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Technologies of Sexuality, Identity and Sexual Health

by Lenore Manderson

Technologies of Sexuality, Identity and Sexual Health highlights the complex ways in which sexuality is expressed and enacted through local ideologies, global identities and material cultures, and their influence...

Host Cities and the Olympics: An Interactionist Approach

by Harry H. H. Hiller

Rather than interpreting the Olympics as primarily a sporting event of international or national significance, this book understands the Games as a civic project for the host city that serves as a catalyst for...

The Future of Helium as a Natural Resource

by William J. J. Nuttall, Richard Clarke & Bartek Glowacki

The book reveals the changing dynamics of the helium industry on both the supply-side and the demand-side. The helium industry has a long-term future and this important gas will have a role to play for many...

Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on a Contested Buddhist Site: Bodh Gaya Jataka

by David Geary, Matthew R. R. Sayers & Abhishek Singh Singh Amar

Bodh Gaya in the North Indian state of Bihar has long been recognized as the place where the Buddha achieved enlightenment. This book brings together the recent work of twelve scholars from a variety of disciplines...

Planning for Olympic Legacies: Transport Dreams and Urban Realities

by Eva Kassens-Noor

When a city wins the right to hold the Olympics, one of the oft cited advantages to the region is the catalytic effect upon the urban and transport projects of the host cities. However, with unparalleled access...

Nature and Young Children: Encouraging Creative Play and Learning in Natural Environments

by Ruth Wilson

Nature and Young Children promotes the holistic development of children by connecting them with nature.

City, Street and Citizen: The Measure of the Ordinary

by Suzanne Hall

How can we learn from a multicultural society if we don't know how to recognise it? The contemporary city is more than ever a space for the intense convergence of diverse individuals who shift in and out of...

Economic Geography and the Unequal Development of Regions

by Jean-Claude Prager & Jacques-François Thisse

Behind the mystery of economic growth stands another mystery: why do some places fare better than others? Casual evidence shows that sizable differences exist at very different spatial scales (countries, regions...

Regression Analysis for the Social Sciences

by Rachel A. A. Gordon

The book provides graduate students in the social sciences with the basic skills that they need to estimate, interpret, present, and publish basic regression models using contemporary standards.

Key features...

Civilization, Nation and Modernity in East Asia

by Chih-Yu Shih

This book explores the crisis of cultural identity which has assaulted Asian countries since Western countries began to have a profound impact on Asia in the nineteenth century. Confronted by Western 'civilization'...

New Directions in Criminological Theory

by Steve Hall & Simon Winlow

This edited collection brings together established global scholars and new thinkers to outline fresh concepts and theoretical perspectives for criminological research and analysis in the 21st century. Criminologists...

Life in Post-Communist Eastern Europe After Eu Membership

by Donnacha O O Beachain, Vera Sheridan & Sabina Stan

This book examines how membership of the European Union has affected life in the ten former communist countries of Eastern Europe that are now members of the European Union. For each country, political, economic...

The Global Political Economy of Trade Protectionism and Liberalisation

by Tony Heron

Given the widely-accepted premise that free trade is the best means of maximising overall societal welfare, why has it proven so difficult to achieve in certain industries? This book tackles arguably the most...

Genocide Since 1945

by Philip Spencer

In 1948 the United Nations passed the Genocide Convention. The international community was now obligated to prevent or halt what had hitherto, in Winston Churchill's words, been a "crime without a name", and...

Game Sense: Pedagogy for Performance, Participation and Enjoyment

by Richard Light

Game Sense is an exciting and innovative approach to coaching and physical education that places the game at the heart of the session. It encourages the player to develop skills in a realistic context, to become...

Social Work: The Basics

by Mark Doel

Social Work: The Basics is an insightful introduction to the often misrepresented world of social work. This accessible book presents a broad view of contemporary social work, exploring its roots and its possible...

The Global Economic Crisis in Latin America: Impacts and Responses

by Michael Cohen

When the 2008 housing market bubble burst in the United States, a financial crisis rippled from the epi-center in the United States across borders into economies both near and far, causing persistent social...

International Health & Safety at Work Revision Guide: For the Nebosh International General Certificate

by Ed Ferrett

This companion to the bestselling Introduction to International Health and Safety at Work will help you prepare for the written assessments on the NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and...

International Security, Conflict and Gender: 'Hiv/AIDS Is Another War'

by Hakan Seckinelgin

This book challenges the conventional security-based international policy frameworks that have developed for dealing with HIV/AIDS during and after conflicts, and examines first-hand evidence and experiences...

Social Costs Today: Institutional Analyses of the Present Crises

by Wolfram Elsner, Pietro Frigato & Paolo Ramazzotti

This book deals with the current crises from a somewhat different the usual perspectives. It claims that causes and policy implications of these crises cannot be properly assessed by focusing on allocative efficiency...