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The Ghosts of Borley

by Wesley Downes

The Paranormal, the new ebook series from F+W Media International Ltd, resurrecting rare titles, classic publications and out-of-print texts, as well as new ebook titles on the supernatural - other-worldly books...

A Witches' Bible

by Janet and Stewart Farrar

The Paranormal, the new ebook series from F+W Media International Ltd, resurrecting rare titles, classic publications and out-of-print texts, as well as new ebook titles on the supernatural - other-worldly books...

J.P. Morgan and the Transportation Kings: The Titanic and Other Disasters

by Steven H. Gittelman

Vanderbilt, Hill, Morgan, and Harriman were America’s industrial princes, planning to link American railroads and a shipping cartel with a railroad line through China and Russia, then into Europe, and create:...

The New Emerging Market Multinationals: Four Strategies for Disrupting Markets and Building Brands

by Amitava Chattopadhyay & Rajeev Batra

Breakthrough strategies for emulating or competing with your newest and toughest threat: innovative companies in emerging-market nations

Western organizations are quickly losing influence to emerging market...


by Jeffrey J. Fox & Robert Reiss

Leadership Lessons from the World's Greatest CEOs

"Fox and Reiss have created a new leadership category-The Transformative CEO."

-Rafael Pastor, CEO, Vistage International

Bestselling author Jeffrey Fox literally...

Belonging Here: A Guide for the Spiritually Sensitive Person

by Judith Blackstone Phd

Profound empathy. Clear insight. A gift for healing. These are just some of the talents of the "spiritually sensitive" person-yet these apparent blessings can often become a source of loneliness, self-doubt,...

Rise of the Plebeians?: The Changing Face of the Indian Legislative Assemblies

by Christophe Jaffrelot & Sanjay Kumar

For decades, India has been a conservative democracy governed by the upper caste notables coming from the urban bourgeoisie, the landowning aristocracy and the intelligentsia. The democratisation of the 'world's...

Sculpting the Middle Class: History, Masculinity and the Amar Chitra Katha

by Deepa Sreenivas

This book is an analysis of the Amar Chitra Katha genre, historical comic-books that capture and promote a middle class masculine identity, as culture became the new site for right-wing hegemonic politics in...

Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8: Expert Administration Cookbook

by Tanner Ezell

This book is written in an easy-to-read style, with a strong emphasis on real-world, practical examples. Step-by-step explanations are provided for performing important administration tasks. If you are Cisco...

The Perfect System

by Syd Kessler

By the time he was 30, Syd Kessler was a millionaire many times over, the epitome of the poor kid making good. But inside him, a hollowness was taking hold, and later, in middle age, he fell seriously ill. In...

The Social Nature of Persons: One Person is No Person

by A. P. Tom Ormay

Group analysis developed out of psychoanalysis, but kept the fundamental principles of the latter. The classical structural theory of the personality comprises the id that is an ego-centred instinct, the ego...

My Hairy Life

by Jayne Mead

IAn immigrant girl's struggle to become an American gets harder when she develops male hair growth.

Radio Belly: Stories

by Buffy Cram

In the surreal world of Buffy Cram's stories, someone or something slips beneath the skin of her already beleaguered characters. Stealing into their worlds, it rearranges the familiar into something strange...

Bribery and Corruption Casebook: The View from Under the Table

by Joseph T. Wells & Laura Hymes

Real case studies on bribery and corruption written by expert fraud examiners

Bribery and Corruption Casebook: The View from Under the Table is a one-of-a-kind collection of actual cases written by the fraud...

The Risk of Trading: Mastering the Most Important Element in Financial Speculation

by Michael Toma

Develop the skills to manage risk in the high-stakes world of financial speculation

The Risk of Trading is a practical resource that takes an in-depth look at one of the most challenging factors of trading—risk...

Designing the Sustainable Site, Enhanced Edition: Integrated Design Strategies for Small Scale Sites and Residential Landscapes

by Heather L. Venhaus & Herbert Dreiseitl

The full-color, practical guide to designing sustainable residential landscapes and small-scale sites

"Going green" is no longer a choice; it's a necessity. Developed landscapes have played a significant role...

The Business Model Innovation Factory: How to Stay Relevant When the World Is Changing

by Saul Kaplan

Business model innovation is the new strategic imperative for all leaders

Blockbuster's executives saw Netflix coming. Yet they stuck with their bricks and mortar business model, losing billions in shareholder...

Project Management: Fast Track to Success

by Patrick Harper-Smith & Simon Derry

Effective managers now recognize that most operational activities aimed at achieving key team objectives can and should be considered projects and managed accordingly. Typically these projects will range from:...

Managing People & Performance: Fast Track to Success

by David Ross

A top team needs top players, but successful managers also know how to get the best possible performance out of every member of their team, whatever their personality or skill set. To build a high performance...

Innovation: Fast Track to Success

by Andy Bruce & David Birchall

Companies that innovate successfully get six key things right. These are planning, pipeline, process, platform, people, and performance, and you need to get them right too. This book gives you a practical framework...