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Famous Men of Ancient Rome: Lives of Julius Caesar, Nero, Marcus Aurelius and Others

by John H. Haaren & A. B. Poland

These captivating biographical sketches offer a memorable introduction to figures from antiquity. Geared toward third- to seventh-graders, this book is excellent for reading aloud or independent study.

Sky Island

by L. Frank Baum

A magic umbrella transports three travelers to an astral kingdom where they encounter bizarre inhabitants and face many adventures. A captivating tale for children of all ages. 86 black-and-white illustrations;...

Initiations and Initiates in Tibet

by Alexandra David-Neel

Noted authority discusses mystic rites and doctrines, methods of psychic training, various kinds of initiations and their aims, spiritual exercises, "gymnastics" of respiration, many other topics. Invaluable...

Warfare in the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages

by Hoffman Nickerson

Comprehensive study, based on contemporary accounts and accompanied by rare maps and illustrations, covers over 1,500 years of armed conflict — from Roman rule to war tactics during the Crusades. 15 black-and-white...

The Creation of the Universe

by George Gamow

Lively and authoritative, this survey by a renowned physicist explains the formation of the galaxies and defines the concept of an ever-expanding universe in simple terms. 1961 edition. 40 figures.

507 Mechanical Movements: Mechanisms and Devices

by Henry T. Brown

This 1868 collection features simplified illustrations of the mechanisms used in hydraulics, steam engines, pneumatics, presses, horologes, and other machines. Captioned drawings depict the movements of each...

Knots, Splices and Rope-Work: An Illustrated Handbook

by A. Hyatt Verrill

This treasury of practical and ornamental knots ranges from easy half-hitches and bow-lines to intricate rope-work projects, such as rope buckles and cask slings. Detailed instructions accompany the 148 drawings....

The Wild Duck

by Henrik Ibsen

The idealistic son of a corrupt merchant exposes his father's duplicity, but in the process, destroys the very people he wishes to save.

Treasury of Japanese Designs and Motifs for Artists and Craftsmen

by Carol Belanger Grafton

360 traditional Japanese designs and motifs redrawn in clean, crisp black-and-white, royalty-free illustrations.

The Book of Diamonds

by Joan Y. Dickinson

Engrossing, profusely illustrated guide covers complete history and lore of diamonds — from early discoveries to the development of major mining companies. Photos of famous jewels.

Three Gothic Novels

by E. F. Bleiler

Full texts "Castle of Otranto," Walpole; "Vathek," Beckford; "The Vampyre," Polidori; "Fragment of a Novel," Lord Byron.

American Silversmiths and Their Marks: The Definitive (1948) Edition

by Stephen G. C. Ensko

Scholarly directory of over 3,000 early American silversmiths, 1650-1850, and their identifying marks. Perfect reference work for collectors. Biographical detail, shop locations, plus 226 examples of silversmith's...

Autobiography of Josiah Henson: An Inspiration for Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom

by Josiah Henson

Perceptive recollections of author's childhood and youth, forced separation from his wife and children, escape to Canada, role as "conductor" on the Underground Railroad, and meeting with Queen Victoria in England....

The Medieval Sketchbook of Villard de Honnecourt

by Villard de Honnecourt & Theodore Bowie

Reliable and contemporaneous graphic observations of everyday life in 13th-century France by an artist/draftsman responsible for creating one of the most treasured documents in art history. 73 black-and-white...

The Ramayana and Mahabharata Condensed into English Verse

by Romesh C. Dutt

Two great epics of the ancient Hindus: the Ramayana, recounting the adventures of a banished prince, and the Mahabharata, based on the legends surrounding a war. Condensed version features selections linked...

Victorian Wooden and Brick Houses with Details

by A. J. Bicknell & Co.

81 illustrations depict floor plans, elevations, and other details of suburban residences, capturing the elaborate, distinctive beauty of Victorian-era cornices, staircases, gables, verandas, doors, dormers,...

Japanese Kimono Designs

by Shôjirô|Ema, Tsutomu Nomura

This unique design treasury, consisting of lavish full-color pictures of a vibrant array of kimonos, is reproduced directly from two rare and costly original portfolios.

Chinese Brush Painting: A Complete Course in Traditional and Modern Techniques

by Jane Evans

"How-to" manual provides all levels of students with detailed methods for painting such simple subjects as bamboo and plum blossoms as well as more ambitious motifs. 150 illustrations, including 82 in full color....

Victorian Brick and Terra-Cotta Architecture in Full Color: 160 Plates

by Pierre Chabat

Rare portfolio of 541 beautiful full-color architectural drawings illustrating the imaginative use of brickwork and terra-cotta appliqués in Victorian revival styles. 682 illustrations. Captions. Publisher's...

Pictorial Encyclopedia of Historic Costume: 1200 Full-Color Figures

by Albert Kretschmer & Karl Rohrbach

From ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome to 19th-century France, England, and Germany, this treasury chronicles the full sweep of historical dress through the centuries. Beautifully detailed, full-color engravings....