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Changing Face of Japanese Retail

by Louella Matsunaga

This book examines employment structure, working practice and recruitment strategies in Japanese retail in the 1990s through a case-study of one large chain store. Issues focused on include gender in the workplace,...

Redefining Public Sector Unionism: Unison and the Future of Trade Unions

by Mike Terry

This book brings together contributions from both expert academics and leading figures of UNISON in an in-depth analysis of the union's achievements to date. As the largest and most influential trade union in...

Gender, Health and Healing: The Public/Private Divide

by Gill Bendelow, Mick Carpenter & Caroline Vautier

What do we mean by 'gender' and how does this relate to health?

How is 'biology' best understood?

What does a focus on the division of labour bring to our understanding of health work?

Is (gender) 'equity' in health...

Striptease Culture: Sex, Media and the Democratisation of Desire

by Brian McNair

From advertising to health education campaigns, sex and sexual imagery now permeate every aspect of culture. Striptease Culture explores the 'sexualization' of contemporary life, relating it to wider changes...

Gender, Economy and Culture in the European Union

by Simon Duncan & Birgit Pfau-Effinger

Providing a comprehensive analysis of comparative gender difference in the EU, this book addresses a spectrum of gender issues. From employment and households, to culture, sexuality and male violence, the book...

Promoting Assessment as Learning: Improving the Learning Process

by Ruth Dann

Promoting Assessment as Learning sets out to re-examine the relationship between assessment and learning in the classroom. It argues that assessment is an important part of pupil learning, and needs to be understood...

New Approaches to Migration?: Transnational Communities and the Transformation of Home

by Nadje Al-Ali & Khalid Koser

This book critically evaluates the transnational communities approach to contemporary international migration. It does so through a specific focus on the relationship between 'transnational communities' and...

Democracy and National Pluralism

by Ferran Requejo

How can democracies deal with plurality? This book looks at the political accommodation of national plurality in liberal democracies and in the European Union at the turn of the century. Its panel of international...

Shame in Shakespeare

by Ewan Fernie

One of the most intense and painful of our human passions, shame is typically seen in contemporary culture as a disability or a disease to be cured. Shakespeare's ultimately positive portrayal of the emotion...

Risk Management in Projects

by Martin Loosemore, John Raftery & Charles Reilly

Project managers in construction and civil engineering need to base their decisions on realistic information about risk and public perceptions of risk. This second edition of the original practical and straightforward...

Key Issues in Organizational Communication

by Owen Hargie & Dennis Tourish

It is often said that the practice of management is in crisis, and that managers are now finding it harder than ever to develop strategies which withstand the shocks of the marketplace. This illuminating book...

Twins - From Fetus to Child

by Alessandra Piontelli

Though much has been written about twins, very little research has been done into their everyday lives, both postnatal and prenatal. In this fascinating new study Alessandra Piontelli follows the development...

Safety and Risk in Primary School Physical Education

by John Severs

Physical education and sport in schools is undergoing renewed emphasis and the primary sector key stages are rightly seen as fundamental elements in the new initiatives.

The majority of primary school teachers...

Technology, Governance and Political Conflict in International Industries

by Tony Porter

This book makes an important theoretical contribution to our understanding of international institutions by exploring conceptually and empirically the impact of technology on the governance of international...

Revealing Art

by Matthew Kieran

Why does art matter to us, and what makes it good? Why is the role of imagination so important in art? Illustrated with carefully chosen colour and black-and-white plates of examples from Michaelangelo to Matisse...

Labour Relations in Development

by Alex Fernández Jilberto & Marieke Riethof

This timely and well-written collection explores the impact of economic reforms in developing and transitional economies across the world. In a first of its kind, this book examines such issues as:

* in-depth,...

Financial Liberalization and the Economic Crisis in Asia

by Chung H. Lee

What brought about a financial crisis in the "miracle" economies of Asia? What went wrong with financial reform in Asia? What can the developing countries of the world learn from the reform experiences in Asia?...

Geology & Mineralogy, Considered with Reference to Natural Theology, Volume I, 1836

by William Buckland

Moving away from his earlier belief in a short, catastrophic history of the Earth, this volume shows how Buckland envisages instead progressive change as the Earth gradually cooled as it was prepared for human...

On the Origin of Species, 1859

by Charles Darwin

On the Origin of Species caused an uproar when it was first published in 1859. Darwin's theory was that species had evolved from simpler organisms by natural selection acting upon the variability of populations....

Future of Foreign Investment in Southeast Asia

by Frank Bartels & Nick Freeman

This book explains the dynamics behind southeast Asia's foreign investment activity, and looks at the region's options for reviving its reputation as an attractive host for foreign investors. Each chapter focuses...