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Until Further Notice, I Am Alive

by Tom Lubbock

In 2008, Tom Lubbock was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour and told he had only two years to live. Physically fit and healthy, and suffering from few symptoms, he faced his death with the same directness and...

The Real Origin of the Species: Twelve New and Compelling Reasons to Believe That God Exists

by Oscar J Daniels

This book offers positive proof of God's existence, and leads the reader into a closer relationship with God. • For Christian readers who already believe in God, this book will strengthen their faith, and...

Killer on the Road: Violence and the American Interstate

by Ginger Strand

Starting in the 1950s, Americans eagerly built the planet's largest public work: the 42,795-mile National System of Interstate and Defense Highways. Before the concrete was dry on the new roads, however, a specter...

Colonel Sanders and the American Dream

by Josh Ozersky

From Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben to the Jolly Green Giant and Ronald McDonald, corporate icons sell billions of dollars' worth of products. But only one of them was ever a real person-Colonel Sanders of Kentucky...

The Power of Team Leadership: Achieving Success Through Shared Responsibility

by George Barna

Most leadership in today’s churches comes from “solo practitioners”--individuals who bear the burden of providing all the direction the ministry they direct requires. Inevitably, this results not only...

Semantic Interoperability: Issues, Solutions, Challenges

by Salvatore F. Pileggi & Carlos, Dr. Fernandez-Llatas

The Semantic Interoperability model would improve common interoperability models introducing the interpretation of means of data. Semantic interoperability is a concretely applicable interaction model under...

Everything You Want to Know about Agile: How to Get Agile Results in a Less-Than-Agile Organization

by Jamie Lynn Cooke

Everything you want to know about Agile is written specifically to address the challenges of implementing Agile within the unique structures, constraints and culture of your organization.  It provides you with...

The Veil Weavers: Veil of Magic Book 3

by Maureen Bush

Josh and Maddy must go on a quest to find out how to fix the Veil of Magic, and protect and strengthen the magical world's inhabitants for all time.

The Value of Water in a Drying Climate

by Tor Hundloe & Christine Crawford

Are we making the best use of water? How do we judge this?

Day of the Cyclone: Disaster Strikes! 7

by Penny Draper

It's 1912, and the lives of two children are twisted together as the Regina cyclone approaches: Ella, a well-to-do young lady, and Billy, a penniless runaway Home Child trying to keep his past a secret.

The You-Song

by Joanne Otto

"The You-Song" celebrates, in a way young children can understand, the unique and vital place each of us occupies in God's world and encourages them to fill their place in it with joy. Written by a teacher who's...

The Hummingbird Effect: Going 65 MPH 25/7

by Mitzi MacBain

Mitzi MacBain was diagnosed with Adult ADHD-Hyperactive/Impulsive Type at age 49. All of her adult life she was plagued with issues that she assumed were connected to her childhood. She had chronic issues of...


by Claire Russett

An Argo Novel

Major Duncan Harris is a Union soldier serving aboard the space station Argo, leading one of the station's exploratory teams. He is quiet, reserved, and has sworn off any personal relationships...

Rubric Assessment Goes to College: Objective, Comprehensive Evaluation of Student Work

by Mary J. Goggins Selke

Do you want to expand working knowledge of how to construct, revise, and implement rubrics with specific how-to’s and plenty of examples? Rubric Assessment Goes to College provides effective college-level...

Transforming Early Learners Into Superb Readers: Promoting Literacy at School, at Home, and Within the Community

by Andrea Nelson-Royes & Byung-In Seo

Transforming Early Learners into Superb Readers: Promoting Literacy at School, at Home, and within the Community aids elementary educators, reading specialists, school administrators, private and public educators,...

Start! To Follow: How to Be a Successful Follower of Jesus Christ

by Greg Laurie

Faces in a stained glass church window? Twelve guys in robes and sandals who tramped around Judea with Jesus? Here's the real question: Do you think of yourself? Are you a disciple of Jesus Christ? Do you know...

PayPal APIs: Up and Running

by Matthew A. Russell

If your web application’s success depends on how quickly and easily users can make transactions, PayPal APIs provide effective solutions you can’t afford to overlook. This concise book takes you hands-on...

The Brilliant General Knowledge Quiz Book 2

by Kevin Snelgrove

Are you a pub quiz fan? Do you enjoy learning about different things? Or maybe you just want to find out how much you know about the world we live in? Both fun and educational, this book is guaranteed to teach...

Blitz Families: The Children Who Stayed Behind

by Penny Starns

 The mass evacuation of children and new and expectant mothers during the Second World War is well documented. But over fifty percent of children were not evacuated during the War, and it is these young people...

Miss Julie

by August Strindberg & David Eldridge

A new version of Strindberg's classic naturalistic tragedy by acclaimed playwright David Eldridge.