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Asian American Psychology: Current Perspectives

by Nita Tewari & Alvin N. Alvarez

First Published in 2009. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Key Indicators of Child and Youth Well-Being: Completing the Picture

by Brett V. Brown

Indicators of child and youth well-being are indispensable tools for improving the lives of children. In this book, the nation's leading development researchers review the recent progress made in the measurement,...

Single-Word Reading: Behavioral and Biological Perspectives

by Elena L. Grigorenko & Adam J. Naples

As the first title in the new series, New Directions in Communication Disorders Research: Integrative Approaches, this volume discusses a unique phenomenon in cognitive science, single-word reading, which is...

Perspectives on Organizational Fit

by Cheri Ostroff & Timothy A. Judge

This book concerns how employees consider their work lives, how well they fit their jobs, the work setting, other people, and what is important and valued in their organizations. Perspectives on Organizational...

Memory and Mind: A Festschrift for Gordon H. Bower

by Mark A. Gluck, John R. Anderson & Stephen M. Kosslyn

A comprehensive overview of the current state of research on memory and mind, this book captures the career and influence of Gordon H. Bower (as told by 22 of his students and colleagues), showing how Bower's...

Blindness and Brain Plasticity in Navigation and Object Perception

by John J. Rieser, Daniel H. Ashmead & Ford Ebner

This book features chapters from cognitive and developmental psychologists, neurologists and neuroscientists, and rehabilitation specialists and educators. These groups do research in this area but generally...

Mating Intelligence: Sex, Relationships, and the Mind's Reproductive System

by Glenn Geher & Geoffrey Miller

Human intelligence is sexually attractive, and strongly predicts the success of sexual relationships, but the behavioral sciences have usually ignored the interface between intelligence and mating. This is the...

Prospective Memory: Cognitive, Neuroscience, Developmental, and Applied Perspectives

by Matthias Kliegel, Mark A. McDaniel & Gilles O. Einstein

Over the last decade, the topic of prospective memory - the encoding, storage and delayed retrieval of intended actions - has attracted much interest, and this is reflected in a rapidly growing body of literature:...

Infant Pathways to Language: Methods, Models, and Research Directions

by John Colombo, Peggy McCardle & Lisa Freund

The recent progress in cognitive neuroscience, and the importance of genetic factors and gene-environment interactions in shaping behavioral functions in early childhood, have both underscored the primacy of...

Embodiment, Ego-Space, and Action

by Roberta L. Klatzky, Brian MacWhinney & Marlene Behrmann

The majority of research on human perception and action examines sensors and effectors in relative isolation. What is less often considered in these research domains is that humans interact with a perceived...

Attitudes: Insights from the New Implicit Measures

by Richard E. Petty, Russell H. Fazio & Pablo Briñol

This book tackles a subject that has captured the imagination of many researchers in the field: attitudes. Although the field has always recognized that people's attitudes could be assessed in different ways,...

The Behavioural and Emotional Complications of Traumatic Brain Injury

by Simon F. Crowe

It is difficult to imagine what it must be like for someone following the personal crisis and catastrophe that ensues as a result of a serious traumatic brain injury (TBI). The individual is confronted with...

Handbook of Imagination and Mental Simulation

by Keith D. Markman, William M. P. Klein & Julie A. Suhr

Over the past thirty years, and particularly within the last ten years, researchers in the areas of social psychology, cognitive psychology, clinical psychology, and neuroscience have been examining fascinating...

Policing Scotland

by Daniel Donnelly & Kenneth Scott

This fully updated and expanded second edition of Policing Scotland takes account of recent developments in Scottish policing and criminal justice against the backdrop of a dynamic political landscape and looming...

Orphan Hours: Poems

by Stanley Plumly

A luminous new volume from a National Book Award finalist and recipient of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize.

Orphan Hours is a book of reconciliation, of coming to terms with time in its most personal and memorable...

A Labyrinth of Kingdoms: 10,000 Miles through Islamic Africa

by Steve Kemper

A true story that rivals the travels of Burton or Stanley for excitement, and surpasses them in scientific achievements. In 1849 Heinrich Barth joined a small British expedition into unexplored regions of Islamic...

News from the World: Stories and Essays

by Paula Fox

“Not only can Fox see, she can hear, she can feel.”—Zadie Smith, Harper’s This gathering of Paula Fox’s short work spans her illustrious career, from 1965 to the present including perfectly turned...

The Death of Vishnu: A Novel

PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize 2002

by Manil Suri

"Enchanting. . . . Suri's novel achieves an eerie and memorable transcendence."-TimeIn Manil Suri's debut novel, Vishnu, the odd-job man, lies dying on the staircase of an apartment building while around him...

Romanticism: Poems

by April Bernard

"In Romanticism, the untrammeled Romantic in us struggles for expression in Art. The winner-no question-is the reader."—New Haven Review Romanticism explores and challenges the central ideas of high Romanticism:...

Explore the Wild West!: With 25 Great Projects

by Anita Yasuda & Alex Kim

With engaging illustrations, easy-to-follow text, and diverse activities, this fun and educational journey through time invites young readers to experience the spirit of the Wild West. History comes to life...