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Influencing Others: Growing in Godly Leadership

by Youth For Christ

More than ever, our world needs people to lead as Jesus does, serving in love. With this three-part study, you'll learn the characteristics of leaders and how to influence people in a godly way. Discover the...

Reaching Out: Making a Difference in Your World

by Youth For Christ

God sends His followers into all nations to show His love and to share their story of faith with everyone. Dig through Scripture to uncover the foundations and basic skills for sharing your faith and building...

Spiritual Warfare: Finding Freedom in the Power of God

by Youth For Christ

Are you confused about spiritual warfare and what it involves? You're not alone; lots of people are in the dark about battling the powers of darkness. With Spiritual Warfare: Finding Freedom in the Power of...

Troubletwisters: Book 1

Troubletwisters #1

by Garth Nix & Sean Williams

Are you a troubletwister? Jaide and Jack Shield's lives are changing in a very, very strange way. The weather is turning against them. Magical disasters occur when they're around. And a mysterious explosion...

Floors: Book 1

by Patrick Carman

Charlie had his chocolate factory. Stanley Yelnats had his holes. Leo has the wacky, amazing Whippet Hotel. The Whippet Hotel is a strange place full of strange and mysterious people. Each floor has its own...

DEFEND YOURSELF: (No Experience Necessary) Seven Basic Steps to Self-Protection and Empowerment

by Sean Ramey

Defend Yourself (No Experience Necessary) is a breakthrough book in the self-defense genre. Unlike many systems that are too complicated for the average person, author Sean Ramey has assembled a series of seven...

Windows 8 - What You Need to Know

by Michel MARTIN

If you were a Windows 7, Vista or XP user, this eBook will show you everything you need to know in order to use Windows 8 efficiently. 

Discover Modern UI, the new Windows 8 interface, charms, touch gestures...


by Etienne

The Ivory Solution: Volume One

The Chronicles of Old Town

When two young men set up an amateur sting to expose a pastor's pedophilia, they gather plenty of evidence not just of the pastor's predilections but...

Galaxy S II: The Missing Manual

by Preston Gralla

Unlock the potential of Samsung's Galaxy S II with this jargon-free guide from technology guru Preston Gralla. You’ll quickly learn how to shoot high-res photos and HD video, keep your schedule, stay in touch,...

SQL and Relational Theory: How to Write Accurate SQL Code

by C. J. Date

SQL is full of difficulties and traps for the unwary. You can avoid them if you understand relational theory, but only if you know how to put the theory into practice. In this insightful book, author C.J. Date...

Correlations Between the Physical and Social Sciences

by Valentine J. Belfiglio

This monograph presents four case studies that make correlations between the physical and social sciences. Traditional, empirical, and postmodernist approaches to the study of social sciences have left many...

Dreaming of More for the Next Generation: Lifetime Faith Ignited by Family Ministry

by Michelle Anthony

With a fresh approach to spiritual formation in the lives of kids and teens, Dreaming of More for the Next Generation will reawaken your passion for ministry and give you a refocused look at what is most important...

19 Gifts of the Spirit

by Leslie R. Flynn

What are the 19 gifts? Are they all for today? If so, what are their purposes? How can we discover our own gifts? These topics, plus a careful examination of gifts revealed in the Bible, are included in this...

Ben Goes to the Dentist

by Keith Harvey

Will Bartholomew the panda have to take Ben's place when the Campbell family visit the dentist?

The Ultimate Prescription: What the Medical Profession Isn't Telling You

by James L. Marcum & Charles Mills

Would you like to discover the powerful ways God is part of the healing process? Do you think the media, the government, or your doctor is telling you the whole truth when it comes to health care? Are you tired...

Bob Dylan: The Complete Discography

by Martin C. C. Strong

Bob Dylan: The Complete Bob Dylan Discogrpahy contains all you will ever need to know about Bob Dylan and his releases. Including an expansive biography, album reviews and comprehensive discography, it is an...

Engendered Death: Pennsylvania Women Who Kill

by Joseph W. Laythe

Engendered Death: Pennsylvania Women Who Kill is a historical and interdisciplinary study of women who kill in Pennsylvania from the 18th century to the present. It is not an examination of what motivates women...

A Field Guide to Stone Artifacts of Texas Indians

by Ellen Sue Turner, Thomas R. Hester & Richard L. McReynolds

Useful for academic and recreational archaeologists alike, this book identifies and describes over 200 projectile points and stone tools used by prehistoric Native American Indians in Texas. This third edition...

Historical Dictionary of Hobbes's Philosophy

by Juhana Lemetti

The Historical Dictionary of Hobbes's Philosophy offers a comprehensive guide to the many facets of Hobbes's work. Through its chronology, introductory essay, bibliography, and hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary...

Historical Dictionary of the Philippines

by Artemio R. Guillermo

The Historical Dictionary of the Philippines, Third Edition contains a chronology, an introductory essay, an extensive bibliography, and several hundred cross-referenced dictionary entries.