their children to watch or read fairy-tales alone, often repeating the same movie or book several tines, are allowing them to become exposed to a mind manipulation tool from an early stage....

Dating Asian Women: What to Know and How to Behave When Dating an Asian Woman

by Daniel Marques

Asian women are among men’s most favorite, due to their caring behavior, dedication to family values and, obviously, for being among the most beautiful women in the world. As this planet changes furthermore...

Danmar Chuan Dao: Complete Program

by Dan Marson

Dan Mar Chuan Dao Kung Fu, or in Chinese language Dān Mǎ Quán Dào Gōng Fu, is a modern style of kung fu, developed throughout several years of interaction with different kung fu Sifus in China, from north...

Creative Souls: The Emotional Cycle and Spiritual Awareness in Creative Writing

by Daniel Marques

This book is a must-read for anyone that wishes to become a writer, because it reveals many facts that, although not present in every single writer, contribute to reveal the source of the skills that most refuse...

Creative Lovers: Unveiling the Thoughts and Emotions Behind Writers’ Love Life

by Daniel Marques

Seen throughout history, at least most of the times, as lost and overemotional creatures, in some cases even insane, writers have been the target of much social discrimination and misunderstandings. This kind...

Classroom Hierarchy: 50 Rules to Become a Dominant, Loved, Respected and Admired Teacher

by Daniel Marques

What can teachers with dozens of years of experience in different countries prove about hierarchy in the classroom was the subject of analysis that led to the resume of the laws expressed in this book. The conclusions...

China Doesn't Exist: Comparative Observation of the Reality in Modern China and the Economic, Social and Political Overview in Portugal

by Daniel Marques

As the world continues to evolve in unpredictable directions, but the Portuguese economy remains predictably in permanent decline, as it has been for centuries since the fall from world first place, there is...

Child Education: Parenting and Teaching in the Development of Children’s Intelligence and Promotion of their Success

by Daniel Marques

Child Education has been a subject of debate for many thousands of years but also widely studied in modern society. Apart from all the studies being done, children apparently tend to show much more problems...

Jewish Theology

by Kaufmann Kohler

In offering herewith to the English-reading public the present work on Jewish Theology, the result of many years of research and of years of activity as President and teacher at the Hebrew Union College of Cincinnati,...

Because I Cannot Love: Poems about Denied Feelings

by Daniel Marques

This book has a collection of translated poems depicting denied love. It depicts a critical attitude to the way love tends to be expressed and felt, as well as the reasons and grounds for its analysis. The poems...

Change Yourself: How to Control Your Life and Recreate Your Destiny

by Robin Sacredfire

Those who said that people can’t change didn’t know this book. People can change but they won’t if they choose not to. In this book you have a chance to change yourself, not others. And by doing this,...

Born to Be Alive: A Guide to Finding Your Life’s Purpose

by Daniel Marques

Trapped in a life of delusions, failures, losses and frustrations, we tend to become conditioned by what we think, what we feel and, mostly, by what others want us to think and feel. Reality is and has always...

A Theory of Reincarnation: How is Karma Related to Reincarnation & How to Remember Past Lives

by Robin Sacredfire

According to what is scientifically known, there's a strong relation between our previous existences as a soul and our current life. The implications of this fact can be seen in our karmic experiences, our suppressed...