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Lovers' Yoga/Massage Bundle

by Darrin Zeer, Amy Saidens & Thorina Rose

This two-book bundle includes both Lovers' Yoga and Lovers' Massage. Best-selling author Darrin Zeer knows that two are better than one when it comes to yoga and massage! Delightfully illustrated, Lovers' Yoga...

Leadership That Fits Your Church: What Kind of Pastor for What Kind of Congregation

by Cynthia Woolever & Deborah Bruce

Matching the right pastor with the right congregation is one of the most important--and daunting--decisions either party can make. While there are many pastors and congregations that merely fit OK, there are...

Judith's Sister

by Lise Tremblay & Linda Gaboriau

In this, her fifth book, Lise Tremblay paints a picture of rural Québec in the years following the Quiet Revolution.

Miss Take

by Rejean Ducharme & Will Browning

Enter the rich, luscious world of Quebec's Williams Faulkner in this coming-of-age novel about Miles Miles and his Inuit friend.

Turkana Boy

by Jean-François Beauchemin & Jessica Moore

Turkana Boy, a unique novel comprising evocative prose-poems, offers a poignant examination of grieving and one man's search for understanding.

PostgreSQL: Up and Running

by Regina Obe & Leo Hsu

Thinking of migrating to PostgreSQL? This updated guide helps you quickly understand and use the 9.3 release of this open source database system. You’ll not only learn about its unique enterprise-class features,...

HLSL and Pixel Shaders for XAML Developers

by Walt Ritscher

Pixel shaders are some of the more powerful graphic tools available for XAML programmers, but shader development bears little resemblance to traditional .NET programming. With this hands-on book, you’ll not...

Solution Building in Couples Therapy

by Elliott Connie


At the core of this step-by-step guide to solution focused therapy is a real-life evolving case study, offering readers a highly detailed panorama of couples therapy in action. Beginning with a clear explanation...

The Valtellina and UNESCO: Making a Global Landscape

by Thomas J. Puleo

This book engages globalization in its complexity, one in which economy, politics, society, culture, environment, history, and technology combine to make places at multiple scales. Rooted theoretically in the...

Ellie Belly: Cat's Out of the Bag

by Eliza Teoh & Wolfe

I am Ellie Belly. Am I in trouble again? What a CATastrophe! The principal caught me wandering around school with Cammy after recess. We didn't mean to be naughty. REALLY! What happened was, we found a little...

Ellie Belly: A Little Bit Batty

by Eliza Teoh & Wolfe

I am Ellie Belly. Today is the WORST day ever. Our nice form teacher Mrs Goh had to go on something called a course. So Class 1J has a relief teacher and her name is Mrs Batt. I think that Mrs Batt has GONE...

Advances in Computers

by Ali Hurson

Since its first volume in 1960, Advances in Computers has presented detailed coverage of innovations in computer hardware, software, theory, design, and applications. It has also provided contributors with a...

Tombs of the Vanishing Indian

by Marie Clements

Marie Clements' powerful multimedia dramas address difficult Aboriginal issues with sharp insight and critique.

In Piazza San Domenico

by Steve Galluccio

Move over Mamma Mia, here is a delightful, erudite comedy that will take people back to an era of innocence.

Hamish Henderson: Poetry Becomes People (1952-2002)

by Timothy Neat

Hamish Henderson lived one of the great lives of twentieth-century Scotland, a dramatic life of epic European scale, a life of major artistic, political and spiritual achievement. This biography looks at Henderson's...

The Secrets of Rosslyn

by Roddy Martine

Ever since its creation in the mid fifteenth century, Rosslyn Chapel has cast a mesmerising spell over all who have visited it. Nestling in an exquisite glen barely seven miles from the centre of Edinburgh,...

Lifting the Lid: A Life at Kinloch Lodge, Skye

by Claire Macdonald

Claire Macdonald is one of the best known figures in the culinary world today. A hugely successful and critically acclaimed cookery writer for over thirty years, she has garnered numerous awards and has appeared...

An Accidental Tragedy: The Life of Mary, Queen of Scots

by Roderick Graham

Based on contemporary documents and histories, this book paints a picture of Mary that sees her neither as a Catholic martyr, nor as a husband-murdering adulteress, but as a young girl adrift in the dangerous...

The Wallace Book

by Edward Cowan

Through his personality, ingenuity and ability, Wallace initiated a resistance movement which ultimately secured the nation's freedom and independence. This title investigates what is known of the medieval warrior's...

Haunted Scotland

by Roddy Martine

Drawing on archive materials and interviews, Roddy Martine takes us on a tour of haunted Scotland, from Highlands to Lowlands in an attempt to unravel the mysteries of the past.