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Emerging Risks: A Strategic Management Guide

by Catherine Antoinette Raimbault & Anne Barr

Emerging Risks: A Strategic Management Guide restores the constructive dialogue between the business professional and the expert/scientist community, essential if companies are to anticipate, plan ahead and...

Winning Your Rebid: How to Retain Contracts Through Successful Competitive Rebids

by Nigel Thacker

Losing any contract during the rebid phase has a major impact on a business. Investment in time, effort and resources on rebids can underpin significant increases in growth, at a lower cost than from new business...

The Focused Organization: How Concentrating on a Few Key Initiatives Can Dramatically Improve Strategy Execution

by Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez

One of the weaknesses in both project and portfolio management has been the limited extent to which organizations have connected these activities to their key strategic needs. Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez shows you...

Really Wild Tea Cosies

by Loani Prior

From the author of Wild Tea Cosies comes an entertaining, inspiring, and easy-to-follow book featuring 20 even wilder knitted tea cosies With this very accessible guide, crafters can turn a functional item...

Eaten by a Giant Clam: Great Adventures in Natural Science

by Joseph Cummins

The inspiring exploration stories of natural scientists in the field from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries The history of natural science is often a case of truth being stranger than fiction, as is evidenced...


by Steven O'Connor

Take up your controller—time is running out as a new kind of game becomes more and more addictive It's the year 2050. In a city with ziprams that screech across the horizon and hyperboards that zoom through...

Whittlin' Whistles: How to Make Music with your Pocket Knife

by Rick Wiebe

One of the signature projects whittlers enjoy working on is the whistle, and this book addresses each and every detail of successful whistle making. With a pocket knife and some readily available materials,...

Everything the Bible Says About Angels and Demons: What Do Angels Look Like?   Is Satan a Fallen Angel?   Are Demons Real?   Are Angels Sent to Protec

by Baker Group

Includes every Scripture passage relating to angels and demons along with brief commentaries to help you develop a clear, Biblical point of view.

Dallas and the Spitfire: An Old Car, an Ex-Con, and an Unlikely Friendship

by Ted Kluck & Dallas Jahncke

The gripping true story of an old car, an ex-con, and a suburban dad--and the life-changing consequences of their unlikely friendship.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Finding Wisdom and Meaning in the Parts of the Bible Most People Skip

by Boyd Seevers

In a friendly, accessible way, a Bible professor shows how you can learn and grow from the often ignored and overlooked parts of the Bible.

Ties that Bind

by Judith Pella & Tracie Peterson

When Jordana Baldwin meets Rich O'Brian again, romantic sparks fly; but will the past--and their competing interests-keep them apart or bring them together?


by R. Larson

In this imaginative new fantasy series, Ela becomes the Infinite's first woman prophet, but will her role cost a nation its unity--and her life?

Black and Blue: The Origins and Consequences of Medical Racism

by John Hoberman

Black & Blue is the first systematic description of how American doctors think about racial differences and how this kind of thinking affects the treatment of their black patients. The standard studies of medical...

Embryos in Deep Time: The Rock Record of Biological Development

by Marcelo R. Sánchez

How can we bring together the study of genes, embryos and fossils? Embryos in Deep Time is a critical synthesis of the study of individual development in fossils. It brings together an up-to-date review of concepts...


by Anne Stengl

Undertaking a dangerous quest, Prince Lionheart must enter hidden realms to stop the King from waking the Dragon's children--and rescue the girl he betrayed.

What Color Is Your Smoothie?: From Red Berry Roundup to Super Smart Purple Tart--300 Recipes for Vibrant Health

by Britt Allen Brandon & Nicole Cormier

Eating the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables isn't always easy. Even if you do, you still might not be getting the wide range of vitamins and minerals you need. Each color group of fruits and...

The Everything Couponing Book: Clip Your Way to Incredible Savings!

by Karen Wilmes

Want to save money on the items you buy every week?

Want to learn how to find deals without spending hours looking for them?

Want to leave a store with money in your pocket?

Then it's time to start couponing!...

Tortured Artists: From Picasso and Monroe to Warhol and Winehouse, the Twisted Secrets of the World's Most Creative Minds

by Christopher Zara & Robbie Lee

Great art comes from great pain.

Or that's the impression left by these haunting profiles. Pieced together, they form a revealing mosaic of the creative mind. It's like viewing an exhibit from the therapist's...

The Everything Kids' Baseball Book: From Baseball's History to Today's Favorite Players-With Lots of Home Run Fun in Between

by Greg Jacobs

Do you know:

How players make it into the hall of fame?

Who holds the record for the most stolen bases?

What the "curse of the Bambino" is?

The Everything Kids' Baseball Book, 7th Edition answers these questions...

The Everything Whole Foods Cookbook: Includes: Strawberry Rhubarb Smoothie, Spicy Bison Burgers, Zucchini-Garlic Chili, Herbed Salmon Cakes, Pineapple

by Rachel Rappaport

Want to improve your health, prevent illnesses, and achieve and maintain a healthy body weight? Whole foods are the answer!

This comprehensive cookbook incorporates an incredible variety of nourishing foods...