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Heat Islands: Understanding and Mitigating Heat in Urban Areas

by Lisa Mummery Mummery Gartland

Heat islands are urban and suburban areas that are significantly warmer than their surroundings. Traditional, highly absorptive construction materials and a lack of effective landscaping are their main causes....

Keeping the Lights on: Towards Sustainable Electricity

by Walt Patterson

�This is such a timely book. Combining extraordinary historical insight with the sharpest analysis of where we are now, Walt Patterson carves out the most applied and practical of 'road maps' as to where we...

Marginalized Reproduction: Ethnicity, Infertility and Reproductive Technologies

by Lorraine Culley, Floor van van Rooij & Nicky Hudson

Worldwide, over 75 million people are involuntarily childless, a devastating experience for many with significant consequences for the social and psychological well-being of women in particular. Despite greater...

Multifunctional Rural Land Management: Economics and Policies

by Floor Brouwer & C. Martijn Martijn van de van der Heide

The increasing demand for rural land and its natural resources is creating competition and conflicts. Many interested parties, including farmers, nature conservationists, rural residents and tourists, compete...

Planning and Installing Photovoltaic Systems: A Guide for Installers, Architects and Engineers

by Deutsche Gesellschaft Fur Sonnenene Dgs

Growth in photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing worldwide continues its upward trajectory. This bestselling guide has become the essential tool for installers, engineers and architects, detailing every subject necessary...

Policy and Strategic Behaviour in Water Resource Management

by Ariel Dinar

Water resource management throughout the world is a very complicated issue, involving various aspects and dimensions and a well-coordinated set of policies. A well-designed water policy is a multi-faceted concerted...

Positive Development: From Vicious Circles to Virtuous Cycles Through Built Environment Design

by Janis Birkeland

Janis Birkeland presents the innovative new paradigm of 'Positive Development' in which the built environment provides greater life quality, health, amenity and safety for all without sacrificing resources or...

Reconciling Human Existence with Ecological Integrity: Science, Ethics, Economics and Law

by Klaus Bosselmann, Richard Westra & Laura Westra

'The ecological challenge demands a paradigm shift in our thinking about the human-environment relation. Reconciling Human Existence with Ecological Integrity provides a �state of the art� account of work...

Renewable Energy: A Global Review of Technologies, Policies and Markets

by Dirk Assmann

'offers knowledge and inspiration to promote renewable energy in developing and industrialized countries' Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director of UNEP From technology to financing issues, Renewable Energy offers...

Renewable Energy Project Development Under the Clean Development Mechanism: A Guide for Latin America

by Elizabeth Lokey

This definitive guide to developing renewable energy CDM projects in Latin America - the largest market on the doorstep of the United States - provides business leaders, investors, project developers and host...

Resolving Messy Policy Problems: Handling Conflict in Environmental, Transport, Health and Ageing Policy

by Steven Michael Michael Ney

Our lives increasingly take place in ever more complex and interconnected networks that blur the boundaries we have traditionally used to define our social and political spaces. Accordingly, the policy problems...

State of the World 2008: Ideas and Opportunities for Sustainable Economies

by Worldwatch Institute

The environmentalist's bible' Times Higher Education Supplement. 'Essential reading' The Good Book Guide. 'The most comprehensive, up-to-date, and accessible summaries ... on the global environment' E. O. Wilson,...

Strategic Environmental Assessment in International and European Law: A Practitioner's Guide

by Simon Halstead Halstead Marsden

Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) is a regulatory requirement for development across Europe, North America, Australasia and elsewhere, yet understanding the legal aspects is challenging. This comprehensive...

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security in an Era of Oil Scarcity: Lessons from Cuba

by Julia Wright

When other nations are forced to rethink their agricultural and food security strategies in light of the post-peak oil debate, they only have one living example to draw from: that of Cuba in the 1990s. Based...

Sustainable Consumer Services: Business Solutions for Household Markets

by Minna Halme

The goal for consumer oriented business should be to make a profit and to do it without costing the Earth. Yet exactly how to satisfy the needs and wants of consumers without contributing to environmental degradation...

Switching to Renewable Power: A Framework for the 21st Century

by Volkmar Lauber

Renewable energy has enjoyed relatively good - and sometimes extraordinary - growth in recent years, in particular photovoltaics and wind; but it will be difficult to sustain such rates of diffusion on a global...

The Art of City Making

by Charles Landry

City-making is an art, not a formula. The skills required to re-enchant the city are far wider than the conventional ones like architecture, engineering and land-use planning. There is no simplistic, ten-point...

The Economics of Biodiversity Conservation: Valuation in Tropical Forest Ecosystems

by K.N N Ninan

Economic valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services is possibly the most powerful tool for halting the loss of biodiversity while maintaining incomes and livelihoods. Yet rarely have such approaches been...

The Handbook of Biomass Combustion and Co-Firing

by Jaap Koppejan & Sjaak van van Loo

This unique handbook presents both the theory and application of biomass combustion and co-firing, from basic principles to industrial combustion and environmental impact, in a clear and comprehensive manner....

The Handbook of Community Safety Gender and Violence Prevention: Practical Planning Tools

by Carolyn Whitzman

Violence and insecurity are among the most important issues facing communities in the 21st century. Both family violence and community violence are rapidly rising in the urbanizing nations of the �South�,...