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Decoding the Cultural Stereotypes about Aging: New Perspectives on Aging Talk and Aging Issues

by Evelyn M. O'Reilly

This collection will present works that offer illuminating perspectives on the remarkably diverse Asian American populations of the United States. As a population that is neither black nor white, the range of...

Technology Transfer: Rejuvenating Matured Industries

by Shastri Moonan

This study focuses on technology transfer in the steel mini-mill industry. It identifies two central issues: how capacity is built and how demand is sustained, developing a three-dimensional perspective to bring...

Wendy Wasserstein: A Casebook

by Claudia Barnett

Wendy Wasserstein: A Casebook contains in-depth discussions of the playwright's major works, including her recent play 1 An American Daughter. Wasserstein's plays and essays are explored within diverse traditions,...

Nabokov at the Limits: Redrawing Critical Boundaries

by Lisa Zunshine

The eleven contributors to this volume investigate the connections between Nabokov's output and the fields of painting, music, and ballet.

Education, Modern Development, and Indigenous Knowledge: An Analysis of Academic Knowledge Production

by Seana McGovern

This book re-conceptualizes the field of international and comparative education by utilizing indigenous knowledge as a central component for altering the dominant, eurocentric social science research paradigm....

Political and Religious Ideas in the Works of Arnold Schoenberg

by Charlotte M. Cross & Russell A. Berman

The original essays in this collection chronicle the transformation of Arnold Schoenberg's works from music as pure art to music as a vehicle of religious and political ideas, during the first half of the twentieth...

Historical Roots of the Urban Crisis: Blacks in the Industrial City, 1900-1950

by Henry L. Taylor Jr. & Walter Hill

This collection of 12 new essays will tell the story of how the gradual transformation of industrial society into service-driven postindustrial society affected black life and culture in the city between 1900...

Dialogue on Writing: Rethinking ESL, Basic Writing, and First-Year Composition

by Geraldine DeLuca, Len Fox & Mark -Ameen Johnson

Designed for courses on theories and methods of teaching college writing, this text is distinguished by its emphasis on giving teachers a foundation of knowledge for teaching writing to a diverse student body....

Precedents, Statutes, and Analysis of Legal Concepts: Interpretation

by Scott Brewer

At least since plato and Aristotle, thinkers have pondered the relationship between philosophical arguments and the "sophistical" arguments offered by the Sophists -- who were the first professional lawyers....

Logic, Probability, and Presumptions in Legal Reasoning

by Scott Brewer

At least since plato and Aristotle, thinkers have pondered the relationship between philosophical arguments and the "sophistical" arguments offered by the Sophists -- who were the first professional lawyers....

Handbook of Native American Literature

by Andrew Wiget

The Handbook of Native American Literature is a unique, comprehensive, and authoritative guide to the oral and written literatures of Native Americans. It lays the perfect foundation for understanding the works...

Dramatherapy: Theory and Practice 2

by Sue Jennings

Dramatherapy: Theory and Practice 2 provides both clinician and theatre artist with a basic overview of recent developments in dramatherapy. The international contributors, all practising dramatherapists or...

Raymond Williams: Literature, Marxism and Cultural Materialism

by John Higgins

Raymond Williams' prolific output is increasingly recognised as the most influential body of work on literary and cultural studies in the past fifty years. This book provides the most comprehensive study to...

The Roman Remains of Southern France: A Guide Book

by James Bromwich

The Roman Remains of Southern France is the only specialist guidebook to this region available. It is the result of the most up-to-date research. Comprehensive in coverage, it provides depth and context while...

Encyclopedia of Nonlinear Science

by Alwyn Scott

In 438 alphabetically-arranged essays, this work provides a useful overview of the core mathematical background for nonlinear science, as well as its applications to key problems in ecology and biological systems,...

Clinical Management of Sex Addiction

by Patrick J. Carnes & Kenneth M. Adams

This is the first comprehensive volume of the clinical management of sex addiction. Collecting the work of 28 leaders in this emerging field, the editors provide a long-needed primary text about how to approach...

In Search of Hospitality

by Conrad Lashley & Alison Morrison

'In Search of Hospitality' is a unique contribution to the study of hospitality, exploring the practice of hospitality across disciplines, and adopting an international perspective where appropriate.

'In Search...

GMDSS for Navigators

by John Seaton & Peter Smith

The Global Maritime distress and Safety System (GMDSS) is becoming the all-embracing term for communication and data transfer between ship and shore, and ship and ship. It's a highly automated system of terrestrial...

Small Group Teaching: A Trouble-Shooting Guide

by Richard G. (Graduate Course in Tiberius

A practical guide to improve classes that are bored, hostile, aggressive or just not quite right. The book provides tips form making small class teaching more effective, with practical suggestions for a broad...

Delivering a Course: Practical Strategies for Teachers, Lecturers and Trainers

by Ian, Forsyth, Alan, Jolliffe & David, Stevens

This guide focuses on the problems associated with presenting material to learners. Designed to help teachers make the right decision about the presentation of course materials, it includes strategies for both...