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Schools for the Boys?: Co-Education Reassessed

by Pat Mahony

Do girls do better in single-sex or co-educational schools?

Up to now, discussion has centred on girls' academic achievements in single or mixed-sex groups, but Pat Mahony's research clearly demonstrates that...

The 'Girl Question' in Education (Rle Edu F): Vocational Education for Young Women in the Progressive Era

by Jane Bernard-Powers

This book is a history of the genesis and development of vocational education for young women in the United States. Home economics, trade training and commercial education - the three key areas of vocational...

Gender and the Politics of the Curriculum

by Sheila Riddell

This book uses detailed case studies of two secondary schools to examine the relationship between curriculum choice and gender identity among fourteen-year-old pupils making their first choices about what subjects...

Within School Walls

by AnnMarie Wolpe

Drawing from her in-depth ethnographic study of a London comprehensive school the author shows how gender formation for both girls and boys is mediated by disciplinary control, sexuality and the curriculum....

The Irish Education Experiment: The National System of Education in the Nineteenth Century

by Donald H. H. Akenson

This volume focuses on the creation, structure and evolution of the Irish national system of education. It illustrates how the system was shaped by the religious, social and political realities of nineteenth...

School and Society in Victorian Britain: Joseph Payne and the New World of Education

by Richard Aldrich

Drawing on hitherto-unused sources this book represents a shift in the historiography of British education. At the centre of the investigation is Joseph Payne. He was one of the group of pioneers who founded...

Studies in the History of Educational Theory Vol 1 (Rle Edu H): Nature and Artifice, 1350-1765

by G H H Bantock

This book examines key theorists in depth in order to give some insight into cultural change as reflected in their curricular recommendations and in the interplay they reveal between the two fundamental educational...

Studies in the History of Educational Theory Vol 2: The Minds and the Masses, 1760-1980

by G H H Bantock

This volume completes G H Bantock's comprehensive study of educational thought, and its relationship to the broad development of European culture, from the time of the Renaissance to the present day. During...

Education in Ancient Rome: From the Elder Cato to the Younger Pliny

by Stanley Bonner

This volume examines the development, structure and role of education from the third century B.C to the time of Trajan, a period which saw great changes in Roman society. When originally published it was the...

Higher Education in the Ancient World

by M L L Clarke

This volume provides an authoritative survey of Greek and Roman education above the primary school level from the fourth century B.C onwards. Special attention is given to the teaching of philosophy, and there...

Education: Examining the Evidence

by Evelyn E E Cowie

This volume contains both text and contemporary document which together look at the history of education from the French Revolution to the late twentieth century. The connection between text and documents is...

Education in the Secondary Modern School

by J JB JB Dempster

The articles which make up this book, originally published in the journal The Schoolmaster were originally published at the time of The Education Act 1944 which changed the education system for secondary schools...

Secondary Modern Schools: An Interim Report

by H C C Dent

This book examines what progress the Secondary Modern Schools had made in the mid 1950s, based on first hand observation and conversations with teachers, parents, school governors and education officers. As...

History the Teacher: Education Inspired by Humanity's Story

by Frederick J J Gould

Organized chronologically this volume examines education in England in the early twentieth century by discussing education through the ages, from pre-history to 1919. The author's proposals were radical at the...

Reconstructions of Secondary Education: Theory, Myth and Practice Since the Second World War

by John Gray, Andrew McPherson & David Raffe

British secondary education has changed in major ways since 1945. This book examines some consequences and implications of both change and stability, drawing on a unique series of national surveys of school...

How Different from Us: A Biography of Miss Buss and Miss Beale

by Josephine Kamm

Frances Mary Buss, who began her teaching career at fourteen, was only twenty-three when she founded the North London Collegiate School, the forerunner and model of Girls' High Schools throughout the country....

Higher Education: Patterns of Change in the 1970s

by John Lawlor

This volume focuses on the changing pattern of tertiary education in the UK and the emphasis of the contributions is on the challenges and opportunities rather than the problems and difficulties of educationists...

Education and the Second World War: Studies in Schooling and Social Change

by Roy Lowe

This was the first book which globally surveyed the impact of the Second World War on schooling. It offers fascinating comparisons of the impact of total war, both in terms of physical disruption and its effects...

Education in the Post-War Years: A Social History

by Roy Lowe

This book provides an overview of the relationship between the sweeping social changes of the post-war period and education in England. It outlines the major demographic cultural and socio-economic developments...

The English Educational System

by G A N A N Lowndes

Written expressly for the lay reader this volume combines statistics, achievements and failures of the educational system in England in the 20th century into a concise survey, set against the social, economic...