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The Revenge of the Praying Mantis

by Jane Prowse

“Run!” Mad Dog shouts! “Run, Hattie – RUN!!!” I turn again and see the impossible – shadowy figures are filling the room! The graffiti on the walls is not graffiti at all – it’s real people and they’re...

The Limits of Orientalism: Seventeenth-Century Representations of India

by Rahul Sapra

The Limits of Orientalism: Seventeenth-Century Representations of India challenges recent postcolonial readings of European, and particularly English, representations of India in the seventeenth century. The...

Living in the Sweet Spot: Preparing for Performance in Sport and Life

by Amy L. Baltzell

Living in the Sweet Spot: Preparing for Performance in Sport and Life is a fresh, inspiring guide of how to get ready for life's big performances. The author integrates the best of the new field of positive...

When Misery is Company: End Self-Sabotage and Become Content

by Anne Katherine

Surprising as it may sound, many people take comfort in their own misery. Feeling too good for too long (or even feeling good at all) can be scary for people, explains Anne Katherine.

"Achievement creates anxiety....

Supreme Power: Franklin Roosevelt vs. the Supreme Court

by Jeff Shesol

"A stunning work of history."—Doris Kearns Goodwin, author of No Ordinary Time and Team of Rivals Beginning in 1935, the Supreme Court's conservative majority left much of FDR's agenda in ruins. The pillars...

Aliens in the Prime of Their Lives: Stories

by Brad Watson

"Watson's talent is singular, truly awesome; [his stories] are infused with an uncanny beauty."—A. M. Homes In this, his first collection of stories since his celebrated, award-winning Last Days of the Dog-Men...

What Does Revelation Reveal?: Unlocking the Mystery

by Warren Carter

The Book of Revelation has been mysterious, confusing, and misunderstood for centuries. Its content has been studied and analyzed by scholars from every corner of the globe.

What is it about Revelation that...

Working Ferrets: Handling with Nets, Guns and Dogs

by Jackie Drakeford

The countrymans relationship with the ferret is legendary generally associated with the wee thing popping out of a cavernous pocket to the delight of the public bar locals. Yet these little creatures provide...

Architect's Legal Pocket Book

by Matthew Cousins

A little book that's big on information. The Architect's Legal Pocket Book is the definitive pocket reference guide on legal issues for architects and architectural students. This handy pocket book provides...

OpenCart 1.4 Template Design Cookbook

by Tahsin Hasan

This hands-on guide cuts short the preamble and gets straight to the point with practical recipes instead of just theoretical learning. Each recipe is specifically tailored to fulfill your appetite for creating...

Temporal Bone Dissection Guide

by Howard Francis & John Niparko

The organization of this highly visual guidebook is designed to teach users to confidently navigate the complex anatomy of the temporal bone and to visualize the surgical steps within a clinical context. Concise...

A Moment with God for Teachers

by Karen Cropsey

Sometimes a moment with God is all a person needs as they move through their day.

Teachers are called on to help shape the children. Whether preparing lesson plans, starting the day or between classes, the...

LaTeX Beginner's Guide

by Stefan Kottwitz

Packed with fully explained examples, LaTeX Beginner's Guide is a hands-on introduction quickly leading a novice user to professional-quality results. If you are about to write mathematical or scientific papers,...

Basic Types of Pastoral Care and Counseling: Resources for the Ministry of Healing and Growth, 3rd Edition

by Howard Clinebell & Sister McKeever

Basic Types of Pastoral Care and Counseling remains the standard in pastoral and counseling. This third edition is enlarged and revised with updated resources, methods, exercises, and illustrations from...

A Taste for the Foreign: Worldly Knowledge and Literary Pleasure in Early Modern French Fiction

by Ellen Welch

A Taste for the Foreign examines foreignness as a crucial aesthetic category for the development of prose fiction from Jacques Amyot's 1547 translation of The Ethiopian Story to Antoine Galland's early eighteenth-century...

Why Are Earnings Announcements So Important to Traders and Investors?

by John Shon & Ping Zhou

This Element is an excerpt from Trading on Corporate Earnings News: Profiting from Targeted, Short-Term Options Positions (9780137084920) by John Shon, Ph.D., and Ping Zhou, Ph.D. Available in print and digital...

Why Investors Should Trade Options Around Earnings Announcements

by John Shon & Ping Zhou

This Element is an excerpt from Trading on Corporate Earnings News: Profiting from Targeted, Short-Term Options Positions (9780137084920) by John Shon, Ph.D., and Ping Zhou, Ph.D. Available in print and digital...

South-South Globalization: Challenges and Opportunities for Development

by S. Mansoob Murshed, Pedro Goulart & Leandro A. Serino

Two prominent features of the current global economy are the world-wide recession brought about by the recent financial crisis, and the emergence of major economic powers from within the developing world such...

The Yazoo Blues

by John Pritchard

Junior Ray Loveblood, one of the most outrageous and original personalities to appear in American literature in many years, returns in The Yazoo Blues, the sequel to John Pritchard's Junior Ray. Now semi-retired,...


by Karen Moore Artle

A wellspring is a source of abundant and continual supply. That is how it is with God's Word. In these pages you will find the refreshment God promises us in Proverbs 18:4: "The words from a person's mouth are...