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Dr. Kindbud's Weed-O-Pedia

by Dr. Seymour Kindbud

Wacky weed wisdom! Keep your mind fresh and informed on one of the largest growing topics. Don’t let go of that short-term memory! With conversation starters, such as, “Name the 5 most influential pot movies,”...


by Bram Stoker

Of the many admiring reviews Bram Stoker's Dracula received when it first appeared in 1897, the most astute praise came from the author's mother, who wrote her son: "It is splendid. No book since Mrs. Shelley's...


by Alfred Kazin

An American Procession is a study, on the largest scale, of the major American writers at work during the historically and literarily crucial century that began in the early 1830s, when Ralph Waldo Emerson founded...


by Alfred Kazin

Alfred Kazin, one of the central figures of America’s intellectual life in the 20th century, takes us into his own life and times. His autobiography encompasses, within a single large, fluent narrative, a...

The Avengers: A Jewish War Story

by Rich Cohen

In 1944, a band of Jewish guerrillas emerged from the Baltic forest to join the Russian army in its attack on Vilna, the capital of Lithuania. The band, called the Avengers, was led by Abba Kovner, a charismatic...

The Trees

by Conrad Richter

“They moved along in the bobbing, springy gait of a family that followed the woods as some families follow the sea.” In that first sentence Conrad Richter sets the mood of this magnificent epic of the American...

For Her Own Good: Two Centuries of the Experts Advice to Women

by Barbara Ehrenreich & Deirdre English

A provocative new perspective on female history, the history of American medicine and psychology, and the history of child-rearing unlike any other.

Wakulla Springs

World Fantasy Award for Best Novella 2014

by Andy Duncan & Ellen Klages

Wakulla Springs, in the deep jungle of the Florida panhandle, is the deepest submerged freshwater cave system in the world. In its unfathomable depths, a variety of curious creatures have left a record of their...

South Sudan

by Sophie Lovell-Hoare & Max Lovell-Hoare

South Sudan Travel Guide - Advice and expert tips on everything including Juba hotels and highlights, safety and visas to safaris, Bor wrestling and Nile rafting. Also features suggested itineraries, tour operators,...

Frank Sidebottom - Out of His Head: The Authorised Biography of Chris Sievey

by Mick Middles

THERE HAS NEVER BEEN AN ARTIST quite like Chris Sievey or his 'fantastic' comedic alter ego, Frank Sidebottom. Whether pushing for chart action while fronting his former band The Freshies or allowing the bombastic...

Dr. Kindbud's Weed-O-Pedia

by Dr. Seymour Kindbud

Wacky weed wisdom! Keep your mind fresh and informed on one of the largest growing topics. Don’t let go of that short-term memory! With conversation starters, such as, “Name the 5 most influential pot movies,”...

Stalking Aidan

by JM Shorney

Someone wants his head. All he wants is to see his son again. Irish-born Aidan McRaney has just been released from prison. He served almost eight years for his part in the shooting of gang boss Frankie Lamond's...

Hadrian's Lover

by Patricia Marie Budd

"Hadrian's Lover is a stunning novel about a dystopian society disguised as a utopian raises difficult questions about right and wrong, government control, and an individual's right to express himself...

How To Find A Husband

by Sam Almond

Seeking and finding the right man to live with is a noble aim which could and should lead to a life of happiness and fulfillment. My book, hopefully, can help.

From Wig To Sword

by Howard Giffard

This is the first in a series of novels involving espionage, love and intrigue moving between England and America during the American Civil War. The plot weaves between the quiet cathedral town of Hereford,...

Caveat Vendor

by Michael Sharpe

After working in a commercial job for a short time in Nigeria Michael Sharpe returned to England, and for nearly thirty years had a career in what is now termed Human Resources. This was mainly in large organisations,...

The Sextant

by Lynn Clay Byrne

In the 1880s, two young men set off from Crete to ride the tide of Greece's worldwide shipping ascendancy. One is racing to his future and one is escaping his past. Their intertwined family saga crosses decades...

Think Big, Act Bigger: The Rewards of Being Relentless

by Jeffrey W. Hayzlett & Jim Eber

The most dangerous move in business is the failure to make a move.

Global business celebrity and prime-time Bloomberg Television host, Jeffrey W. Hayzlett empowers business leaders to tie their visions to actions,...

A New Introduction to American Constitutionalism

by Mark A. Graber

A New Introduction to American Constitutionalism is the first text to study the entirety of American constitutionalism, not just the traces that appear in Supreme Court decisions. Mark A. Graber both explores...

Merlin's Shadow

by Robert Treskillard


After destroying the sinister Druid Stone and freeing his people from its dark control, Merlin finds himself a royal advisor without a king. Along with his friend Garth and Natalenya, his betrothed,...