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Collaborative Environmental Management: What Roles for Government-1

by Tomas M. Koontz, Toddi A. Steelman & JoAnn Carmin

Collaboration has become a popular approach to environmental policy, planning, and management. At the urging of citizens, nongovernmental organizations, and industry, government officials at all levels have...

The Arab State

by Adham Saouli

This book explores the conditions of state formation and survival in the Middle East. Based on Historical Sociology, it provides a model for study of the state in the Arab world and a theory to explain its...

The European Union and Multilateral Trade Governance: The Politics of the Doha Round

by Arlo Poletti

What role does the EU play in WTO trade negotiations? What are the implications for the EU of the expansion of the international trade agenda that has taken place in the last fifteen years? The European Union...

A History of Management Thought

by Morgen Witzel

For the past three thousand years people have been thinking about the problems of management. This book shows how thinking about management has evolved and changed. It shows how changing social, political and...

Critical Theory in International Relations and Security Studies

by Shannon Brincat, Laura Lima & Joao Nunes

This book provides an assessment of the legacy, challenges and future directions of Critical Theory in the fields of International Relations and Security Studies.

This book provides 'first-hand' interviews with...

Film Theory

by Warren Buckland

In Film Theory: Rational Reconstructions, Warren Buckland asks a series of questions about how film theory gets written in the first place:

  • How does it select its objects of study and its methods of inquiry?...

The State of the World's Land and Water Resources for Food and Agriculture: Managing Systems at Risk

by Food and Agricult of the United Nations

The State of the World's Land and Water Resources for Food and Agriculture is FAO's first flagship publication on the global status of land and water resources. It is an 'advocacy' report, to be published every...

Arms Control and Missile Proliferation in the Middle East

by Bernd W. Kubbig & Sven-Eric Fikenscher

This edited volume provides a systematic analysis of the missile threat and proliferation issue in the Middle East region.

The question of how to increase the level of security in the Middle East is not a new...

The Rise of Planning in Industrial America, 1865-1914

by Richard Adelstein

Central economic planning is often associated with failed state socialism, and modern capitalism celebrated as its antithesis. This book shows that central planning is not always, or even primarily, a state...

Tradition, Democracy and the Townscape of Kyoto

by Christoph Brumann

As the historic capital of the country and the stronghold of the nation's most celebrated traditions, the city of Kyoto holds a unique place in the Japanese imagination. Widely praised for the beauty of its...

Consumer-Brand Relationships

by Susan Fournier, Michael Breazeale & Marc Fetscherin

The creation and management of customer relationships is fundamental to the practice of marketing. Marketers have long maintained a keen interest in relationships: what they are, why they are formed, what effects...

Promoting Silicon Valleys in Latin America

by Luciano Ciravegna

The spectacular economic performance of China, East Asia and India during the last ten years has ignited some profound changes in the world economy. The share of global demand, investments, trade and production...

Theological Approaches to Qur'anic Exegesis

by Hussein Abdul-Raof

This book provides a comprehensive and systematic analysis of the various schools of Qur'anic exegesis, from the earliest periods through to the present day.

Employing a comparative-contrastive methodology,...

Governing the Energy Transition

by Geert Verbong & Derk Loorbach

The Energy Transition, the inevitable shift away from cheap, centralized, largely fossil-based energy systems, is one of the core challenges of our time. This book provides a coherent and novel insight into...

Why We Take Drugs

by Tom Yardley

In older cultures, the use of intoxicant drugs was integrated into the rhythms of social existence and bounded by rituals and taboos that ensured their dangerous forces were contained and channelled. In modern...

The Alignment Factor: Leveraging the Power of Total Stakeholder Support

by Cees B.M. Van Riel

The importance of creating a favourable impression is hard to overstate in all walks of life - in business it's vital to achieve strategic goals. Customers, journalists, bloggers, investors, governments and...

International Perspectives of Festivals and Events

by Jane Ali-Knight, Alan Fyall & Martin Robertson

International Perspectives of Festivals and Events addresses contemporary issues concerning the potential of festivals and events to produce economic, social, cultural and community benefits. Incorporating a...

An International Handbook of Tourism Education

by David Airey & John Tribe

As tourism matures as an academic subject and the number of tourism higher education providers continues to expand world-wide, there is an increasing interest in its educational aspects. At the same time the...

Benchmarking National Tourism Organisations and Agencies

by John Lennon, Hugh Smith & Nancy Cockerell

This book examines comparative performance and best practice in National Tourism Organisations/ Administrations from extensive research carried out in 2003 and 2004. It compares qualitative and quantitative...

Development for High Performance Revised Edition

by Elearn

Management Extra brings all the best management thinking together in one package.

The series fuses key ideas with applied activities to help managers examine and improve how they work in practice.