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The Ashgate Research Companion to Chinese Foreign Policy

by Emilian Kavalski

This Companion draws a vivid picture of the full spectrum of topics, issues, and relationships that define China's international interactions. The collection therefore provides a relevant point of departure...

Wellbeing and Place

by Sarah Atkinson & Sara Fuller

The last twenty years have witnessed an important movement in the aspirations of public policy beyond meeting merely material goals towards a range of outcomes captured through the use of the term 'wellbeing'....

The Ashgate Research Companion to International Trade Policy

by Kenneth Heydon & Stephen Woolcock

The Ashgate Research Companion to International Trade Policy provides a state of the art review of current thinking on the full range of trade policy issues, addressing the economic and political dimensions...

Complexity and Planning: Systems, Assemblages and Simulations

by  Jean Hillier, Gert De Roo & Joris Van Wezemael

This book provides a readable overview, presenting and relating a range of understandings and characteristics of complexity and complex systems as they are relevant to planning. It recognizes multiple, relational...

The Ashgate Research Companion to Nineteenth-Century Spiritualism and the Occult

by Tatiana Kontou & Sarah Willburn

Designed both for those new to the field and for experts, this volume is organized into sections covering the relationship between Victorian spiritualism and science, the occult and politics, and the culture...

George Buchanan: Political Thought in Early Modern Britain and Europe

by Caroline Erskine & Roger A. Mason

George Buchanan (1506-82) was the most distinguished Scottish humanist of the sixteenth century with an unparalleled contemporary reputation as a Latin poet, playwright, historian and political theorist. This...

'Regimental Practice' by John Buchanan, M.D.: An Eighteenth-Century Medical Diary and Manual

by Paul Kopperman

In 1746, Dr John Buchanan, a recently retired medical officer in the British Army, produced a manuscript, 'Regimental Practice, or a Short History of Diseases common to His Majesties own Royal Regiment of Horse...

The Bush Leadership, the Power of Ideas, and the War on Terror

by David B. MacDonald & Dirk Nabers

This volume explores the relationship between President George W. Bush's leadership, the administration's stated belief in the power of ideas (and the ideas of power) and its approach to the war on terror. Drawing...

Take Control of CrashPlan Backups

by Joe Kissell

You know not to put all your eggs in one basket, but are you backing up to only a single location? Our favorite backup service, CrashPlan, backs up your data silently in the background, storing it locally on...

In the Shadow of the Dragon: The Global Expansion of Chinese Companies--and How It Will Change Business Forever

by Winter Nie & William Dowell

Inexpensive exports were just the beginningùChinaÆs companies are now going global.

High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service: Inspire Timeless Loyalty in the Demanding New World of Social Commerce

by Micah Solomon

In an age of Twitter, smartphones, and self-service kiosks, high-tech but still high-touch customer service is the answer.

The Man on the Headland

by Kylie Tennant

While Kylie Tennant was living in the little fishing town of Laurieton on the north coast of New South Wales, she made two memorable discoveries - Ernie Metcalfe and Diamond Head. The two belonged together....

Lantana Lane

by Eleanor Dark

Lantana, bushy and massive, is Australia's most uncontrollable tropical weed. Inland from the Pacific coast, where the pineapple plantations grow, the lantana sprawls luxuriously. Here, too, putting up a constant...


by Georgia Blain

Ursula's childhood is marked by a summer holiday in Candelo, a sleepy south coast town. It's the 1970s and Ursula's mother takes a foster son named Mitchell away with them. Charismatic, charming, and troubled,...

Just Relations

Miles Franklin Award 1982

by Rodney Hall

Once a wild gold mining town, Whitey's Fall is now a small, brooding community of close and distant relations. One by one, the young are leaving for the alluring uncertainties of the world beyond. The old stay...

Soldiers' Women

by Xavier Herbert

For the soldiers' women in Sydney, life takes on a brittle gaiety as their husbands and lovers leave for the war and transient G.I.s take their place. The American troops are the center of glamour and excitement...

Springtime in Taranaki: An Autobiography of Youth

by Douglas Stewart

Capturing the nostalgia of springtime -- picnics, dances, the drama of first love -- this gentle autobiography tells the story of Douglas Stewart's youth in a New Zealand country town, 'an almost invisible speck...

White Eye

by Blanche d'Alpuget

At a remote biotechnological research center in the Australian outback, chief scientist John Parker is developing a virulent and contagious chimera, a fatal bacterium for which there is no cure. When a young...

The Many Faces of Anxiety: Does Anxiety Have a Grip on Your Life?

by Susan Rau Stocker

Real-world examples abound in this resource that provides a basic context for understanding how anxiety affects people and those around them. The author shares 12 cases of various clients with whom she has worked...

Only Her Naked Courage: Can She Find Her Way Home

by Susan Rau Stocker

After being kidnapped, Sara has undergone torture and sadistic abuse for almost a year and is now a terror-filled shell. Will her courage be sufficient to see her through? Once Sara re-emerges, several mysteries...