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Loving Care (Mills & Boon Love Inspired)

by Gail Gaymer Martin

After the failure of her marriage many years ago, Christie Hanuman started over and vowed to remain single…

until her ex-husband walked back into her life. Patrick had also changed, and was now raising his...

Love Walked in (Mills & Boon Love Inspired)

by Merrillee Whren

Getting close to new neighbor Clay Reynolds was not a consideration for Beth Carlson. The single mom had her hands full with her troubled teen and had no time for romance, especially since Clay's stay in Pinecrest...

Love Sign (Mills & Boon Love Inspired)

by Susan Kirby


When jilted bride Shelby Taylor decided to take a solo honeymoon on the rolling prairie, she was greeted with a firm No Vacancy at the local inn–and before she could leave...

Love one Another (Mills & Boon Love Inspired)

by Valerie Hansen


Single dad Zac Frazier arrived in the close-knit town of Serenity expecting little more than a fresh start. But he never counted on having his wounded heart rejuvenated by his son's bubbly preschool...

Love is Patient (Mills & Boon Love Inspired)

by Carolyne Aarsen

If Dylan Matheson knew the real reason she had become his secretary, Lisa Sterling suspected his gray eyes would turn to Arctic ice. Always protective of her stepbrother, she now needed to get inside Dylan'...

Love Enough for Two (Mills & Boon Love Inspired)

by Cynthia Rutledge

Vowing never to allow another man to disrupt her life, single mom Sierra Summers clung to her faith and worked hard to provide a loving and stable home for her daughter. But then attorney Matthew Dixon walked...

Love at Last (Mills & Boon Love Inspired)

by Irene Brand


He had been her first and only love. Yet when Lorene Harvey met Perry Saunders again after twenty years, she was amazed by the emotions sweeping through her. She wanted desperately for them to have...

Long Way Home (Mills & Boon Love Inspired)

by Gena Dalton

The only man Jo Lena Speirs had ever loved had finally come home. And though she hadn' t seen Monte McMahan for years, she recognized him the instant she saw him. She would have known him anywhere, just by the...

Judging Sara (Mills & Boon Love Inspired)

by Cynthia Rutledge


Rising Christian music star Sara Michaels had a voice like an angel–and a devil of a problem. With a stalker shadowing her every move, she was forced to hire a bodyguard. Now she prayed that...

Joy in His Heart (Mills & Boon Love Inspired)

by Kate Welsh

They're so wrong for each other, they might just be perfect.

Headstrong Joy Fuller knew she could never marry Brian Peterson. A brilliant doctor, Brian always wanted a society wife, not a tomboyish pilot....

Inner Harbor (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (Safe Harbor, Book 2)

by Lois Richer

Struggling to single-handedly raise her orphaned godson until a guardian was found, Annie Simmons was beginning to question God' s plans for her life. Russell Mitchard' s sudden appearance on her doorstep only...

In Search Of A Hero (Mills & Boon Love Inspired)

by Cheryl Wolverton


But attorney Rebekkah Hawkley figured it would take nothing short of divine intervention for Andre Watson to learn forgiveness. The stubborn Texan might have come home to save his father'...

Hosea's Bride (Mills & Boon Love Inspired)

by Dorothy Clark

Forced into prostitution by her stepfather, Angela Warren found salvation one dark, terrifying night in Crossroads Church. The words of a handsome visiting preacher and the strength she found in the Lord led...

Hope's Garden (Mills & Boon Love Inspired)

by Lyn Cote


Gage Farrell had answered Cat Simmons's prayers. She needed a loan to expand her nursery, and he had offered.

Gage eagerly anticipated their new partnership. Eden was the perfect place to reevaluate...

Home to Safe Harbor (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (Safe Harbor, Book 4)

by Kate Welsh

Reverend Justine Clemens returns to the town where she spent her rebellious youth, determined to prove herself. And to make her flock the family she never had. But God clearly has other ideas for her. First...

His Saving Grace (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (Sisters of the Heart, Book 1)

by Lyn Cote

All Jack Lassater could count on were the computer systems he designed and his assistant, Gracie Petrov. But his right-hand woman had been keeping a secret: She' d loved him silently for years.

A sense of duty...

His Healing Touch (Mills & Boon Love Inspired)

by Loree Lough

As a boy, Adam Thorne participated in a prank that went horribly wrong. Having no adult in his life to teach him that, with a changed heart, no sin is unforgivable, he turned his guilt into a shield…


His Answered Prayer (Mills & Boon Love Inspired)

by Lois Richer

Blair Delaney thought she had found the love of her lifetime in Gabriel Sloan. When he called things quits just before their wedding, it was as if he had walked away with her soul. But a part of Gabe had stayed...

Hidden Blessing (Mills & Boon Love Inspired)

by Leona Karr


The last thing Shannon Hensley expected when she rented a summer cottage was to be confronted with a life-threatening forest fire. Used to being in control in the high-powered corporate...

Hero in Her Heart (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (The Flanagans, Book 1)

by Marta Perry

Nolie Lang learned at an early age that animals wouldn' t let her down like people did. Her farm was a haven for abandoned animals– and a source of hope for the disabled. But now, to get a crucial grant, Nolie...