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The Piscator Notebook

by Judith Malina

'Theater legend Malina has written one of the most interesting studies of the avant-garde theatrical movement published in the last several years.' - CHOICE

Judith Malina and The Living Theatre have been icons...

Tourism and Climate Change: Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation

by Daniel Scott, C. Michael Michael Hall & Stefan Gossling

Climate change is the single most important global environmental and development issue facing the world today and has emerged as a major topic in tourism studies. Climate change is already affecting the tourism...

Deviance in Classrooms (Rle Edu M)

by David H H Hargreaves, Stephen Hester & Frank J J Mellor

When originally published this book reported the first major application of 'labelling theory' to deviance in classrooms. The authors explore the nature of classroom rules, show how they constitute a pervasive...

Global Sport Marketing: Contemporary Issues and Practice

by Michel Desbordes

Globalization has had a profound impact on the sports industry, creating an international market in which sports teams, leagues and players have become internationally recognized brands. This important new study...

The Really Useful Literacy Book: Linking Theory and Practice in the Primary Classroom

by Tony Martin, Chira Lovat & Glynis Purnell

Now in its third edition, The Really Useful Literacy Book is the definitive guide to the high quality teaching of literacy in your primary classroom. Written specifically for primary school teachers and student...

Aspects of Learning (Rle Edu O)

by Brian O'Connell

The time has passed when learning was identified purely as a process involving the ability to store and recall knowledge and facts, and the competence to produce them when required. These abilities still seriously...

Preventing Classroom Disruption (Rle Edu O): Policy, Practice and Evaluation in Urban Schools

by David Coulby & Tim Harper

There has always been considerable debate about the best solutions to deal with disruptive behaviour in schools. On the one hand is the strategy of segregating disruptive pupils while on the other is a commitment...

Classroom Environment (Rle Edu O)

by Barry J J Fraser

The increasing impact of performance based judgments on schools and teachers in the classroom has its critics and supporters. Some oppose the trend and seek to deny the importance of quantitative measures. Others...

Breakthrough (Rle Edu M): Autobiographical Accounts of the Education of Some Socially Disadvantaged Children

by Ronald Goldman

Social mobility, educational priority areas and equality of opportunity are topics discussed as much today as when this book was first published over 30 years ago. This book is written by people of varying ages...

Quality of Pupil Learning Experiences (Rle Edu O)

by Neville Bennett, Charles Desforges & Anne Cockburn

Very little is known about the quality of the learning experiences provided for pupils. This book contains the results of a major research project, conducted in a sample of English primary schools, in which...

The Enquiring Tutor (Rle Edu O): Exploring the Process of Professional Learning

by Stephen Rowland

Stephen Rowland explores the relationship between the turor (or facilitator) and the professional worker on post-experience professional courses. His emphasis in on the processes of reflection and enquiry in...

Dissemination of Innovation (Rle Edu O): The Humanities Curriculum Project

by Jean Rudduck

This volume of topical working papers makes available to teachers and to others information intended to stimulate discussion so that all educators may bring their judgement and experience to bear on the concerns...

Brickwork Level 2

by Malcolm Thorpe & J. C. C. Hodge

As part of their everyday work bricklayers must be able to interpret technical documents, understand the properties of various mortars/building materials, and understand the basics of health and safety on site....

Organization Design

by Naomi Stanford

Organization Design looks at how you need to change the ways your organization does things in order to increase productivity, performance, and profit. Providing the knowledge and method to handle the kind of...

Sport and Violence

by Lynn M M Jamieson & Thomas Orr

Sport and Violence takes a critical look at the culture of 'sports rage' and aggression in the sporting industry, covering ethical, historical and sociological causes and impacts. It examines international examples...

Sports Tourism 2e

by Mike Weed & Chris Bull

Sports Tourism: Participants, Policy and Providers is an unparalleled text that explains sports tourism as a social, economic and cultural phenomenon that stems from the unique interaction of activity, people...

Architect's Guide to Running a Job

by Ronald Green

Best practice is the concern of this book. An architect has to be an administrator as well as designer, and smooth economical administration will provide the conditions under which client relations can be constructive...

Capitalizing on Knowledge

by David Skyrme

Many organizations are embracing knowledge management as a source of strategic advantage. But already people are asking: "what comes next?" Likewise almost every large organization is heavily involved in e-commerce...

Carpentry and Joinery 2

by Brian Porter & Chris Tooke

Carpentry and Joinery 2 is the second in a series of three books, which together provide an authoritative and thoroughly practical guide to carpentry and joinery for students following City & Guilds and CITB...

CIM Coursebook 06/07 Managing Marketing Performance

by Roger Palmer, Richard Meek & Lynn Parkinson

Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann's 2006-07 CIM Coursebook series offers you the complete package for exam success. Fully reviewed by CIM and updated by the examiner, the coursebook offers everything you need to...