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Peasant Scenes and Landscapes: The Rise of Pictorial Genres in the Antwerp Art Market

by Larry Silver

Larry Silver investigates the origins of new pictorial types and their media as a phenomenon of sixteenth-century Antwerp and interprets several pictorial genres as he charts their evolution and their role in...

Flora's Empire: British Gardens in India

by Eugenia Herbert

Flora's Empire brings new light to the complex history of British imperialism in India and its post-Independence legacy. Aided by beautiful period illustrations, it focuses on three centuries of official, domestic,...

Innovation, Knowledge and Growth: Adam Smith, Schumpeter and the Moderns

by Heinz D. Kurz

This book deals with the prime movers of socio-economic development, innovations and technical change, their origins, forms and effects. It contains a set of closely related chapters, some of which have been...

Green Infrastructure for Sustainable Urban Development in Africa

by John Abbott

This book shows for the first time how green infrastructure can work in an African urban context. On one level it provides a major rethinking of the role of infrastructure in urban society since the creation...

Saints Astray

Santa Olivia #2

by Jacqueline Carey

Fellow orphans, amateur vigilantes, and members of the Santitos, Loup Garron-the fugitive daughter of a genetically engineered "wolf man"-and Pilar Ecchevarria grew up in the military zone of Outpost 12, formerly...

Immortal Rider

Lords of Deliverance #5

by Larissa Ione

The signs are everywhere...disastrous world events. Evil rising up, unleashed upon the innocent. The prophecies were there...but no one listened. Until now. The time has come for those who can either usher in...

English-Russian Russian-English Medical Dictionary and Phrasebook

by Yuliya Baldwin

The Routledge English-Russian Russian-English Medical Dictionary and Phrasebook is the first full-size English-Russian bilingual Medical Dictionary that covers a broad range of up-to-date medical terminology....

International Sports Events

by Richard Shipway & Alan Fyall

This book offers new insight into International Sports Events (ISEs), examining the relationship between sport, tourism and events. It assesses sports events through the lens of both sports participants and...

The International Community and Statebuilding

by Patrice McMahon & Jon Western

This book brings together policymakers and academics to analyse the international community's performance in post-war statebuilding projects.

In the past twenty years, statebuilding has emerged as a centerpiece...

Assessing Student Outcomes - Why, Who, What, How: New Directions for Institutional Research, Assessment Supplement 2009

by J. Fredericks Volkwein

This volume offers administrators and practitioners a summary guide to assessment in higher education, from the reasons for undertaking assessment to the delivery of findings. It opens with the questions that...

Multipolarity in the 21st Century

by Donette Murray & David Brown

This book seeks to help shape the debate surrounding power and polarity in the twenty-first century, both by assessing the likelihood of US decline and by analysing what each of the so-called 'rising powers'...

Justice and Security in the 21st Century: Risks, Rights and the Rule of Law

by Barbara Hudson & Synnove Ugelvik

This book examines the question of whether justice or security is the primary virtue of 21st-century society.

The issue of enhancing security without undermining justice - managing risk without undermining the...

World Report 2012: Events of 2011

by Human Rights Watch

The 22nd annual World Report summarizes human rights conditions in more than ninety countries and territories worldwide, reflecting extensive investigative work undertaken in 2011 by Human Rights Watch staff,...

Taft 2012: A Novel

by Jason Heller



He is the perfect presidential candidate. Conservatives love his hard-hitting Republican résumé. Liberals love his peaceful, progressive practicality. The media...

The Onion Presents: Love, Sex, and Other Natural Disasters: Relationship Reporting from America's Finest News Source

by The Staff of The Onion

Here are more than one hundred news stories of high-school sweethearts, college hook-ups, dating disasters, weddings, divorces, and restraining orders. From “18-Year-Old Miraculously Finds Soulmate in Hometown”...

Turtles in Our Wake

by Sandra Clayton

'Life is not a rehearsal.' Sandra Clayton got tired of hearing it said, so she and her husband sold their house, set out on their yacht and didn't look back until they reached the Mediterranean. This sequel...

Prince of Lies

The Avatar Series #4

by James Lowder

An all-new version of one of the key titles in the entire Forgotten Realms novel line.

This title is the fourth in a series of recovers of the popular Avatar series. At the time of its original release, this...

Death of the Dragon

The Cormyr Saga #3

by Ed Greenwood & Troy Denning

Azoun IV, in the twilight of his years, is still a shining hero to most of his subjects, and to all but the eldest, the only king they've ever known. He's led them capably out of dark doom before.

Yet Cormyr...

Cormyr A Novel

The Cormyr Saga #1

by Ed Greenwood & Jeff Grubb

The Epic Historical Saga of the Most Powerful Nation in the Realms

Cormyr has been ruled by the Obarskyr family since its inception one and a half millennia ago. Now its king, Azoun IV, lies on his deathbed,...

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 Classroom in a Book

by Adobe Creative Team

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 Classroom in a Book is the most thorough and comprehensive way for you to master all the new features in Adobe's top-rated consumer-targeted photo-editing software. Each chapter in...