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Political Economy After Economics: Scientific Method and Radical Imagination

by David Laibman

This re-incorporation of economics into political economy is one (small, but not insignificant) element in a larger project: to place all of the resources of present-day social-scientific research at the service...

Introduction to Electrical Installation Work

by Trevor Linsley

This introductory guide to electrical installation work provides all the key concepts and practical know-how you need to pass your course, minus the difficult maths and complicated theory

Written in a clear,...

A Practical Approach to Motor Vehicle Engineering and Maintenance

by Allan Bonnick

Fully updated and in line with latest specifications, this textbook integrates vehicle maintenance procedures, making it the indispensable first classroom and workshop text for all students of motor vehicle...

Advanced Electrical Installation Work

by Trevor Linsley

This textbook covers all the material you need to pass the first part of the new City & Guilds 2357 Diploma in Electrotechnical Technology.

Aligned with the 17th edition IEE Wiring Regulations, this new edition...

Introduction to Health and Safety at Work

by Phil Hughes & Ed Ferrett

Learn more about health and safety with this NEBOSH-endorsed textbook, written and designed specifically to help you pass your course.

  • Matched to the NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health...

Order and Control in American Socio-Economic Thought

by Charles McCann

The Progressive Era is generally regarded as a period of extraordinary social, political, and economic change, affecting virtually every aspect of American life. In the last decades of the nineteenth century,...

Common Language Assessment for English Learners

by Margo Gottlieb

Learn how to plan, implement, and evaluate common language assessments for your English learners. With this step-by-step guide, teachers, school leaders, and administrators will find organizing principles, lead...

Kidnapped? & I Got You, Babe: Kidnapped?\I Got You, Babe

by Jacqueline Diamond & Bonnie Tucker

KIDNAPPED? by Jacqueline Diamond

Hostage to love…

Reporter Melanie Mulcahy can hardly believe her good luck. She's been kidnapped by Hal "The Iceman" Smothers. By sticking close, she'll have a story that will...

The Bloodiest Year 1972: British Soldiers in Northern Ireland in Their Own Words

by Ken Wharton

1972 was the bloodiest year of an already bloody conflict played out on the streets of Northern Ireland. Over twelve months the country was rocked by the atrocities of Bloody Friday and the Claudy bombing, civilian...

Reflexology: Reference to Go: 50 Healing Techniques

by Katy Dreyfuss

Encourage well-being in yourself and others with reflexology, an age-old, hands-on therapy. Using gentle pressure on specific spots of the hands, feet, and ears, the practice of reflexology relieves the tensions...

Best of the West 2011: New Stories from the Wide Side of the Missouri

by D. Seth Horton, James Thomas & Ana Castillo

Best of the West: New Stories from the Wide Side of the Missouri, an annual anthology of exceptional short fiction rooted in the western United States, debuted in 1988 and continued publication until 1992. Recognizing...

The Trials of Eroy Brown: The Murder Case That Shook the Texas Prison System

by Michael Berryhill

In April 1981, two white Texas prison officials died at the hands of a black inmate at the Ellis prison farm near Huntsville. Warden Wallace Pack and farm manager Billy Moore were the highest-ranking Texas prison...

Never In A Million Years

by Jonny Zucker & Ivor Baddiel

The first end of the world prediction was recorded one second after the Big Bang and since then it has become the daddy of all predictions with, to date, no one getting it right. And human beings have been around...

Slitgut and Emerald Eyes: Dragon Blood Pirates: Book Thirteen

by Dan Jerris & Rory Walker

Captain Slitgut wants to be king of the Dragon Blood Pirates. First he steals the emerald eyes from the idol on Sabre Island, then he plans to come back and kill all the elephants! Will Al and Owen be able to...

Dead Man's Whirlpool: Dragon Blood Pirates: Book Fourteen

by Dan Jerris & Rory Walker

Al and Owen return to the Dragon Blood Islands, only to be captured by Captain Slitgut. He forces them to walk the plank and they are sucked into the dreaded Dead Man's Whirlpool. No one makes it out of there...

Graveyard Diamonds: Dragon Blood Pirates: Book Sixteen

by Dan Jerris & Rory Walker

A fortune in diamonds is buried in a grave on Casket Island. Al and Owen set sail to find the treasure with Captain Gunner and his crew. But can they trust everyone on board? And what other secrets does the...

Ransom: Dragon Blood Pirates: Book Seventeen

by Dan Jerris & Rory Walker

The dreaded Captain Slitgut has kidnapped Al's sister, Hally, and her friend Grenda. Al and Owen must rescue the girls, but a jungle of angry apes, a perilous cliff and three huge bloodthirsty dogs stand in...

The Power of the Sabre: Dragon Blood Pirates: Book Eighteen

by Dan Jerris & Rory Walker

Deep in the heart of Dragon Island lies the sorcerer's workshop. Does it hold the key to unleashing the power of the Dragon Blood Sabre? And will Al and Owen be able to harness its magic before it falls into...

Voodoo Temple: Dragon Blood Pirates: Book Fifteen

by Dan Jerris & Rory Walker

Legends say there is treasure hidden deep within the abandoned voodoo temple on Ruby Island. But the treasure is cursed, and Al and Owen are warned not to go looking for it. Will they heed the warning?

The People's Poet: William Barnes of Dorset

by Alan Chedzoy

Born the child of an agricultural labourer in Dorset's Blackmore Vale, by self-education William Barnes (1801-1886) rose to be a lawyer's clerk, a schoolmaster, a much-loved clergyman, and a scholar who could...