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How Did Poetry Survive?: The Making of Modern American Verse

by John Timberman Newcomb

How a handful of little magazines reshaped the landscape of American poetry

Classroom Voices on Education and Race: Students Speak From Inside the Belly of the Beast

by Daniel Frio

Classroom Voices on Education and Race presents core educational issues— with an emphasis on race and the racial achievement gap, school culture, and curriculum—through the unfiltered and poignant voices...

Respect for Teachers: The Rhetoric Gap and How Research on Schools is Laying the Ground for New Business Models in Education

by Brian Ford

This book examines educational discourse within an organic social context: the changing views of how the individual, state and an increasingly transnational society should interact.

Building Mobile Applications with Java: Using the Google Web Toolkit and PhoneGap

by Joshua Marinacci

Do you want to develop mobile apps with Java—and have them work on a variety of devices powered by iOS and Android? You’ve come to the right place.

This project-driven book shows you how to build portable...

Getting Started with RFID: Identify Objects in the Physical World with Arduino

by Tom Igoe

If you want to experiment with radio frequency identification (RFID), this book is the perfect place to start. All you need is some experience with Arduino and Processing, the ability to connect basic circuits...

The Shape of Clouds

by Peter Benson

Peter Benson’s beguiling novel is about dreams fulfilled, lives affirmed and a love as unexpected as it is late, confirming his place as one of the most individual voices in modern British fiction. After a...

A Private Moon

by Peter Benson

A humorous novel about a private eye living an uneventful life in Brighton until normality gives way to a kind of mad logic. Frank, a private eye in Brighton, is the perfect lodger: neat, quiet, and solitary,...

Odo's Hanging

by Peter Benson

Weaving in the dramatic sequence of events portrayed by the Bayeux Tapestry, Peter Benson gives a striking impression of the politics, conflicts, and religious beliefs of the era. With this intricately wrought...

The Other Occupant

by Peter Benson

A subtly lyrical novel, written with Peter Benson’s trademark wit and understatement, The Other Occupant explores the moving evolution of an unlikely relationship, against a beautiful countryside backdrop....


by Peter Benson

A compelling coming-of-age tale, in which Benson employs surfing as a metaphor, adding graceful comic details and a series of charming secondary characters, Riptide is an intense, even transcendent examination...

The Levels

by Peter Benson

A novel about a young boy whose first encounter with love both bruises and enlarges his vision of the world. Drove House has always loomed large over village life. Boarded-up for years, it is reputed to be brimming...

A Lesser Dependency

by Peter Benson

A trenchant critique of modern civilization, A Lesser Dependency movingly describes how one family’s tropical heaven became hell. In 1971 the inhabitants of Diego Garcia, a small island in the middle of the...

Eve of Destruction: A Harry Devlin Mystery

by Martin Edwards

Martin Edwards . . . writes terrific crime novels about Harry Devlin, a charming but down-at-heel solicitor with bruised emotions, a nice line in self-deprecation, and a penchant for Mersey low-life."-The Guardian...

At Day's Close: Night in Times Past

by A. Roger Ekirch

"Remarkable....Ekirch has emptied night's pockets, and laid the contents out before us."-Arthur Krystal, The New YorkerBringing light to the shadows of history through a "rich weave of citation and archival...

Researching African American Genealogy in Alabama: A Resource Guide

by Frazine Taylor

Over the past two decades, in workshops and personal consultations, thousands of persons have have received the expertise and knowledge of author Frazine Taylor about Alabama genealogical research. In addition,...

Drawing Portraits for the Absolute Beginner: A Clear & Easy Guide to Successful Portrait Drawing

by Mark Willenbrink & Mary Willenbrink

Open this book as an absolute beginner, and come away as a proud portrait artist!

Mark and Mary Willenbrink's Absolute Beginner books have helped thousands of novices tap into their inner artists. In this book,...

Introduction to Android App Development for the Kindle Fire

by Lauren Darcey & Shane Conder

Get Started Fast with Android App Development for Amazon’s Best-Selling Kindle Fire!


Practically overnight, the Amazon Kindle Fire has become the world’s top-selling Android-based tablet. Now, in this...

As One Devil to Another: A Fiendish Correspondence in the Tradition of C. S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters

by Richard Platt

As One Devil to Another is an astonishing debut work that C. S. Lewis’s biographer and foremost Lewis authority Walter Hooper calls “a stunning achievement, the finest example of the genre of diabolical...

The Way

by Tyndale House Publishers

The Way connects a restless generation, a generation looking for direction, to Jesus – the Way, the Truth, and the Life. It uses first-person stories, reflections, and questions which bring the Bible to the...

The Holy Bible, American Standard Version - Old and New Testaments

by Theospace

Officially known as the "Revised Version, Standard American Edition", this translation was released in 1901 and rapidly became the standard bible translation in seminaries, earning it the unofficial moniker...