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Dreams of Totality: Where We Are When There's Nothing at the Center

by Sherry Salman

Dreams of Totality explores images of wholeness in cultures from ancient civilizations through today. It explains why symbols of totality appear without fail in response to chaos and distress, how they subsequently...

Her Birth

by Rebecca Goss

A poem sequence that is spare, tender, and haunting, this book navigates the difficult territory of grief and loss. Poet Rebecca Goss’s newborn daughter Ella was diagnosed with severe Ebstein’s Anomaly,...

Reinventing Metal: The True Story of Pantera and the Tragically Short Life of Dimebag Darrell

by Neil Daniels

(Book). Pantera is widely regarded as one of the most influential and revered American metal bands of the past 20 years. Although its output was relatively short from 1983 to 2000 it released only nine studio...

Love, Peace, and Soul: Behind the Scenes of America's Favorite Dance Show Soul Train: Classic Moments

by Ericka Blount Danois

(Book). Love, Peace, and Soul tells the story of the television phenomenon known as Soul Train , a show created in the land of bell bottoms, afros, and soul power; a show that became the touchstone of the Baby...

Thinking Dead: What the Zombie Apocalypse Means

by Murali, Balaji

Thinking Dead: What the Zombie Apocalypse Means, edited by Murali Balaji, examines various aspects of the zombie apocalypse scenario from the perspective of a variety of theoretical frameworks. Essays in the...

Roger Waters: The Man Behind the Wall

by Dave Thompson

(Book). To some, he is the face behind classic Pink Floyd. To others, he is the temperament behind some of the greatest albums of the rock era. And to others still, he is one of the most original songwriters...

Republic of Kazakhstan: 2013 Article IV Consultation

by International Monetary Fund. Midd Dept.

In recent years, the IMF has released a growing number of reports and other documents covering economic and financial developments and trends in member countries. Each report, prepared by a staff team after...

Republic of Kazakhstan: Selected Issues

by International Monetary Fund. Midd Dept.

In recent years, the IMF has released a growing number of reports and other documents covering economic and financial developments and trends in member countries. Each report, prepared by a staff team after...

Guide to the Flight Review: For Pilots & Instructors

by Jackie Spanitz

Newly revised to reflect the latest procedural and regulatory changes mandated by the FAA, Guide to the Flight Review informs both pilots and flight instructors about the exam, and lists questions with succinct...

Texas: Portrait of a State

by Laurence Parent

Photographer Laurence Parent showcases the remarkable geographic diversity of the Lone Star State. In an elegantly designed gift format with more than 100 photos, all of Texas is on spectacular display, from...

Successful Grant Writing, 4th Edition: Strategies for Health and Human Service Professionals

by Laura N., PhD Gitlin & Kevin J., PhD Lyons

"This book is easy to read and understand. It is a great resource for individuals wishing to write grants. I have not seen another book that is this comprehensive and user-friendly." Score: 92, 4 Stars.--Michalene...

Evolutionary Psychology 101

by Glenn, PhD Geher

ìAt long last, a readable, accessible, user friendly introduction to evolutionary psychology written by a rising star in the field. This book, filled with a broad array of fascinating topics, is bound to further...

Nine Lives: Ethnic Conflict in the Polish-Ukrainian Borderlands

by Julian Preece, Waldemar Lotnik & Neal Ascherson

Moving memoir of ethnic conflict between Poles and Ukrainians during the Second World War, described by Neal Ascherson as 'a missing fragment of the history of this barbarous continent'.

The Face of Spain

by Gerald Brenan & Michael Jacobs

Brenan's account of his return to Spain after the Civil War makes fascinating reading: one of the first people to search for Lorca's unmarked grave, he also muses on the great mosque in Cordoba and ancient synagogues...

Bigot Hall: A Gothic Childhood

by Steve Aylett

Bigot Hall is the nightmare home of a family that most people would prefer to forget, but which Steve Aylett chooses to celebrate.

The Crime Studio

by Steve Aylett

Beerlight, the city of all of our futures, is not a safe place. Weaponry, rather than fast cars or designer clothes, is the ultimate status symbol. The populace is dedicated to law-breaking, politically incorrect...

Chesterton Is Everywhere

by David Fagerberg & David Mills

With the wit and style of G. K. Chesterton, D. W. Fagerberg serves a series of perceptive and entertaining essays organized around themes intrinsic to daily life: happiness, the ordinary home, social reform,...

Waterfall Lover's Guide Pacific Northwest: Where to Find Hundreds of Spectacular Waterfalls in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, 5th Edition

Brotherhood and Others

by Mark Sullivan

Robin Monarch––called "one of the most compelling heroes since Jason Bourne" (Lisa Gardner)––is introduced in these propulsive, nerve-wracking stories. Presented with a special excerpt from OUTLAW, Mark...


by G. K. Chesterton

"The word "heresy" not only means no longer being wrong; it practically means being clear-headed and courageous. The word "orthodoxy" not only no longer means being right; it practically means being wrong."...