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Brickwork and Bricklaying

by Jon Collinson

Brickwork and Bricklaying is written for those who are new to the craft of bricklaying, and those who are improving their skills. It provides an overview of the materials, processes, craft skills and related...

Build Your Own Brick House

by Gerald Cole

Build Your Own Brick House follows the process of a self-build, using traditional brick and block techniques, enabling the self-builder to understand both the individual stages and the nature of the build as...

In the Bag!

by Margaret Allen

In the Bag! offers a fresh approach to gundog training for beginners and seasoned trainers alike. It contains sound advice on the selection of your Labrador Retriever and valuable information regarding his care...

Drawing and Painting Insects

by Andrew Tyzack

Drawing and Painting Insects is a beautiful and inspiring guide. Whatever your experience, whether new to the subject or a seasoned entomologist, this book will help you capture the beauty of insects by helping...

Competitive Archer

by Simon Needham

The Competitive Archer provides practical advice to archers showing them a path to success in their competition performance, taking them from keen weekend competitors to top athletes in the world arena.The book...

Golden Boy

by Rosemary Friedman

This is one of Rosemary Friedman's best-loved novels. Freddie Lomax is a slick, work-driven city executive. He is popular, good-looking and sociable with a comfortable lifestyle and a successful marriage. This...

Heat Pumps for the Home

by John Cantor & Gavin Harper

In recent years, heat pumps have emerged as a promising new form of technology with a relatively low environmental impact. Moreover, they have presented householders with an opportunity to reduce their heating...

History of Electric Cars

by Nigel Burton

One hundred years ago electric cars were the most popular automobiles in the world. In the late nineteenth century and at the start of the twentieth century, they outsold every other type of car. And yet, within...

Kit Building for Railway Modellers

by George Dent

Most modellers, regardless of what scale they work in, rely heavily on the humble plastic or metal kit, and this book will help both novice and more experienced modellers to achieve the very best results. George...

Netball Practices and Training

by Anita Navin

Netball Practices and Training offers a comprehensive guide to planning netball training sessions with an emphasis on decision-making. Ensuring a player is equipped with the technical and tactical skills should...

The Invention of Memory

by Simon Loftus

‘A series of beautifully rendered evocations of landscape, people, attitudes, emblems and events. It treats the sweep of a melancholy history with the utmost poise and discernment.’ Irish Times ‘A fascinating...

Complete Loft Conversion Book

by Julian Owen

Loft conversions are one of the most popular types of home alteration and, as this book shows, they can be an enormously useful and stylish addition to a house. If you have not been involved in a building project...

Re-Educating Racehorses

by Fred Cook & Rowena Jane Simmonds

This fully comprehensive book guides the reader through the process of acquiring and subsequently re-training a racehorse. It provides an in-depth look at what life was like for the horse at the racing yard...

Practical Sheep Keeping

by Kim Cardell

Practical Sheep Keeping explains everything you need to know to manage sheep and keep them healthy. Aimed particularly at the keeper of the small flock - say around thirty ewes - the principles nevertheless...

Wooden-Bodied Vehicles

by Colin Peck

Wooden-Bodied Vehicles - Buying, Building, Restoring and Maintaining provides practical advice for anybody who is contemplating the purchase, restoration or even the building of a wooden-framed vehicle. It will...

Principles and Practice of Weight and Strength Training

by Greg Weller

The practical application of exercise theory by strength and conditioning coaches the world over has helped develop exercise research knowledge into effective training methods. Principles and Practice of Weight...

Llamas and Alpacas

by Gina Bromage

As well as being adorable animals with a thick, warm fleece, llamas and alpacas are also intelligent, discerning, curious and sociable. In addition they are docile, gentle and easily trained. Natural grazers...

Drawn to Perfection

by Victoria Owens

When Caelica catches the attention of a rich landowner’s son, it falls on her to improve the family fortune by making a good marriage. But how far should she go?

Vintage Couture Tailoring

by Thomas von Nordheim

Traditional tailoring is a fascinating craft, which has not changed for many centuries, however, the techniques are now known only by a few practising in the best couture ateliers and bespoke tailor's workrooms....

Model Making for Architects

by Matt Driscoll

Model making is a beautiful and skilful craft, and architectural model making is a vital part of the building process. The architectural model is often the first time that a building is visualized in 3D. It...