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A Guide Book of Franklin and Kennedy Half Dollars

by Rick Tomaska & Q. David Bowers

A Guide Book of Franklin & Kennedy Half Dollars is the 15th entry in Whitman's bestselling Bowers Series of numismatic reference books. Franklin and Kennedy Half Dollars are affordable favorites of collectors....

A Guide Book of Shield and Liberty Head Nickels

by Q. David Bowers & Bill Fivaz

Lavishly illustrated in full color, A Guide Book of Shield and Liberty Head Nickels features enlargements for important overdates and other varieties, plus actual-size photographs of every coin in the Shield...

Abraham Lincoln: The Image of His Greatness

by Fred Reed

Nearly 150 years after his death, Abraham Lincoln consistently ranks at or near the top of every poll of America's best, most admired, or most popular president ever. The U.S. Mint will issue four new Lincoln...

A Guide Book of United States Commemorative Coins

by Q. David Bowers & Donn Pearlman

Q. David Bowers brings history to life by connecting America's commemorative coinage to the people, places, and events they honored, and to the artists, promoters, and politicians who brought them from raw concept...

Money of the World: Coins That Made History

by Ira Goldberg & Larry Goldberg

Money of the World: Coins That Made History illustrates how many coins were shaped by the development of Western Civilization-and how they sometimes helped shape it in turn. The Millennia Collection, illustrated...

A Guide Book of United States Type Coins

by Q. David Bowers & Eric P. Newman

This comprehensive 288-page full-color book details how to begin the ideal numismatic pursuit: a collection of United States coins by type. Major updates to the 2nd edition are new market values, new certified-coin...

The Expert's Guide to Collecting & Investing in Rare Coins: Secrets of Success

by Q. David Bowers & Kenneth E. Bressett

This book is a comprehensive insider's look at not only rare coins, but also tokens, medals, and paper money. At 34 chapters and nearly 700 pages, it covers everything from grading to determining values to techniques...

100 Greatest U.S. Coins

by Jeff Garrett & Ron Guth

In the third edition of the best-selling and award-winning 100 Greatest U.S. Coins, numismatic author Jeff Garrett takes the reader on a personal guided tour of the nation's greatest coinage. "Each of the 100...

Geekhood: Close Encounters of the Girl Kind

by Andy Robb

Fourteen-year-old Archie is a Geek to his core. In the world of role-playing games, he's a Level 5 Mage, capable of summoning the Undead. In this world, things are rather different. With no rule book to navigate...

The Lost Puppy

by Holly Webb & Sophy Williams

Ruby loves playing with Toby and can't wait to take him for proper walks – they'll have such fun! But on an outing to the woods, Toby's curious nature gets the better of him and he runs off in search of adventure....


by H. M. Castor

Destined for greatness... tormented by demons. VIII is the story of Hal: a young, handsome, gifted warrior, who believes he has been chosen to lead his people. But he is plagued by the ghosts of his family’s...

Neil Young FAQ: Everything Left to Know About the Iconic and Mercurial Rocker

The Frightened Kitten

by Holly Webb & Sophy Williams

When Maddy’s best friend moves away, Maddy feels like she’ll never be able to replace her. To cheer her up, her parents get her a kitten – a gorgeous tortoiseshell who she calls Biscuit. Biscuit quickly...

Rascal and the Wedding

by Holly Webb & Kate Pankhurst

When Ellie names her puppy Rascal, she doesn't realize how right she is! Auntie Gemma is getting married and Ellie is going to be a bridesmaid at the wedding. She'd love for Rascal to be part of her auntie's...

The Rescued Puppy

by Holly Webb & Sophy Williams

Twins Georgia and Adam can't wait to go on their holiday to the seaside - especially as it's the first time they're taking their new puppy, Lucky, with them. Lucky loves the seaside - chasing the waves, digging...

Misty the Adandoned Kitten

by Holly Webb & Sophy Williams

Amy has always loved cats and is thrilled when she spots a tiny little black kitten in her garden. Although she has no collar, she looks too well cared for to be a stray. Misty the kitten starts to spend more...

A Home for Rascal

by Holly Webb & Kate Pankhurst

When Ellie names her puppy Rascal, she doesn't realize how right she is! Ellie is delighted when her family decide to adopt a gorgeous Jack Russell puppy. Think of all the games they can play together! She only...

Jess the Lonely Puppy

by Holly Webb & Sophy Williams

When Chloe's big brother Will breaks his leg, he's stuck in hospital for weeks. Mum and Dad are frantic, and there's no one to look after the family's lively Border collie puppy, Jess. Jess is miserable and...

Alone in the Night

by Holly Webb & Sophy Williams

Jasmine is thrilled when her neighbours ask her to cat-sit while they go away for Christmas. Now she'll be able to spend her whole holiday with their beautiful kitten, Star. Star loves playing with Jasmine and...

Ginger the Stray Kitten

by Holly Webb & Sophy Williams

Rosie loves visiting the stray cats that live on the farm near her gran's house. Her favourite is a tiny kitten who she calls Ginger, because of his lovely orange fur. At first Ginger is very shy, then gradually...