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Everyday a New Beginning

by Nina Smit

Every Day a New Beginning contains 365 bite-sized devotions with inspiration for every season of your life.

The Lady Boba: A Woman of Little Sense

by Lope de Vega

Nise and Finea are famous beauties. Their father, Don Octavio, a wealthy businessman, is doing his best to marry them off and an exotic collection of determined young suitors are competing for the prizes. The...

Successfully Marketing Your Novel in the 21st Century

by Austin Camacho

The rise of eBooks, loss of bookstores, disappearance of the big publishers' mid lists, improvements in self-publishing technology and the advent of social media have turned the book business on its head. One...

A Man of Good Zeal: A Novel Based on the Life of Saint Francis de Sales

by John Edward Beahn

A generation ago, those who wanted to learn more about Francis de Sales' life could turn to A Man of Good Zeal: A Novel Based on the Life of St. Francis de Sales, published by American novelist John Edward Beahn...

A Rich Young Man: A Novel Based on the Life of Saint Anthony of Padua

by John Edward Beahn

St. Anthony of Padua has been a friend to millions of Catholics asking his help to recover lost objects. But few seem to know much about his remarkable life. The son of a knight in the court of Portugal's king,...

A Man Cleansed By God: A Novel Based on the Life of Saint Patrick

by John Edward Beahn

The story of St. Patrick's life is a dynamic tale of high drama and intense spiritual force. A generation ago, the American Catholic novelist John Edward Beahn retold that story as a biographical novel based...

A Man Born Again: A Novel Based on the Life of Saint Thomas More

by John Edward Beahn

Status and wealth, power and fame: St. Thomas More had them all. As a wise and popular statesman, internationally recognized scholar, and Lord Chancellor of England, More was perhaps the most highly respected...

This Tremendous Lover: The Beloved Spiritual Classic on God's Pursuit of the Soul

by Eugene Boylan O.C.R.

This new edition of a popular twentieth-century spiritual classicThis Tremendous Lover offers the hope of a deeper union with God through a life of charity, humility, and abandonment to the divine will.

The Right to Narcissism

The Noetics of Nature

Spirit, Qi, and the Multitude

A Weak Messianic Power

Common Things

The Logos of the Living World

Spirit and the Obligation of Social Flesh

Divine Multiplicity

Drawing the Line

Interpreting Nature

The Father, the Son and the Pyjama-wearing Spirit, The

by Dominic Kingaby

There is something extraordinary about Cambridge philosophy student Gian Paolo Friedrich. From the strange visions that people have in his presence, to his uncanny ability to touch the hearts of total strangers,...

A Simplified Map of the Real World: The Renata Stories

by Stevan Allred & Laurie Paus

In A Simplified Map of the Real World, intimate boundaries are loosened by divorce and death in a rural community where even an old pickle crock has an unsettling history—and high above the strife and the hope...