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Attitude is Your Paintbrush: It Colors Every Situation

by James W. Moore

Thirteen ways to turn a negative attitude into one that blesses you and the people around you.

Race and Theology

by Elaine A. Robinson

Even in the Church, justice for some is justice for none.

The Teaming Church: Ministry in the Age of Collaboration

by Robert C Crosby

Learn the secrets of creative collaboration.

Eden Rise

by Robert Norrell

In Eden Rise Tom McKee, a white college freshman, returns to his home in the Alabama Black Belt in the summer of 1965 and becomes embroiled in a civil-rights conflict that divides his family, his town, and his...

American Methodism: A Compact History

Thankful: Practicing the Grace of Gratitude: 52 Weekly Devotions

by Karen Moore-Artl

What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for today?

Being United Methodist: What It Means, Why It Matters

The Christmas Star

by Ace Collins

Can the broken heart of a child be healed by an unexpected Christmas letter?

Wisdom from Lyle E. Schaller: The Elder Statesman of Church Leadership

Come On Home: Healing the Homesickness of the Soul

by James W. Moore

You are forgiven, and you can come home.

Is There a Future for God's Love?: An Evangelical Theology

by Henry H., III Knight

Is postmodernism right? Is every articulation of purpose for humanity arbitrary or meant to exert power?  Author, Henry H. Knight III, says, "No," by interpreting evangelical theology's insistence on religious...

Kettlebell Circuit Training: Hardcore Kettlebell Workouts

by James McHale

Kettlebell Circuit Training is the essential guide to training with kettlebells, whether you're a beginner, an expert or somewhere in between. This book contains six action packed circuits and over 30 different...

Mind Over Mat: Having Fun While Focusing on What Matters

by Jenny Gallagher

Is there something you want to achieve or obtain? Jenny provides a new approach to creating positive change through seemingly unrelated and enjoyable activities. If you are not getting the results you want from...

Lawful Abuse Lawful Abuse: How the Century of the Child Became the Century of the Corpohow the Century of the Child Became the Century of the Cor

by Robert Flynn

A powerful indictment of America’s abandonment of human beings, and children in particular, in favor of corporations, this account exposes the child labor, indentured servitude, and child slavery that are...

A Heart on Fire: Rediscovering Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

by James, S.J. Kubicki

A lively introduction to one of the greatest Catholic devotions--the Sacred Heart of Jesus--showing clearly how the Heart of Christ can be a source of joyful transformation for contemporary Catholics. The Sacred...

Interpersonal Social Work Skills for Community Practice

by Donna Hardina


This text describes the essential interpersonal skills that social workers need in community practice and helps students to cultivate them. Drawing from empirical literature on community social work practice...

Beside Two Rivers: Daughters of the Potomac - Book 2

by Rita Gerlach

A tale of love won and love lost, and the faith to find it again.

Deeply Loved: 40 Ways in 40 Days to Experience the Heart of Jesus

by Keri Wyatt Kent

God loved the world so much that he gave his only son; this book will help you understand what that means for you, personally.

The Thirteen Apostles

by J. Ellsworth Kalas

Kalas breathes fresh life into the faith of the men who journeyed with Jesus.

The Heart's Journey: Stitches in Time Series | Book 2

by Barbara Cameron

A choice for love can change everything.