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Blitz Families: The Children Who Stayed Behind

by Penny Starns

 The mass evacuation of children and new and expectant mothers during the Second World War is well documented. But over fifty percent of children were not evacuated during the War, and it is these young people...

Miss Julie

by August Strindberg & David Eldridge

A new version of Strindberg's classic naturalistic tragedy by acclaimed playwright David Eldridge.

Cut & Paste

by Lutz Becker

The manipulation of photographic imagery is as old as photography itself, but the modernist conception of photomontage was a radical extension of techniques and creative attitudes that first emerged in Cubist,...

Wicked Watchers - The Pursuit of Pleasure: A Bigger Briefs Anthology

by Victoria Blisse & Meg Wesley

A Multi-author M/F anthology from the writers of Wednesday Briefs, who bring you prompt induced Flash fiction every Wednesday. Bigger Briefs is an anthology we began to showcase our slightly bigger briefs. Er,...

Wicked Watchers - Looking at the Lads: A Bigger Briefs Anthology

by Victoria Blisse & AJ Jarrett

A Multi-author M/M anthology from the writers of Wednesday Briefs, who bring you prompt induced Flash fiction every Wednesday. Bigger Briefs is an anthology we began to showcase our slightly bigger briefs. Er,...

Lapiz Lazuli: The Leigh Clark Collection

by Leigh Clark

From fetishistic and rough, to sapphic or sweet, this anthology of eight hand-picked dirty stories spans the whole erotica range. If stories of frantic, sensual lovemaking excite you, Lapiz Lazuli is guaranteed...

All-in Fighting

by W.E. Fairbairn

The author of this concise guide to unarmed combat and self-defence is a legend. W. E. Fairbairn (1885-1960) spent over thirty years in the tough environment of the Riot Squads of China's Shanghai Municipal...

Juan Dom Nguez de Mendoza: Soldier and Frontiersman of the Spanish Southwest, 1627-1693

by Marc Simmons & José|Scholes, France Esquibel

This book, the final volume in the Coronado Historical Series, recognizes the career of Juan Domínguez de Mendoza, a soldier-colonist who was as instrumental as any governor or friar in shaping Hispano-Indian...

Hosts and Guests: The Anthropology of Tourism

by Valene L. Smith

Original essays on the profound cultural impact of tourism in societies ranging form the American southwest to Tonga to Alaska to Iran.

The Life of Understanding: A Contemporary Hermeneutics

by James Risser

In Gadamer's hermeneutics, interpretation is inseparable from the broader concern of making one's way in life. In this book, James Risser builds on this insight about the juxtaposition of human living and the...

New Routes for Diaspora Studies

by Sukanya Banerjee, Aims McGuinness & Steven C. McKay

Study of diasporas provides a useful frame for reimagining locations, movements, identities, and social formations. This volume explores diaspora as historical experience and as a category of analysis. Using...

The Military Advantage, 2012 Edition: The Guide to Military and Veteran's Benefits

by Terry Howell

THE MILITARY ADVANTAGE, 2012 EDITION is the most up-to-date annual guide to military benefits for active duty service members, veterans, military retirees, and family members. These valuable benefits include...

Practical MR Mammography: High-Resolution MRI of the Breast

by Uwe , MD Fischer

Acclaim for the first edition: A handy reference of MRI findings for practicing radiologists in their daily work indications for breast MRI are excellently presentedstrongly recommended Acta RadiologicaInteresting...

Computer and Machine Vision: Theory, Algorithms, Practicalities

by E. R. Davies

Computer and Machine Vision: Theory, Algorithms, Practicalities (previously entitled Machine Vision) clearly and systematically presents the basic methodology of computer and machine vision, covering the essential...

Outcasts of River Falls

by Jacqueline Guest

A shock is in store for well-bred young Toronto lady Kathryn when she travels to Alberta to live with her aunt.

Migration and Remittances during the Global Financial Crisis and Beyond

by Ibrahim Sirkeci & Jeffrey H. Cohen

During the 2008 financial crisis, the possible changes in remittance-sending behavior and potential avenues to alleviate a probable decline in remittance flows became concerns. This book brings together a wide...

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Color Knitting

by Mary Scott Scott Huff

The visual way to add color to your knitting

Are you a knitter looking to expand your knowledge and take on new challenges? Color adds vibrant, complex patterns to sweaters, hats, mittens, and more. For the uninitiated,...

Enhancing Sustainability Campuswide: New Directions for Student Services, Number 137

by Bruce A. A. Jacobs & Jillian Kinzie

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Many student affairs divisions are doing just that, leading the way in sustainability education by providing students with the knowledge they need to...

The Art of Understanding Art: A Behind the Scenes Story

by Irina D. D. Costache

The Art of Understanding Art reveals to students and other readers new and meaningful ways of developing personal ideas and opinions about art and how to express them with confidence.

  • Offers an inquiry—unique...

Forever Hilltop Two-In-One

by Judy Baer

The charming and often hilarious Forever Hilltop series follows the experiences of former city dweller Alex Armstrong as he settles into his new role as pastor of a Scandinavian community in rural North Dakota....