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by Anuradha Kumar

`The battle raged in the skies ? Jatayu refused to give up, taking on Ravana with his giant claws and mighty wings?? He was majestic, he was strong, he was the wise king of birds. Blessed by the gods and armed...

Indian Mujahideen

by Shishir Gupta

Recent acts of terror have exploded the myth that Indian youth is insulated from the global terrorism phenomenon and had little time for extremism. The communal riots post the 1992 incident, the rise of the...

Third Best

by K. V.Arjun Rao

Welcome to Shore Mount ? one of India's most prestigious co-ed residential schools. Here, short skirts reign and sports stars are revered, and skinny dips and sneaking girls into boys' rooms are as much a part...

Rear Entrance

by David BarunKumar Thomas

Six months in dreary and cold Brussels ? and no headway with her handsome colleague Luc ? has convinced systems analyst Seetha, brought up in `steamy? Madras, that she must move on. The British Government?s...

Through the Forest Darkly

by Ranjan Kaul

Aseem, naïve and earnest, has just returned to Delhi to look for a job after completing his business studies. Disillusioned with his father Avinash?s uninspiring life, and desperately trying to carve a path...

Of Love and Politics

by Tuhin A Sinha

What happens when the political drama that unfords in the coutry's corridors of power, spills over to a complicated personal bond between three young people?

Bookmine: Beautiful Stories From Shakespeare

by Shakespeare

No-one can imagine English literature without Sir William Shakespeare, whose dramatic plays, sonnets and narrative poems have become timeless classics. Not only did he amass a cherished body of work, but four...

The Absent State

by Neelesh Misra

The spiralling crisis in Jammu and Kashmir; the Naxalite-Maoist menace that seems to be intensifying with every passing day; the disturbing reach of proxy governments run by militant groups in Manipur and Nagaland...

Man of a Thousand Chances

by Tulsi Badrinath

Harihar Arora: second-generation north Indian in Madras, museum curator, indifferent husband, indulgent father ? and thief. Desperate to meet his beloved daughter?s wedding expenses, the otherwise honest Harihar...

Branding Strategies for Success (Collection)

by Larry Light;Joan Kiddon;Brian D. Till;Do

3 breakthrough guides to building, revitalizing, and sustaining great brands — and profiting from them!


In three indispensable books, you’ll discover powerful new ways to build, rebuild, and sustain...

101 Amazing Spooky Jokes

by Jack Goldstein

This side-splitting collection of 101 of the spookiest jokes you have ever heard is scarily funny! Jack Goldstein drops his Hilarity-bomb on children of all ages with this amazing book containing over one hundred...

The Invisible Scars Collection

by Lyn Bradley

This fantastic collection features all three novels from Lyn Bradley's Invisible Scars collection: Invisible Scars, Fresh Wounds and To Keep Them Safe. The story is an epic romance between two characters - Liz...

101 Amazing Lightbulb Jokes

by Jack Goldstein

This side-splitting collection of 101 of the best lightbulb jokes you have ever heard is dangerously funny! Jack Goldstein aims his humour cannon at older children with this hilarious joke book containing over...

Snow on the Roof

by Anne Regan

"Just because there's snow on the roof, doesn't mean the fire's gone out in the furnace." There's something to be said for maturity and experience, and in all of these relationships, at least one of the lovers...

Venetian Masks

by Kim Fielding

Jeff Dawkins's last partner left him with a mortgage he can't afford and nonrefundable tickets for a month's vacation in Europe. Despite a reluctance to travel, Jeff decides to go on the trip anyway. After all,...

Choices and Changes

by K.L. Belanger

On the cusp of his twenty-fifth birthday, Bo Sanford grows frustrated with his directionless life. Slaving away at his father's construction company all week and partying every weekend leaves him little time...

Weekend Agreement

by Barbara Wallace

Cynical billionaire Daniel Moretti works hard, plays harder, and has one ironclad rule. Never trust a woman. Bad news for historian Charlotte Doherty who shows up at exactly the wrong time. Like every other...

Holiday Affair

by Annie Seaton

Holiday Affair (Entangled Indulgence) by Annie Seaton

Staid professor Lissy McIntyre believes that choosing a mate should be based on common sense, not runaway passion. And she would certainly never pick a rolling...

Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire

by Nina Croft

Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire by Nina Croft

Seduction by any means necessary…

Olivia Brent is happy with her quiet life in the country, until the imminent loss of her home forces her to embark on a...

Coming Around: Parenting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Kids

by Anne Dohrenwend

“I’m gay.” When a child confides these words to a parent, they can totally transform the relationship. Whether that results in a closer bond or a broken one is dependent upon the parent's ability to accept,...