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Postcard Collector

by Barbara Andrews

An exciting overview of the manufacturers, design and subject matter used in 19th and 20th century American postcards.

Paths of Fire: An Anthropologist's Inquiry into Western Technology

by Robert M. Adams

Technology, perhaps the most salient feature of our time, affects everything from jobs to international law yet ranks among the most unpredictable facets of human life. Here Robert McC. Adams, renowned anthropologist...

The King's Henchman: Stuart Spymaster and Architect of the British Empire

by Anthony Adolph

Brilliant.' Gillian Tindall ‘A moving love story between a commoner and a royal, as well as a breathtakingly fresh window into the courts of Charles I and Charles II, and the foundation of London’s West End.’...

The Making of the First World War

by Ian F.W. Beckett

Nearly a century has passed since the assassination of Austria-Hungary's Archduke Ferdinand, yet the repercussions of the devastating global conflict that followed echo still. In this provocative book, historian...

47 Ronin

by John Allyn & Stephen Turnbull

Now a major motion picture starring Keanu Reeves!

47 Ronin is the unforgettable tale of a band of samurai who defied the Emperor to avenge the disgrace and death of their master, and faced certain death as a...

The Eighth Circle of Hell

by Gary Dolman

The Victorian age is often held up as a shining era of British history, a time of wealth and power, of civilisation and philanthropy. It was all of these. Yet it was also a time of cruelty and depravity, where...


by Stephanie A. Smith

A haunting tale of friendship and rivalry between three women artists, who’ve known each other for years, who must come to terms with imminent mortality and artistic frustration: Liz Moore, born poor in Minnesota,...

Daily Wisdom for Women: 2013 Devotional Collection

by Inc. Barbour Publishing

Enhance your spiritual journey by reading this beautiful daily devotional—and come to know just how much God loves you.

Bring Out the Best in Every Employee: How to Engage Your Whole Team by Making Every Leadership Moment Count

by Don Brown & Bill Hawkins

Elevate Capacity AND Drive Growth Now--Without Adding Headcount Management

"As leaders, we like to think we control everything, and it's just not true--externals now drive the business. Learn to let go, learn...

Using Data for Monitoring and Target Setting: A Practical Guide for Teachers

by Ian McCallum & Ray Sumner

Using Data for Monitoring and Target Setting is a clear and practical guide for teachers and school administrative staff that shows how to use spreadsheets to create orderly records of assessment. These can...

Learner Autonomy and Virtual Environments in Call

by Klaus Schwienhorst

This volume brings together two prominent strands in second language acquisition theory and research: the concept of learner autonomy and computer-assisted language learning (CALL). Learner autonomy supports...

IV Therapy for Dummies

by Bettie Lilley Nosek & Deborah Trendel-Leader

The fast and painless way to ace your IV Therapy course

Are you an aspiring nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician's assistant struggling with IV therapy? Help is here! IV Therapy For Dummies tracks to a typical...

Drought: Past Problems and Future Scenarios

by Eric F. Wood & Justin Sheffield

Drought is one of the likely consequences of climate change in many regions of the world. Together with an increased demand for water resources to supply the world's growing population, it represents a potentially...

The Theory and Philosophy of Organizations: Critical Issues and New Perspectives

by John Hassard & Denis Pym

The Theory and Philosophy of Organizations makes a major contribution to the debate on the status of organizational theory as a discipline. The volume is divided into three sections exploring issues under the...

Sex and the Christian

by Matthew Lee Anderson

Popular blogger and writer explores the interaction between our physical bodies and our faith, particularly in the area of sexuality. This is a selection from Anderson's Earthen Vessels.

Playing With Purpose Collection: Inside the Lives and Faith of Today's Biggest Football, Basketball, and Baseball Stars

by Mike Yorkey

Meet the “starting lineup” of talented big-time athletes with fascinating faith stories in the Playing with Purpose Collection.



On Politics: A History of Political Thought: From Herodotus to the Present

by Alan Ryan

Three decades in the making, one of the most ambitious and comprehensive histories of political philosophy in nearly a century. Both a history and an examination of human thought and behavior spanning three...

The Unity of Christ: Continuity and Conflict in Patristic Tradition

by Christopher A. Beeley

No period of history was more formative for the development of Christianity than the patristic age, when church leaders, monks, and laity established the standard features of Christianity as we know it today....

Test Your Bible Knowledge

by Carl S. Shoup

Over 1,400 multiple-choice questions will test your mettle, tickle your funny bone, and tantalize your intellect. Challenging trivia about the subject that matters the most--The Bible. Will you make the grade?...

A Collection of Thanksgiving Blessings: Inspiration and Encouragement for a Season of Gratitude

by Inc., Inc. Barbour Publishing

Celebrate all the reasons you have to be grateful with this soul-stirring anthology of devotions, prayers, and scriptures. With A Collection of Thanksgiving Blessings, thankfulness is always in season!