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How To Deal With A Controlling Person: Getting Out Of An Abusive Relationship

by Terence Williams

Dictators aren't just for countries. You can find them in relationships as well. A dictator is someone who decides how everything will be done and fully expects others in his world to abide by his laws. This...

The Answers Book for Kids Volume 6

by Ken Ham & Bodie Hodge

Never short of questions, let these titles bring answers to children who may just want to know, or who may be struggling in their walk with Christ. Parents and teachers need not be afraid of hte tough questions...

The Answers Book for Kids Volume 5

by Ken Ham & Bodie Hodge

Never short of questions, let these titles bring answers to children who may just want to know, or who may be struggling in their walk with Christ. Parents and teachers need not be afraid of hte tough questions...

Home-Cooked Vegan Comfort Food: More Than 200 Belly-Filling, Lip-Smacking Recipes

by Celine Steen & Joni Marie Newman

[This book was originally published with the title Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites (Fair Winds Press, 2011)]

Calling All Insatiable Appetites!

To anyone who's ever thought "a meal without meat is a...

Leaving Home: The Remarkable Life of Peter Jacyk

by John Lawrence Reynolds

Petro (Peter) Jacyk survived two of the most horrendous events of the 20th century: the Ukrainian famine of the 1930s, instigated by Stalin and responsible for the deaths of untold millions, and waves of invasion...

The Gravest Danger: Nuclear Weapons

by James E. Goodby, Sidney D. Drell & George P. Shultz

The mortal danger of nuclear weapons is unique in its terrifying potential for devastation on an unprecedented and unimaginable scale. In this book, Sidney D. Drell and James E. Goodby—each with more than twenty...

Conserving Liberty

by Mark Blitz

Mark Blitz defends the principles of American conservatism, countering many of the narrow or mistaken views that have arisen from both its friends and its foes. He asserts that individual liberty is the most...

Deterrence: Its Past and Futurepapers Presented at Hoover Institution, November 2010

by George P. Shultz, Sidney D. Drell & James E. Goodby

Drawn from the third in a series of conferences the Hoover Institution at Stanford University on the nuclear legacy of the cold war, this report examines the importance of deterrence, from its critical function...

Death Grip: Loosening the Law's Stranglehold Over Economic Liberty

by Clint Bolick

Clint Bolick examines the assault on economic liberty brought about by the 19th century's Slaughter-House Cases. He explains how those cases nullified the privileges or immunities clause of the 14th Amendment...

Perjury: The Hiss-Chambers Case

by Allen Weinstein

When the Hiss-Chambers case first burst on the scene in 1948, its main characters and events seemed more appropriate to spy fiction than to American reality. The major historical authority on the case, Perjury...

City, Sister, Silver

by Jáchym Topol & Alex Zucker

Winner of the Egon Hostovský Prize as the best Czech book of the year, this epic novel powerfully captures the sense of dislocation that followed the Czechs’ newfound freedom in 1989. More than just the...


by Robert Curtis

A round black stone - the size of a full stop - comes from the depths of space, and blows the world to bits. There is nothing left, except a cloud of dust, a tin of dark plum jam and 44 Gallon Creek... A fragment...

Heart of the Matta

by Gary John Carter

From the Aboriginal Burramatta clan to modern day Parramatta this is a tale about the changing face of Australia's second settlement. A place steeped in history, where the sea water meets the freshwater and...

Who Killed Judas?

by K M Appleby

Jerusalem in AD30 is a city torn with rivalries. A new sect called the Nazarenes has arisen, challenging the old order and causing ancient hatreds to resurface. Only the firm hand of the Roman governor, Pontius...

The Orphan Foal

by Betty Lane Holland

Reared on a bottle when his mother died, the orphan foal never grew as strong and handsome as his friends. So instead of becoming a racehorse in the big city he was sold to a farmer for country racing. Yearning...

Harvest of Greed

by Michael Byrnes

Reggie Ballantyne is a firebug for the times. He's obsessively clever, full of strong convictions yet willing to sell his services for a song, he's an urban warrior and he specializes in inventive attacks on...

Queen Bee Wannabee

by Kristen Gerrish

Amanda Pendleford is the most popular girl at Lakeside Junior High and she is determined to keep her Queen Bee status no matter whom or what gets in her way. A secret she has kept threatens to derail her popularity...

Troubled Innocents

by Lynne Catherine Lewis

Two young musicians who meet in downtown Brisbane, leave home on the spur of the moment to experience a new life... A journey to understand themselves and each other. On the way they happen upon adventure, mystery...

The Dwargiad

by R M O'Flaherty

Gorme has had the dark dreams and is, mistakenly, sure he is the chosen one. Others have had the portentous dreams too. The beautiful Nefe for instance. In their scattered enclaves the Dwarg race have also been...

Military Discipline

by Geoff Barr

"The mythology surrounding the Australian digger in World War One (WWI) and his inability to adhere to military discipline is legendary. In this book I explore the myth of the digger, and draw on primary sources...