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My Christmas Cowboy

by Shelley Galloway

As a rodeo star, Trent Riddell learned to expect the unexpected—like the injury that knocked him out of competition and back onto his father's Texas ranch. Trent's years on the road—building a reputation in...

Holiday in a Stetson: The Sheriff Who Found Christmas\A Rancho Diablo Christmas

by Marie Ferrarella & Tina Leonard

The Sheriff Who Found Christmas by Marie Ferrarella

Now that Sheriff Garrett Tanner is guardian of his niece, Lani Chisholm is more determined than ever to get the sexy Scrooge into the holiday spirit. With...

A Texas Ranger's Christmas

by Rebecca Winters

Life can get complicated for a single father working undercover. No one knows that better than Caige Dawson, currently posing as an employee of the Texas Forest Service. He's there to investigate a fellow forester...

Cradle of Solitude

by Alex Archer

One mystery could change the fate of a nation…

The skeletal remains of a confederate soldier, hidden deep within the Paris Catacombs. The legend of a long-lost Confederate treasure. An aged scrap of paper that...

Infestation Cubed

by James Axler


On postapocalyptic Earth, humanity fights for survival against alien oppressors. Orchestrating the resistance in an ever-shifting battle, the Cerberus rebels confront a new level of dark manipulation....

Fatal Combat

by Don Pendleton


After a number of civilians turn up dead from knife wounds throughout Detroit, a red flag is raised in Washington. Concerned the city has become a testing ground for low-budget, low-tech domestic terrorism,...

Lost Gates

by James Axler


Existence after Skydark is a gamble against grim odds—winners and losers decided by guns, jack and raw nerve. Still, one intrepid group pushes on, working to understand the secrets of preDark...

Winter Hawk's Legend

by Aimee Thurlo

If Holly Gates must hide out in a snowbound New Mexico cabin, she's glad it's with Daniel Hawk. The fearless Navajo security expert has sworn to protect her from a relentless would-be killer. But Daniel himself,...

Westin Family Ties

by Alice Sharpe

Cody Westin had been a man on a mission since the moment his wife, Cassie, walked away under a cloud of secrecy. She had her reasons, but a Westin never gives up without a fight. So when, after six long months,...


by Delores Fossen

Sheriff Grayson Ryland wasn't easily shocked. But then his old flame, Eve Warren, returns to Silver Creek for the sole purpose of asking him to impregnate her. And although he's never forgiven Eve for walking...


by Debra Webb

Slade Keaton was the man Maggie James fell in love with…until she learned he was a lie. Escaping a hit meant for him, she found herself on the run—fleeing a danger she couldn't comprehend with a man she couldn't...

Secret Protector

by Ann Voss Peterson

Hired to protect Natalie Kendall at any cost, Gray Scott intended to keep a low profile. But when his cover was almost blown he moved to plan B: become her boyfriend. Being so close and personal to the lovely...

Camouflage Cowboy

by Jan Hambright

A single mother with a sick child was not something Agent Nick Cavanaugh was prepared to face. Unfortunately, his very special assignment included finding the woman and protecting her from learning the truth...

High-Risk Reunion

by Gail Barrett

Redemption is but a step away for reformed jewel thief Rafael Navarro. The price? One last, dangerous heist. But when things turn deadly and an innocent is accused, his only way out is to trust the woman who...

Cowboy's Triplet Trouble

by Carla Cassidy

She had one reckless one-night stand and now Grace Sinclair has to face the fact that Justin Johnson, her triplets' father, is an irresponsible cad. But his cowboy brother Jake—smoldering hot and single—welcomes...

Missing Mother-To-Be

by Elle Kennedy

Lana Kelley never imagined the magical night she shared with a stranger would result in pregnancy. But when she's kidnapped, Lana is shocked to discover one of her captors is none other than the father of her...

Risky Christmas: Holiday Secrets\Kidnapped at Christmas

by Jill Sorenson & Jennifer Morey

Holiday Secrets by Jill Sorenson

After witnessing her husband's murder eighteen months ago, Leah is in hiding and has no plans to celebrate Christmas. Though she tries to resist, her handsome new neighbor awakens...

Dark Sins and Desert Sands

by Stephanie Draven

Escaping a hellish Syrian prison, U.S. serviceman Ray Stavrakis emerged with uncanny mind-control powers and an eerie ability to morph into a mythical Minotaur. As a half man, half bull, Ray had legendary power,...

Lord of the Wolfyn

by Jessica Andersen

Once upon a time…the Blood Sorcerer vanquished the kingdom of Elden. To save their children, the queen scattered them to safety and the king filled them with vengeance. Only a magical timepiece connects the...

Ready for Love

by Gwyneth Bolton

Maritza Morales and Terrill Carter may be partners in a mega-successful L.A. music company, but Maritza has no intention of making their personal relationship permanent. Even if the gorgeous, supremely arrogant...