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by Colin Thiele

Andy is fascinated by wedgetail eagles. He lies on the shed roofs of his family?s farm and watches them cruising about on their huge wings, high above him in the sunlit air. They are like skaters skimming on...

The Fiery Salamander

by Colin Thiele & Mark Wilson

THE FIERY SALAMANDER has hot scales and breathes flames on anyone who comes near him. He walks around on hot coals and the other animals don't like him one bit. They need to find a way to stop him, but he is...

Youse Two

by Andrew Daddo

Jack and Josh Pickering are identical twins. The same, but different. Josh is the daredevil, Jack's the brains - isn't he? Everyone wants them to have the twin thing, to be weird, telepathic. But they're not...

You Can Have an Amazing Memory: Learn Life-Changing Techniques and Tips from the Memory Maestro

by Dominic O'Brien

Never forget a name or a number again! Dominic O'Brien is legendary for winning the World Memory Championship eight times and outwitting the casinos of Las Vegas to win a fortune at blackjack. Here, for the...

Behind the Shutter: The Digital Wedding Photographer's Guide to Financial Success

by Salvatore Cincotta

Written primarily for wedding photographers, this manual starts with the basics of creating a solid business plan, finding customers and marketing to them through online social media outlets and old-fashioned...

Hot Or What (Another Fat Chance)

by Margaret Clarke

From one of Australia's most popular writers for young adultsLast time you met Lisa in 'Fat Chance', she thought she was a beached whale.Well she's back and she's hot, heading for teen supermodel of the year....

Hold My Hand Or Else

by Margaret Clark

What about all that stuff you keep reading about: the moonlit walks, the red roses, waves softly kissing the sandy shore? It doesn't exist. Does it have to be a problem just because you don't want to hold your...

Famous For Five Minutes

by Margaret Clark

Charmwood High and Year 8 plans to turn the school play, 'Romeo and Juliet' into a rock musical. Everything's moving along until someone mentions Equal Opportunity. There aren't enough roles for girls in this...

The Big Chocolate Bar

by Margaret Clark

A brilliantly funny novel by the author of Ghost on Toast and Hold My Hand - Or Else!, for kids who are sick and tired of health food.All junk food is banned from the school camp. So Spoonhead, Amy Yui, Trash,...

Web Watchers

by Margaret Clark

Who wouldn't be excited by the endless possibilities of cyberspace! But there are dangers, too. The Evil Ones who want to rule the universe know that they can fulfill their aims by controlling all communication....

Pulling The Moves

by Margaret Clark

From one of Australia's most popular writers for young adults comes the third novel in the Studleys series!To Sam the Stud, living with Leanne's bad enough. But when his mother says she's getting married again...

Hair Raising Horrors (3 In 1)

by Margaret Clark

Margaret Clark invites you to come into her Parlour - and die! Mike and Kristy have been packed off to Camp Star by their mother and it's the original camp from hell. Dumb Leaders blowing whistles and jumping...

Kiss And Make Up

by Margaret Clark

Lisa Trelaw has a big decision to make. She doesn't know if she's won Teen Model of the Year or not, so should she go to Sydney and continue her modeling career? Her decision is made easier when her boyfriend...

A Piece Of Mind

by Phil Cummings

Matt finds himself pushed into awkward situation by his friends, Chunk and Fraser. He can't find the willpower to resist, to say no. He doesn't want to be labeled a wimp. So, they control him. But there is a...

Baptism Of Fire

by Christine Harris

'A shadow, a swift movement, a shout; it was quick. instinctively, she raised herarm to protect herself'Hannah Stanton has no family now, except for these strangers who live amongcannibals. Her first impression...

Summoning  Angels: How to Call on Angels in Every Life Situation

by Claire Nahmad

Some think that a time will come again when angels will "walk with men" and that this second coming of the brotherhood between humanity and angels will be widespread and natural - an accepted part of our everyday...

The Little Book of Sex Secrets: Red Hot Confessions, Fantasies, Techniques & Discoveries

by Nicole Bailey

Most of us keep our most sizzling sexploits and erotic fantasies to ourselves. Not so Nicole Bailey, who in this sensational read shares spine-tingling sexual confessions, no-holds-barred anecdotes and eye-opening...

Quick & Easy Low-Sugar Recipes: Lose Weight, Boost Energy, Fight Fatigue

by Nicola Graimes

Low-sugar doesn’t have to mean no-flavor—and it doesn’t mean you have to resort to artificial sweeteners with their reported adverse health effects. Here are 100 easy-to-follow recipes for breakfast and...

Pregnancy Health Yoga: Your Essential Guide for Bump, Birth and Beyond

by Tara Lee & Mary Attwood

Authoritative yet thoroughly accessible, this user-friendly book provides yoga techniques for your journey from bump to birth and beyond, helping you to deal with all the physical and emotional changes you experience...

Quick & Easy Low-Fat Recipes: Lose Weight - Feel Great

by Nicola Graimes

Cut the fat, lose weight, and live more healthily! With a wide range of yummy dishes inspired by world cuisines—including Strawberry & Ricotta Muffins, Chili Beef Fajitas, Fish Tikka Brochettes, and Thai Green...