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Real Estate Joint Ventures: The Canadian Investors Guide to Raising Money and Getting Deals Done

by Don R. Campbell & Russell Westcott

A step-by-step guide to attracting all the investment funds you will ever need for your next real estate transaction

As the sales of Real Estate Investing in Canada have proven, Canadians are looking to real...

Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010

by Charles Murray

From the bestselling author of Losing Ground and The Bell Curve, this startling long-lens view shows how America is coming apart at the seams that historically have joined our classes.

In Coming Apart, Charles...

All Access: Your Backstage Pass to Concert Photography

by Alan Hess

Advice, inspiration, and insight for taking remarkable concert photos

Concert photography poses a unique set of challenges to photographers, including night or low-light, inconsistent stage lighting, a moving...

SharePoint 2010 Field Guide

by Steven Mann, Colin Murphy & Pablo Gazmuri

Hands-on solutions for common SharePoint 2010 challenges

Aimed at the more than 100 million licensed SharePoint 2010 users, this indispensable field guide addresses an abundance of common SharePoint 2010 problems...

Advances in Chemical Physics

by Stuart A. Rice

The Advances in Chemical Physics series—the cutting edge of research in chemical physics

The Advances in Chemical Physics series provides the chemical physics field with a forum for critical, authoritative evaluations...

Supporting Online Students: A Practical Guide to Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating Services

by Anita Crawley

Supporting Online Students shows how effective and efficiently delivered support services improve academic success and course retention for online learners. Drawing on a decade's worth of research, Crawley describes...

Collaborative / Therapeutic Assessment: A Casebook and Guide

by Stephen E. Finn, Constance Fischer & Leonard Handler

A guide to conducting Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment to promote client growth

Mental health professionals are increasingly enthusiastic about and ready to use psychological test data, research, and theory...

Comptia Network+ Lab Manual

by Toby Skandier

Gain street-smart skills in network administration

Think of the most common and challenging tasks that network administrators face, then read this book and find out how to perform those tasks, step by step. CompTIA...

A Fundraising Guide for Nonprofit Board Members

by Julia I. Walker

Everything you need to know as a nonprofit board member to raise more money and help your organization succeed in meeting its goals

Engaging and informative, this practical guide to fundraising contains valuable...

Choice Not Chance: Rules for Building a Fierce Competitor

by Rob Rains, Joanne McCallie & Mike Krzyzewski

Foreword by Mike Krzyzewski, Duke’s Men Basketball Coach

A celebrated coach reveals the secrets to building a fierce competitor

At age 26, Joanne P. McCallie, a.k.a. Coach P, began her career at Maine, where...

Undone Deeds

Connor Grey #6

by Mark Del Franco

Connor Grey is a druid consultant for the Boston PD on their "strange" cases. So his world is turned upside down when he suddenly finds that he himself has become one. Wrongly accused of a terrorist attack that...

Civil War

by Lucan & Matthew Fox

A magnificent new translation of the enduring epic about the sundering of the Roman Republic.

Lucan lived from 39-65 AD at a time of great turbulence in Rome. His Civil War portrays two of the most colorful...

The World of Suzie Wong: A Novel

by Richard Mason

Penguin Books reintroduces the timeless story of the love affair between a British artist and a Chinese prostitute.

Robert is t he only resident of the Nam Kok hotel not renting his room by the hour when he meets...

The Book of Deadly Animals

by Gordon Grice

Whether at a zoo, on a camping trip, or under our bedsheets, we are surrounded by animals. While most are perfectly harmless, it's the magnificent exceptions that populate The Book of Deadly Animals. Award-winning...

Tristes Tropiques

by Claude Levi-Strauss & John Weightman

A milestone in the study of culture from the father of structural anthropology.

This watershed work records Claude Lévi-Strauss's search for "a human society reduced to its most basic expression." From the...

Obedience: A Novel

by Jacqueline Yallop

Set in contemporary and World War II France, this is the story of Sister Bernard: her forbidden love, her uncertain faith, and her guilt- ridden past.

A once -bustling convent in the South of France is closing,...

West of Here

by Jonathan Evison

At the foot of the Elwha River, the muddy outpost of Port Bonita is about to boom, fueled by a ragtag band of dizzyingly disparate men and women unified only in their visions of a more prosperous future. A failed...

Amazing Olympians: Inspirational Stories

by Charles Margerison

There is no event like the Olympic Games. The athletes who compete are amazing in their ability to attain world class standards and their drive to be the best as they strive to beat their competitors and defy...

Amazing Slaves - A Short eBook: Inspirational Stories

by Charles Margerison

From the horror of slavery incredible strength has been born. A unique collection of short stories from The Amazing People Club® reveals the great strength of character that propelled people to fight for their...

Amazing Inventors - A Short eBook: Inspirational Stories

by Charles Margerison

What makes an inventor amazing is the courage and perseverance needed to fly in the face of failure. In this unique collection of inspirational stories from The Amazing People Club®, you have the opportunity...