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A Philosophical Essay on Probabilities

by Marquis de Laplace

Without the use of higher mathematics, this classic demonstrates the application of probability to games of chance, physics, reliability of witnesses, astronomy, insurance, democratic government, and many other...

The Story of the Malakand Field Force

by Winston Churchill

The great statesman was also a Nobel Prize–winning author. His first book chronicles an 1897 British military campaign against the tribes of the Northwest Frontier, in the vicinity of modern Pakistan and Afghanistan....

The Nature of the Judicial Process

by Benjamin N. Cardozo

In this legal classic, a former Associate Supreme Court Justice explains the conscious and unconscious processes by which a judge decides a case and the ways rulings are guided and shaped.

The Voyage Out

by Virginia Woolf

A moving depiction of the thrills and confusion of youth, Woolf's acclaimed first novel traces a shipboard journey to South America for a captivating exploration of a woman's growing self-awareness.

A White Heron and Other Stories

by Sarah Orne Jewett

Wonderfully descriptive prose from distinguished regionalist writer includes 10 tales dealing with female friendships, poverty, and compassion: "The Town Poor," "Miss Peck’s Promotion," "The Passing of Sister...

Art Students' Anatomy

by Edmond J. Farris

Long-time favorite in art schools. Basic elements, common positions, and actions. Full text, 158 illustrations.

The History of Rasselas: Prince of Abissinia

by Samuel Johnson

The distinguished English writer's only novel provides a compelling glimpse of his moral views as he assails 18th-century optimism and man's unrealistic estimates of what life has to offer.

Early Domestic Architecture of Connecticut

by J. Frederick Kelly

Very thorough examination of style, construction; many measured drawings. 150 houses, 1650 to 1800. 434 illus. 210pp of text. .

Animal Painting and Anatomy

by W. Frank Calderon

Useful information on important anatomical features, directions on how to handle subjects, and how to express their forms and postures. 224 illustrations.

Medieval Costume in England and France: The 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries

by Mary G. Houston

Splendid pictorial documentation, carefully researched, of royal apparel, ecclesiastical dress and vestments, academic and legal garments, and civilian dress of all classes.

Stochastic Differential Equations and Applications

by Avner Friedman

Originally published in 2 volumes, this text develops the theory of systems of stochastic differential equations and presents applications in probability, partial differential equations, and stochastic control...

The 1912 and 1915 Gustav Stickley Craftsman Furniture Catalogs

by Gustav Stickley

With over 200 detailed illustrations and descriptions, these two catalogs are essential reading and reference materials and identification guides for Stickley furniture. Captions cite materials, dimensions,...

Daniel Boone's Own Story & The Adventures of Daniel Boone

by Daniel Boone & Francis Lister Hawkes

This two-part tale features reminiscences in the legendary frontiersman's own words and a profile of his entire life, with exciting accounts of blazing the Wilderness Road and serving as a militiaman during...

Old Queens, N.Y., in Early Photographs: 261 Prints

by Vincent F. Seyfried & William Asadorian

Recalls "good old days" in Maspeth, Jamaica, Astoria, Jackson Heights, other areas: DeWitt Clinton mansion, hotel where Washington slept (1790), plus recent landmarks — Astoria Studios, 1939 World's Fair,...

Vectors, Tensors and the Basic Equations of Fluid Mechanics

by Rutherford Aris

Introductory text, geared toward advanced undergraduate and graduate students, applies mathematics of Cartesian and general tensors to physical field theories and demonstrates them in terms of the theory of...

Vector and Tensor Analysis with Applications

by A. I. Borisenko, I. E. Tarapov & Richard A. Silverman

Concise, readable text ranges from definition of vectors and discussion of algebraic operations on vectors to the concept of tensor and algebraic operations on tensors. Worked-out problems and solutions. 1968...

The London Underworld in the Victorian Period: Authentic First-Person Accounts by Beggars, Thieves and Prostitutes

by Henry Mayhew

The first and possibly the greatest sociological study of poverty in 19th-century London, this survey features true stories of degradation, horror, and desperation that rival Dickensian fiction.

Charles S. Peirce, Selected Writings

by Charles S. Peirce & Philip P. Wiener

Science, material, idealism, pragmaticism, history of scientific thought. With Buchler's book, best way to approach notoriously cryptic philosopher. Features 24 selections including "The Place of Our Age in...

Everyday Internet at Any Age: The Easy Guide to Everything Online

by Todd Alexander

People aged 55 and up, who don?t use the Internet each day in their work, often find it daunting to search for the information on the net, and often don?t even know where to begin. While Baby Boomers represent...

Outback Survival

by Bob Cooper

Bob Cooper?s incredible bushcraft skills have been developed through more than 25 years? experience in the Australia?s harsh outback. He has picked up the tools of survival from time spent living with traditional...