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Weeping Willow (Storycuts)

by Su Tong

Weeping Willow was a place that survived by serving long-distance drivers, with petrol, food and girls. The truck driver was badly shaken as he arrived there in the dark and rain, but more shaken when he left....

Thieves (Storycuts)

by Su Tong

Tan Feng was my one and only friend in Sichuan. He was the same age as me: about eight or nine. Tan Feng's family lived next door to us, and their other kids were all girls, so you can imagine how they spoiled...

The Private Banquet (Storycuts)

by Su Tong

Bao Qing was a classic example of what people in Maqiao meant when they spat out the word 'intellectual'. Coming home to his old town for the holidays was just as much trouble as not coming home, for this was...

The Giant Baby (Storycuts)

by Su Tong

It was rare for the people from Wangbao to come down from their mountain village, but one spring, they arrive in town with sensational news - a virgin birth. What's more, there is something very odd about the...

On Saturdays (Storycuts)

by Su Tong

You don't expect some guy making small talk on a train to turn into a real friend, but that was just the kind of friend Papa Qi was. And afterwards, Saturday became Papa Qi's visiting day. Every Saturday.


Madwoman on the Bridge (Storycuts)

by Su Tong

The madwoman was wearing a white velvet cheongsam. Standing on the bridge, she revelled in her own faded splendour. Normal people pay no attention to madwomen, but one woman from Shaoxing stayed on the bridge...

Home in May (Storycuts)

by Su Tong

Yongshan is taking her son back to Licheng to visit relatives, and to see the town where she grew up. But when they get there, all she could find were desolate houses. Even the people on the street seemed not...

Atmospheric Pressure (Storycuts)

by Su Tong

The train was late, and the wind was blowing Meng's coat open in the snow. With no sign of his cousin, he needed somewhere to stay the night. An old man enticed him to a second-rate hostel, and despite his annoyance,...

Goddess Peak/The Q of Hearts (Storycuts)

by Su Tong

In 'Goddess Peak', Miaoyue and Li Yong were almost the last two passengers aboard the steamboat to Goddess Peak - them and Li Yong's friend Mr Cui. Miaoyue found Mr Cui taller and better built than she'd imagined,...

Dance of Heartbreak/The Diary for August (Storycuts)

by Su Tong

In 'Dance of Heartbreak', something happened to a young boy in Grade 4, at Red Flag Elementary School; but even today the whole affair remains fresh in his mind. He'd never met another girl like her; she was...

How the Ceremony Ends/The Water Demon (Storycuts)

by Su Tong

In 'How the Ceremony Ends', it was last winter that the folklorist paid his visit to the village of Eight Pines. He wanted to collect folk tales and customs, to re-enact the ceremonies of life and death that...

Of The People, By The People

by Roger Osborne

'Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.'

Churchill had more reason than most to rue the power of democracy, having been thrown out...

The Ultimate Pop Music Quiz Book

by Paul Andrews

Are you an expert on music from the 1960s through to the present day, whilst stopping off at Motown and knowing all about Christmas songs? Then this excellent quiz book is perfect for you! It will test you,...

The 70th Week: Wrath of the Lamb

by Ivan Latham

It is the near future. Ancient prophecies of the Antichrist have been fulfilled in the rise to power of charismatic politician, Christopher Martinez. As the long-anticipated Man of Sin tightens his grip on mankind,...

Feathers of Love

by Gordon Morrow

From the tear drops of angels. These writings come. These are the tears with-in the tranquilized warmth of our children. From the graceful willows spoken through the eyes of a dream-teller. Soft words dancing...

Think Tank Targets

by Bob Cohn

All hell breaks loose when a Washington Think Tank "Wonderkindt" delivers a speech at Harvard recommending that Government Officials have Government Sciences degrees. When Harvard and several Universities publish...

Nail, The: Being part of the Passion

by Stephen Cottrell

This Lent book offers imaginative reflections on Christ’s crucifixion. Each of the seven chapters is focused on a different key character, who describes his or her experience of the Passion. The nails used...

It's a TOGS Life: With Sir Terry Wogan and the TOGS

by Norman Macintosh

It's a TOGs Life, written by Norman Macintosh, with Sir Terry Wogan and the TOGs. 13 years of TOG activities, from Conventions to Voyages, Children in Need to Barnardo's, Deadly's Quizzes, Fire Engines, Buses,...

Muslims and New Media in West Africa: Pathways to God

by Dorothea E. Schulz

Although Islam is not new to West Africa, new patterns of domestic economies, the promise of political liberalization, and the proliferation of new media have led to increased scrutiny of Islam in the public...

The Angels of Atlantis: Twelve Mighty Forces to Transform Your Life Forever

by Stewart Pearce & Richard Crookes

Based on the teachings of the 12 archangels of Atlantis, this spiritual resource reveals how to become aligned with their power and wisdom. The 12 angels are depicted through extraordinary illustrations that...