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Capitalists and Conquerors: A Critical Pedagogy against Empire

by Peter McLaren

This book offers a scathing critique of the Bush Jr. administration and its drive for world domination, while also challenging conservative and liberal positions on global capitalism, the war in Iraq, the concept...

The Black College Mystique

by Richard J. Reddick, Charles V. Willie & Ronald Brown

This study discussses the ways in which Black colleges can be of help to non-Blacks (including white students) who can benefit from the unique kind of education offered by such schools. It compares the culture...

On the Priesthood: Classic and Contemporary Texts

by Matthew Levering

A readable guide for priests, seminarians, and educated readers seeking to learn more about the simultaneous unworthiness and dignity of the priesthood. Always challenging and penetrating, the selections unite...

Making Your Mind Matter: Strategies for Increasing Practical Intelligence

by Vincent Ryan Ruggiero

Making Your Mind Matter is a practical guide to effective thinking in college and in everyday life, following the WISE model (Wonder, Investigate, Speculate, Evaluate).

Reality TV: The Work of Being Watched

by Mark Andrejevic

Drawing on cultural theory and interviews with fans, cast members, and producers, this book places the reality TV trend within a broader social context, tracing its relationship to the development of a digitally...

Tally's Corner: A Study of Negro Streetcorner Men

by Elliot Liebow, Charles Lemert & William Julius Wilson

The first edition of Tally's Corner, a sociological classic, was the first compelling response to the culture of poverty thesis—that the poor are different and, according to conservatives, morally inferior—and...

Social Problems across the Life Course

by Helena Z. Lopata & Judith A. Levy

The human life course is filled with and subject to a wide range of personal difficulties, many of which are shared by others. Social Problems across the Life Course offers accessible readings that examine the...

Key Themes in Qualitative Research: Continuities and Changes

by Paul Atkinson, Sara Delamont & Amanda Coffey

Key Themes in Qualitative Research is an attempt by three well-respected ethnographic researchers to present a balanced view of qualitative methodology and research. The book is structured around classic texts,...

The Real Drug Abusers

by Fred Leavitt

This eye-opening book richly documents disturbing trends in Western medicine and urges readers toward a broader understanding of drug use and abuse.

Between Fear and Hope: Globalization and Race in the United States

by Andrew L. Barlow

This book provides a structural analysis of race, and a methodology for connecting global to national and local racial processes.

The Public Intellectual: Between Philosophy and Politics

by Richard M. Zinman, Jerry Weinberger & Arthur M. Melzer

The editors bring together a wide variety of noted scholars to discuss the characteristics, nature, and role of public thinkers. By looking at scholarly life in the West, this work explores the relationship...

Sovereignty and Authenticity: Manchukuo and the East Asian Modern

by Prasenjit Duara

In this powerful and provocative book, Prasenjit Duara uses the intriguing case of Manchukuo_the Japanese puppet state in northeast China from 1932-1945_to explore how such antinomies as imperialism and nationalism,...

Two Strategies for Europe: De Gaulle, the United States, and the Atlantic Alliance

by Frédéric Bozo & Susan Emanuel

This timely book explores the often stormy French-U.S. relationship and the evolution of the Atlantic Alliance under the presidency of Charles de Gaulle (1958D1969). The first work on this subject to draw on...

American Indians and the Urban Experience

by Kurt Peters & Susan Lobo

Modern American Indian life is urban, rural, and everything in-between. Lobo and Peters have compiled an unprecedented collection of innovative scholarship, poetry, prose, and stunning art-from photography and...

Slavery and freedom in Delaware, 1639-1865

by William H. Williams

William H. Williams fills a gap in the literature on slavery in America. This book is the first comprehensive analysis of the 'peculiar institution' in the First State. An excellent text for courses in colonial...

Indigenous Theories of Contagious Disease

by Edward C. Green

Far from being the province of magic, witchcraft, and sorcery, indigenous understanding of contagious disease in Africa and elsewhere in the developing world very often parallels western concepts of germ theory,...

The Museum in America: Innovators and Pioneers

by Edward P. Alexander

The Museum in America captures the life stories of thirteen visionary museum leaders who helped transform the 19th century's collection of curios into today's institution of public service and education. In...

America's National Park System: The Critical Documents

by Lary M. Dilsaver

Acclaimed as a fundamental resource on the creation, development, and management of America's national park system, this documentary collection is now in paperback for use by students and individual scholars....

The Politics of Philosophy: A Commentary on Aristotle's Politics

by Michael Davis

In the most original interpretation of Aristotle's Politics in years, Michael Davis delivers many memorable and provocative formulations of Aristotle's messages concerning the constitutive tensions of political...

Modern Liberty and Its Discontents

by Pierre Manent, Daniel J. Mahoney & Paul Seaton

In this book, distinguished French philosopher Pierre Manent addresses a wide range of subjects, including the Machiavellian origins of modernity, Tocqueville's analysis of democracy, the political role of Christianity,...