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Girl Fun - Four Book Bundle

by Lynn Lake, Kitty Meadows & Miranda Forbes

With this four book bundle you can enjoy a fantastic selection of quality stories that explore all aspects of lesbian loving. Delve into the world of Sapphic desires with twenty tales of lip-smacking lesbian...

Painless Business Finance (US edition)

by Alan Bonham

This edition of the book is tailored specifically to US business finance. Do you break out into a cold sweat at the sight of company accounts? Do you ignore the financial aspects of your job, hoping they'll...

Understanding Human Error in Mine Safety

by Geoff Simpson & Tim Horberry

The consideration of human factors issues is vital to the mining industry. As in other safety-critical domains, human performance problems constitute a significant threat to system safety, making the study of...

A Socio-Cultural Perspective on Patient Safety

by Emma Rowley & Justin Waring

This edited volume of original essays brings together researchers from around the world who are exploring the facets of health care organization and delivery that are sometimes marginal to mainstream patient...

Neurocognitive and Physiological Factors During High-Tempo Operations

by Steven Kornguth & Rebecca Steinberg

Neurocognitive and Physiological Factors During High-Tempo Operations features world-renowned scientists conducting groundbreaking research into the basic mechanisms of stress effects on the human body and psyche,...

Safety Culture: Theory, Method and Improvement

by Stian Antonsen

The aim of this book is to show how a cultural approach can contribute to the assessment, description and improvement of safety conditions in organizations. The relationship between organizational culture and...

Risky Work Environments: Reappraising Human Work Within Fallible Systems

by Christine Owen & Pascal Béguin

Risky Work Environments provides new insights into the multiple and dynamic trajectories of both near misses and mistakes in complex work environments, based on actual case examples. It also studies the interactions...


by Kenneth Cook

Written with compelling simplicity, Tuna recalls Hemingway's masterpiece The Old Man and the Sea.

Disreputable People

by Penelope Rowe

A short story collection about families and the secrets they hold...

A Radical Life

by Russel Ward

A memoir from the influential and controversial historian of The Australian Legend

How Beautiful Are Thy Feet

by Alan Marshall

A compassionate story of workers in a shoe factory during the Depression

Silences Long Gone

by Anson Cameron

Black faith. White faith. Whose claim of spiritual allegiance to the land really matters?

Program for a Puppet

by Roland Perry

A stylish and brilliantly paced thriller from a great Australian writer.

The Missing Heir: The autobiography of Kylie Tennant

by Kylie Tennant

A vivid, vital telling of Kylie Tennant's life

Names for Nothingness

by Georgia Blain

What happens when the life you choose involves denying everyone you love?

The Sun in Exile

by Dymphna Cusack

Is it worse to be exiled from one's country than from one's heart?

The Little Book of Everyday Miracles

by Sharon Snir

The perfect book for anyone wanting to experience or share a little of life's magic

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

by Jules Verne & Lewis Page Mercer

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea tells the classic story of Captain Nemo and his submarine Nautilus as seen from the point of view of Professor Pierre Aronnax, who was commissioned to find the mysterious...

Jane Eyre

by Charlotte Bronte

When Jane Eyre was first published in 1847, it became an instant bestseller, so popular that the publisher commissioned a second printing in just three months. The story of a young girl--plain, poor, and alone--who...


by Bram Stoker

Irish author Bram Stoker introduced the character of Count Dracula and provided the basis of modern vampire fiction in his 1897 novel entitled Dracula. Written as a series of letters, newspaper clippings, diary...