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If We Were Birds

Governor General's Award for Drama 2011

by Erin Shields

When King Pandion marries his daughter Procne off to war hero King Tereus, she must leave her beloved sister Philomela behind. After years of isolation in a foreign land, Procne begs Tereus to collect her sister...


by Ryan Griffith

After a tremendous upset at the Olympics, figure skater Christian Miller decides it's time to go back home. Casting aside his figure-skating training, he heads to his family house in the backwoods of New Brunswick...


by Michael Healey

Will you fight for your principles? How far will you go to define and defend your rights? Michael Healey paints a provocative and comical picture of "justice" in Canada.

Courageous is a wicked comedy that pits...

Navigating Implementation of the Common Core State Standards: Getting Ready for the Common Core Handbook Series

by Douglas B. Reeves & Maryann D. Wiggs

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) bring state curricula into alignment with each other by following the principles of standards-based education reform. The big idea behind CCSS is to, "provide a consistent,...

Missed Ops: When Opportunity Knocks... Know What NOT To Do

by Keith Nelson & Anthony Rienzi

Missed Ops is a book about creating a more rewarding life by learning the secrets of success from other people's missed opportunities. Candid interviews with people from all walks of life illustrate how they...

Quilt Blocks Around the World: 50 Appliqué Patterns for International Cities & More - Mix & Match to Create Lasting Memories

by Debra Gabel

You loved Quilt Blocks Across America-now author Debra Gabel shows you the rest of the world in her signature style. Debra's sequel features 50 all new 6" square appliqué patterns for exciting locales like...

Thread Magic Garden: Create Enchanted Quilts with Thread Painting & Pattern-Free Appliqu

by Ellen Eddy

Over 20 different floral studies help you see the simple shapes in flowers like hearts, bells, teardrops, and spirals.

Where to Bike Los Angeles: Best Biking in City and Suburbs

The Mysteries of Udolpho: A Gothic Romance (Reader's Edition)

by Ann Ward Radcliffe & Sandra K. Williams

After the death of her parents, Emily St. Aubert leaves her beloved home to live with her aunt, a woman of much money and less sense. The marriage of Emily's aunt to a mysterious Italian begins a series of journeys...

Simply Triangles: 11 Deceptively Easy Quilts Featuring Stars, Daisies & Pinwheels

by Barbara Cline

Create complex-looking designs for any size quilt by combining simple shapes like triangles and diamonds.

The Tide of War

Nathan Peake #2

by Seth Hunter

Newly-promoted Captain Nathan Peake has been dispatched to the Caribbean to take command of the British navy's latest frigate, the 32-gun Unicorn, a ship with an already tragic history of mutiny and murder....

Real Nightmares (Book 4): Things That Prowl and Growl in the Night

by Brad Steiger

Zombies, vampires, werewolves, and nasty ghosts that roam at night. Paranormal researcher extraordinaire Brad Steiger, an author of thousands of books and articles on the mysterious and unknown, gathers some...

Venezuela: Revolution as Spectacle

by Rafael Uzcategui & Chaz Bufe

A critical look at the Chavez regime from a leftist Venezuelan perspective, this account debunks claims made by Venezuelan and U.S. rightists that the regime is antidemocratic and dictatorial. Instead, the book...

Spiritual Snake Oil: Fads & Fallacies in Pop Culture

by S.C. C. Hitchcock

"Spiritual Snake Oil" shows that the same fallacies that plague religious apologetics also infect virtually all "new age" and "spiritual" writing. Author Chris Edwards does this by dissecting the arguments and...

Cambodian Grrrrl: Self-Publishing in Phnom Penh

by Watson Esther Esther Pearl, Anne Elizabeth Elizabeth Moore & Mu Sochua

Self-Publishing in Phnom Penh, writer and independent publisher Anne Elizabeth Moore brings her experience in the American cultural underground to Cambodia, a country known mostly for the savage extermination...

Henry & Glenn Forever

by Tom Neely

New edition with ten new pages! Starring super-notorious musclebound punk/metaldudes Glenn Danzig and Henry Rollins (with a little help from super-notorious soft-rockdudes Hall and Oates) Henry & Glenn Forever...

Explore Weather and Climate!: With 25 Great Projects

by Kathleen M. M. Reilly

What’s it like outside? And what are you going to do about it?

Every morning, before heading to school or out to play, kids want to know what the weather is going to be like that day. Is it a day for building...

Kim Schaefer's Skinny Quilts: 15 Bed Runners, Table Toppers & Wallhangings

by Kim Schaefer

Best-selling author Kim Schaefer's latest designs shine a spotlight on slender spaces.

Color Me Healthy: White

by Rita Erlich & Alice Murkies

Color Me Healthy offers a new and easy approach to healthy eating. It is the book that every nutritionally confused person needs. It answers the important questions:What should we eat today?How do I know whether...

Color Me Healthy: Brown

by Rita Erlich & Alice Murkies

Color Me Healthy offers a new and easy approach to healthy eating. It is the book that every nutritionally confused person needs. It answers the important questions:What should we eat today?How do I know whether...