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Towards a Global Music Theory: Practical Concepts and Methods for the Analysis of Music Across Human Cultures

by Mark Hijleh

Conferences, workshops and curricula are for the first time beginning to develop around the theme of 'world music theory', as students, teachers and researchers recognize the need for analytical concepts and...

Constructing Girlhood through the Periodical Press, 1850-1915

by Kristine Moruzi

Focusing on six popular British girls' periodicals, Moruzi explores the debate about the shifting nature of Victorian girlhood between 1851 and 1915. Moruzi's analyses of competing discourses within girls' periodicals...

Residential Segregation in Comparative Perspective: Making Sense of Contextual Diversity

by Thomas Maloutas & Kuniko Fujita

The aim of this book is to introduce the significantly different urban experiences in social and spatial segregation patterns and rationales which exist among the world's regions and to demonstrate that urban...

Reading Victorian Illustration, 1855-1875: Spoils of the Lumber Room

by Paul Goldman & Simon Cooke

Re-evaluating the period in Victorian illustration known as 'The Sixties,' this volume examines figures such as Frederick Sandys, Ford Madox Brown and George John Pinwell to consider the impact of illustration...

A Companion to Political Philosophy. Methods, Tools, Topics

by Antonella Besussi

This book offers a comprehensive overview of the key concepts and issues of contemporary political philosophy, It is structured in three parts: methodological issues; tools and argumentative strategies employed...

Anthropology in the City: Methodology and Theory

by Italo Pardo & Giuliana B. Prato

With half of humanity already living in towns and cities and that proportion expected to increase in the coming decades, society - both Western and non-Western - is fast becoming urban and even mega-urban. As...

Sir James Dewar, 1842-1923: A Ruthless Chemist

by J.S. Rowlinson

Sir James Dewar was a major figure in British chemistry for around 40 years. He held the posts of Jacksonian Professor of Natural Philosophy at Cambridge (1875-1923) and Fullerian Professor of Chemistry at the...

Financial Regulation in Africa: An Assessment of Financial Integration Arrangements in African Emerging and Frontier Markets

by Iwa Salami

This book, which is the first comprehensive analysis of financial integration and regulation in Africa, fills a huge gap in the literature on financial regulation and constitutes an invaluable source of information...

The Art of Religion: Sforza Pallavicino and Art Theory in Bernini's Rome

by Maarten Delbeke

Bernini and Pallavicino, the artist and the Jesuit cardinal, are closely related figures at the papal courts of Urban VIII and Alexander VII, at which Bernini was the principal artist. The analysis of Pallavicino's...

The Sweet Life

by Rebecca Lim

Rome - city of style, culture, food, music and romance. But is someone sinister stalking Janey Gordon during her Italian adventure?

Janey couldn't wait to see her friends' faces. Imagine, she thought. I have...

A Straight Line to My Heart

by Bill Condon

A funny, poignant, heartwarming story of first love, first job, friends, family and the inevitability of change in the first summer out of school.

150 Pounds Gone Forever: How I Lost Half My Size and You Can Too

by Diane Carbonell

Permanent weight loss help and recipes from a mother of seven who lost 150 pounds more than 12 years ago.

The State of the Church and the Church of the State: Re-Imagining the C of E for Our World Today

by Michael Turnbull & Donald McFadyen

Many people, including those who are not regular Churchgoers, have a sense that the Church of England is important for the nation's well-being, and that we would be the poorer without it. Can our Christian foundations...

Advocacy Strategies for Health and Mental Health Professionals: From Patients to Policies

by Stuart Lustig


A wealth of advocacy tools for health and mental health professionals at all levels of training and practice are included in this clear and comprehensive volume. Written by medical, legal, and policy experts,...

Out of the Blue: A City Girl's Tale of True Love and Romance with a Man on the Land

by Joanna Fincham

How a city girl found love on the land and overcame a life long battle with depression - an inspiring and uplifting love story.

Archbishop Fisher, 1945-1961: Church, State and World

by Andrew Chandler & David Hein

This book explores Archbishop Fisher's influence on major contemporary issues and events, including divorce-law reform and capital punishment at home and the end of Empire and the most dangerous years of the...

Archbishop Anselm 1093-1109: Bec Missionary, Canterbury Primate, Patriarch of Another World

by Sally N. Vaughn

Exploring Anselm's thirty years as Prior and Abbot of the large, rich, Norman monastery of Bec, and teacher in its school, this book notes the wealth of experiences which prepared Anselm for his archiepiscopal...

The Homebuilt Winery: 43 Projects for Building and Using Winemaking Equipment

by Steve Hughes

Here is all the information you need to set up a home winery and build all of the basic equipment -- for just a fraction of the cost of store-bought. Steve Hughes includes building plans and step-by-step instructions...

Interventional Nephrology

by Arif Asif & Anil K. Agarwal

A complete guide to every aspect of interventional nephrology-an essential text for students, residents, fellows, and clinicians

This timely resource examines all relevant aspects of interventional nephrology,...

Devastating Losses: How Parents Cope With the Death of a Child to Suicide or Drugs

by William Feigelman & John Jordan


This book fills a critical gap in our scientific understanding of the grief response of parents who have lost a child to traumatic death and the psychotherapeutic strategies that best facilitate healing. It...