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The Cat of Strawberry Hill

by Fran Hodgkins & Lesia Sochor

Lost at a highway rest stop on a trip to Maine, a kitten is chased by a dog, injured in a fall, and attacked by a herring gull. Exhausted, she is rescued by two innkeepers, who-with some reluctance-agree to...

Holding Ground: Game Birds, Gun Dogs, Friends, and the Land in Between

by Sam Lucy

This collection of Bird hunting stories will touch everyone who loves the sport. Whether he is writing about a noble lab’s final retrieve, the halting steps of a young setter with a nose full of grouse scent,...

Grouse and Lesser Gods

by Ted Lundrigan

In Grouse and Lesser Gods, Ted takes you deep into the mysteries and delights of his home coverts, all part of an extraordinary piece of property—the Promised Land—that he now owns and hunts. You watch the...

A Hunter's Book of Days

by Charles Fergus

When award-winning outdoor and nature writer Charles Fergus decided to leave his longtime home in Pennsylvania, he wrote a memoir of his last season hunting upland birds—grouse, woodcock, and pheasant— in...

A Pheasant Hunter's Notebook

by Larry Brown

Larry Brown covers the pursuit of pheasants from A to Z, discussing appropriate shotguns, chokes and loads; ground tactics for hunters with and without dogs; trends in public land use and crop land management;...

Night Blooming Jasmine

by Alicia Thorne

Every time psychologist Jasmine Zehr thinks she's outwitted her stalker, she discovers that he's found her again. This time, though, she's playing for keeps. She holes up in a desolate area of the southwest,...

Into the Woods

by J.W. Ashley

Growing up hearing stories of the vampire menace, Libby Conall is the first pack heir in all remembered lore who cannot shift. Although desperate to prove to her father and her clan that she can stop a long-succession...

Politics and Society in Scottish Thought

by Shinichi Nagao

This volume illustrates the way political and social philosophers of 18th-century Scotland tried to answer the following question: 'What is, and what ought to be, the relationship between the modern market and...

Later Poems Selected and New: 1971-2012

by Adrienne Rich

The final volume of poems assembled by America’s most powerful and distinctive poetic voice. In Later Poems: Selected and New 1971–2012, the strong trajectory of the work of one of the most important artists...

Magnificence: A Novel

by Lydia Millet

A woman embarks on a dazzling new phase in her life after inheriting a sprawling mansion and its vast collection of taxidermy. Pulitzer Prize finalist Lydia Millet is "one of the most acclaimed novelists of...

Shop Talk

by Carolyn Haines

Shop Talk is a madcap adventure that explores sibling rivalry, romantic love, the passion of a group of desperate writers, the dark designs of the CIA, alien DNA, beefalos, Nazis and spontaneous combustion-all...

Summer of the Redeemers

by Carolyn Haines

Along with the sweltering heat of the Mississippi pine barrens, the summer of 1963 brings intruders to Kali Oka Road: The Blood of the Redeemer churchers, members of a secretive religious sect, and Nadine Andrews,...


Dixon Sinclair #1

by Carolyn Haines

Johanna McVay is a woman who excites fear and anger in Jexville. She is out-spoken and some say outrageous. When her nine-year-old daughter, Duncan, is struck by lightning while dancing - a pastime frowned upon...

Kabaka Lear

by David Allen & Jonathan Stephenson

For an ageing Tom Adams a chance encounter re-awakens memories of the 1960's and his time as a teacher in Uganda, East Africa. His involvement in the local expatriate theatre scene with its clashing egos and...

Like A Flower

by Nigel Summerley & Jonathan Stephenson

Like A Flower is a novel about life, death, love and gardening. It's protagonists are an ordinary couple drawn, against their will, into an extraordinary story. It begins with the unearthing of a terrible secret....

A Sea of Troubles

by David Donachie

1794. In the wake of the Glorious First of June, an equivocal success for the British naval fleet against the French Revolutionary forces, Lieutenant John Pearce has pressing matters to attend to. He must undertake...

Instrument of Slaughter

by Edward Marston

January 1916. Britain is on the brink of enforcing conscription. Eligible young men who have not yet signed up to fight are despised as ‘conchies’ and ‘shirkers’, subjected to hatred and verbal abuse....

Buried in Cornwall

by Janie Bolitho

After the death of her husband, Rose Trevelyan lives peacefully in Cornwall, working as an artist and photographer. But when she hears terrified screams as she paints the rugged Cornish countryside, and a local...

Caught Out in Cornwall

by Janie Bolitho

When Rose Trevelyan sees a young girl being carried away by someone who appears to be her father, she thinks nothing of it. Until, that is, the appearance of a frantic mother who cannot find her child. Beth...

Maxwell's Island

by M.J. Trow

Having had his retirement snatched from him by malfunctioning technology, Peter ‘Mad Max’ Maxwell finds himself facing yet another new year at Leighford High School. His wife Jacquie, her hopes of a dedicated...