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HyperReality and Global Culture

by Nicholas Perry

This book explores a world where the boundaries between reality and representation have become blurred, a world where LA Law is used to train lawyers.

Drawing on examples from around the globe, Nick Perry presents...

Was the Industrial Revolution Necessary?

by Graeme Snooks

Was the Industrial Revolution Necessary? takes an innovative look at this much studied subject. The contributors ask new questions, explore new issues and use new data in order to stimulate interest and elicit...

State Punishment

by Nicola Lacey

Nicola Lacey presents a new approach to the question of the moral justification of punishment by the State. She focuses on the theory of punishments in context of other political questions, such as the nature...

Using Sartre: An Analytical Introduction to Early Sartrean Themes

by Gregory McCulloch

Using Sartre is an introduction to the philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre, but it is not an ordinary introduction. It both promotes Sartrean views and adopts a consistently analytical approach to him. Concentrating...

Shaping Childhood: Themes of Uncertainty in the History of Adult-Child Relationships

by Roger Cox

What part has religion played in the history of child-rearing? How do we persuade children to behave rationally and how should we exercise adult authority? What use do we make of their innocence and how do we...

Feminist Review: Issue 47

by The Feminist Review Collective

A unique combination of the activist and the academic, Feminist Review has an acclaimed place within women's studies courses and the women's movement.

Feminist Review is produced by a London-based editorial...

Industrial Subsidies and Friction in World Trade: Trade Policies or Trade Politics?

by Rambod Behboodi

National industrial subsidies are a major irritant in international trading relations. There have been many attempts to curb the damaging effects of subsidies on the international trading order; most have met...

Mapping Desire: Geog Sexuality

by David Bell & Gill Valentine

This is the first book to explore sexualities from a geographical perspective. The nature of place and notions of space are of increasing centrality to cultural and social theory. Mapping Desire presents the...

Beyond Beijing: Liberalization and the Regions in China

by Dali L. Yang

This book offers a balanced assessment of the dynamics and consequences of the decentralization of power and resources in post- Mao China. The author argues that decentralization has increased tensions amongst...

Growth and Guilt: Psychology and the Limits of Development

by Luigi Zoja

The relentless exploitation of the earth's resources and technologys boundless growth are a matter of urgent concern. When did this race towards the limitless begin?

The Greeks, who shaped the basis of Western...

Social Democracy and Rational Choice

by Henry Milner

Is it possible in this post-socialist world, for equity and efficiency to be reconciled ? Or is a productive welfare state a contradication in terms ? This book addresses these questions in theory and in practice,...

Politics of Jean-Francois Lyotard: Justice and Political Theory

by Chris Rojek, Mr Bryan S Turner & Bryan Turner

Jean-Francois Lyotard is still considered to be the father of postmodernism. An international range of contributors in the field of cultural and philosophical studies, including Barry Smart, John O' Neill and...


by T.L.S. Sprigge

This classic study of Santayana was the first book to appear in the Arguments of the Philosophers series. Growing interest in the work of this important American philosopher has prompted this new edition of...


by Joseph W. Trigg

Origen was the most influential Christian theologian before Augustine, the founder of Biblical study as a serious discipline in the Christian tradition, and a figure with immense influence on the development...

Reason, Truth and Self: The Postmodern Reconditioned

by Michael Luntley

Michael Luntley provides a lively introduction to the debate over postmodernism. Sympathisers of the postmodernist critique of absolute knowledge have jetisoned concepts of reason,t ruth and self; this abandonment...

Housing Policy in the 1990s

by Johnston Birchall

Housing Policy in the 1990s explores the deluge of Conservative legislation of the late 1980s and examines what its effects will be during this decade and into the next century. The contributors discuss and...

The United States and Cambodia, 1870-1969: From Curiosity to Confrontation

by Kenton Clymer

Spanning from the first US contacts with Cambodia in the 19th century up until the late 1960s and the outbreak of war with Vietnam, this book is the first to systematically explore American relations with Cambodia....

Assessing Teacher Effectiveness: Different Models

by Jim Campbell, Leonidas Kyriakides & Daniel Muijs

How can we really evaluate teacher effectiveness?

Systems of teacher appraisal and evaluation are being created across the world in order to monitor and assess teacher performance. But do the models used really...

Management Speak: Why We Listen to What Management Gurus Tell Us

by David Greatbatch & Timothy Clark

Based on primary research into the public lectures of management gurus, this fascinating new volume analyzes how such gurus disseminate their ideas, values and visions on the international management lecture...

Soviet Karelia: Politics, Planning and Terror in Stalin's Russia, 1920 1939

by Nick Baron

In 1920, Lenin authorised a plan to transform Karelia, a Russian territory adjacent to Finland, into a showcase Soviet autonomous region, to show what could be achieved by socialist nationalities policy and...