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The Last Portal: Charmseekers 13

by Georgie Adams & Gwen Millward

The Silversmith travels to the Outworld; she has come to take Sesame to Karisma for the last time. Her Seeker must return the jewellery box containing the bracelet and twelve charms, and find the missing key,...

American Big Game in its Haunts

by Theodore Roosevelt & George Bird Grinnell

Originally published in 1904 and remastered by the Boone and Crockett Club in 2012. This fourth book in the acclaimed Acorn Series includes a collection of unique hunting adventures by Members of the Boone and...

Nadine Gordimer: Weaving Together Fiction, Women and Politics

by Denise Brahimi, Vanessa Everson & Cara Shapiro

A fascinating intersection of intellectual minds, this literary critique views the writing of Nobel Prize–winner Nadine Gordimer through the fresh perspective of a respected French academic. Available for...

Monty's Turn

by Monty Panesar

It's hard to believe MONTY PANESAR only arrived on the international cricketing scene in March 2006. His electric performances against India and in the Ashes series saw him catapulted to hero status in a matter...

Bomber Crew

by James TAYLOR & Martin Davidson

Long after the Battle of Britain, the aircrews of RAF Bomber Command risked their lives night after night during the Second World War. Over 55,000 of the airmen never returned from these missions; a further...

James May's Magnificent Machines

by James May & Phil Dolling

Our world has been transformed beyond recognition, particularly in the twentieth century, and so were our lives and our aspirations. Throughout JAMES MAY'S MAGNIFICENT MACHINES James May explores the iconic...

Andrew Strauss: Coming into Play - My Life in Test Cricket

by Andrew Strauss

On May 21, 2004, playing against New Zealand, Andrew Strauss wrote his name into the record books when he became only the fourth batsman to score a century at Lord's on his Test debut. He made 112 in the first...

Finding My Feet

by Jason Robinson

Jason Robinson began playing full-time rugby at the age of 16 with Wigan Warriors, the most successful club in Rugby League at the time. He made the transition to Rugby Union with Sale Sharks in 2000 and was...

Sherlock Holmes: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Complete Set 3)

by Arthur Conan Doyle

'I have heard, Mr. Holmes, that you can see deeply into the manifold wickedness of the human heart'. Scandal, treachery and crime are rife in Old London Town. A king blackmailed by his mistress, dark dealings...

Crypt: Traitor's Revenge

by Andrew Hammond

'We're coming. The martyrs are awakening. Spirits are gathering. This will be our time...' In York and London, strange shapes are taking form, emerging from the shadows. And who is the man who lies in a pitch-black...

Caledonia Dreaming

by John K.V. Eunson

So what have the Scots ever done for the world then? Well, most people will know about John Logie Baird (inventor of television), Alexander Graham Bell (the telephone) and Alexander Fleming (penicillin). But...

Storming The Falklands: My War and After

by Tony Banks

In the late 1970s, wild, eager young Scotsman Tony Banks joined one of the toughest outfits in the British army. The men of the 2nd Battalion of the Parachute Regiment were highly trained but nothing could prepare...

Sacred Land: Decoding Britain's Extraordinary Past Through its Towns, Villages and Countryside

by Martin Palmer

SACRED LAND will enable you to discover the hidden secrets and meaning of the landscape around you, town or country, modern or old, wherever you live in Britain. There has been a dramatic growth in interest...

A Pound Of Flesh

DCI Lorimer #9

by Alex Gray

Detective Inspector Lorimer's worst nightmare is a serial killer loose in his city. But two serial killers operating at once in Glasgow is a nightmare come to life. Is there any link between the brutal slaying...

Aussie Angels 21: Penguin Parade

by Margaret Clark

PENGUIN PARADE is the twenty-first instalment in a series loved by children all over Australia.

Aussie Angels 1: Okay Koala

by Margaret Clark

There's trouble in school when the Angels get a new principal and a new teacher. And it seems that suddenly Greash and Foxie are the teacher's pets. Pests, more like it. Sneaky deeds with Feral the ferret get...

Aussie Angels 12: Mouse Pad

by Margaret Clark

The Aussie Angels are back and their mission is clear: return an endangered dunnart to its colony and natural habitat. But when the Angels set out to return the critter, everything turns to disaster ? mysterious...

Aussie Angels 19: Llama Drama

by Margaret Clark

LLAMA DRAMA is the nineteenth book in Aussie Angels, the very popular series about the adventures of twins Meg and Mike, and their mischievous little brother Mark, and their life at Animal Haven, a temporary...

Aussie Angels 20: Leap Frog

by Margaret Clark

In this new adventure, Meg and Mike learn about the plight of thirty-three species of native Victorian frogs and Mark wants to keep a pet frog to help save Australia's frogs from extinction. Boris is shocked...

Aussie Angels 4: Hello, Possum

by Margaret Clark

There are lots of brushtail possums at Animal Haven and Fur Bag is the resident mischief maker. But when Ringlet the female ringtail possum is rescued, she needs special care and attention, and Meg and Mike,...